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Smallville's Allison Mack Has Allegedly Been Recruiting Women For A Cult

AHS: Cult has nothing on this alleged real-life cult story. Here's what the rumor mill says about actress Allison Mack's connection.

Why Superman Really Didn't Suit Up In Smallville's Finale, According To Tom Welling

The CW's Smallville ended its run in 2011 after 10 seasons, but some fans are still miffed that we didn't get to see Clark Kent make his full transition into Superman during the episode. Now, star Tom Welling has finally spoken out about why the decision was made to keep his appearance in the character's famous superhero suit to an absolute minimum.

Smallville’s Tom Welling Is Joining Another Comic Book TV Show

Tom Welling just landed a big splashy return to TV. Here's what he'll be doing.

Supergirl Is Recasting An Important Role With Another Superman Veteran

At least one character will look very different in Supergirl Season 3 thanks to a recent recasting. The good news is that a Superman project veteran has signed on to tackle the role.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Has Added A Smallville Star For An Important Role

You'd think that casting news for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 would be over now, but today it was revealed that the sequel will include a notable Smallville star.

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The Amazing Way Supernatural And Smallville Almost Crossed Over

Crossovers have been kind of a big deal on The CW, and one actually almost happened between Supernatural and Smallville years ago that could have been pretty epic for one big reason.

Where Smallville Is Going To Stream For The First Time

Today's TV viewers have a metaphorical buffet of superhero shows to stream, Smallville has been super-absent. But that's all changing soon.

Two Smallville Producers Are Putting Together A Brand New Series, Here's What We Know

It's been five years since Smallville ended its run on the CW, and most of the people involved with the series have moved on to newer projects. This idea even extends to the producers on the series.

How Supergirl Is Paying Homage To Superman's TV Past

Now that the high-flying drama Supergirl is heading to The CW, we're going to finally get a proper introduction to Superman in Tyler Hoechlin, and with him comes certain aspects of the superhero's mythos. Particularly his TV past, as evidenced by new set photos.

Apparently There Was Almost A Supergirl Show With Laura Vandervoort

Supergirl is currently airing on CBS, but while Smallville was still going strong on The CW eight years ago, there were talks of spinning off Kara Zor-El into her own show.

Will Tom Welling Reprise Superman On Supergirl?

The thought of who could potentially play Superman on Supergirl is an intriguing one. One option could be bringing back Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent for a decade on Smallville, but is this even feasible?

Smallville's Tom Welling Is Finally Coming Back To TV, Get The Details

After his stint on Smallville ended when the show did in 2011, Welling slowed down and stuck with movies, only popping up in a few projects over the last several years, including Parkland and Draft Day. Now, it looks as if the actor wants to return to television in another starring role.

10 Great Shows That Went Way Downhill

Here, we’re shining a spotlight on ten of the worst offenders when it comes to great TV shows that got increasingly more frustrating as time went by. The shows that started off fantastic and eventually got lost in the smokescreen of their own wheel-spinning.

Smallville’s Allison Mack Will Appear On The Following, Get The Details

The Smallville faithful can rejoice as their beloved Allison Mack aka techie Chloe Sullivan from the long running drama is returning to prime time. And the move is not to any of the superhero shows that are flooding the networks. Mack is instead returning to the very dark FOX drama The Following starring Kevin Bacon.

The 10 Worst Supervillain Costumes In The History Of TV

Superheroes aren’t the only comic book characters on TV who can get horrible costumes. Villains are also frequent victims of poor costume design. These are the supervillains whose looks should have been reevaluated immediately.

Smallville's Supergirl Has Some Advice For The New Supergirl

Next year, Supergirl will air on CBS, and whoever is chosen to play Kara Zor-El will have a lot riding on her. Fortunately, Laura Vandervoort, who played Kara on Smallville from 2007-2011, has some advice for the next actress to wear the cape and 'S' shield, including acting tips and suggestions on footwear.

Supergirl Is Going To Be Changed In These Specific Ways

In the comics, the reason Supergirl is named Supergirl is because she was only a teenager when she met and trained with Superman to hone her special powers given to her by Earth’s yellow sun. Basically, her title is meant to be an indication of her young age (and, of course, to differentiate her from any characters named “Superwoman”).

Smallville To Continue In Comics Form

While we'll never get to see Tom Welling soaring the skies above Metropolis on the small screen, we will be getting a nice consolation prize. Clark's early adventures as Superman will be continuing in the upcoming comic-book series Smallville Season 11.

Smallville's Allison Mack Headed To FX's Wilfred For Season 2

Fans of Allison Mack may spot her in what’s sure to be the gloriously gory Piranha 3DD. The former Smallville star is credited for a role in the upcoming horror sequel, due to hit theaters this June. And now it looks like we’ll also be seeing her in Wilfred’s second season. The FX comedy series also happens to be returning in June.

Green Arrow Poised To Return To The CW In New Series

The CW is no stranger to superheroes. The network’s long-running superhero drama, Smallville, only finished its tenure last spring. Now, the CW is working out a deal to get another superhero property on the network. For Smallville fans, the network's new superhero may actually be a familiar name. The deal the CW is brokering is to get Green Arrow on air.

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