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Steve Buscemi: 9 Things You Might Not Know About The Boardwalk Empire Star

Here are some notable facts about actor-writer-director-walking meme, Steve Buscemi!

Steve Buscemi’s History As A Firefighter Influenced His Decision To Be A Part Of The King Of Staten Island
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Daniel Radcliffe Talks Getting Duck Poop In His Eye Filming TBS' Miracle Workers

Daniel Radcliffe probably didn't deserve to take some duck poop to the eyeball, but it happened all the same.

Adam Sandler's Next Netflix Film Is A Holiday Movie, But Not What You Think

This all-star cast is insane. No offense, but they know they're signing on for an Adam Sandler movie, right?

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Daniel Radcliffe Deals With Steve Buscemi's God In First Look At New Show Miracle Workers

Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buscemi team up for what appears to be a heavenly good time.

Why Steve Buscemi Was Originally Going To Pass On The Big Lebowski

Had history gone differently, Steve Buscemi wouldn't have been the one getting bullied by John Goodman.

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Steve Buscemi Just Joined Daniel Radcliffe's New TV Show For The Best Role

Steve Buscemi is teaming up with Daniel Radcliffe to play one of the biggest TV roles possible.

Alec Baldwin's Boss Baby Is Building A Home Run Cast

Animated films are partially known for their top notch casts, and Dreamworks Animation's Boss Baby is certainly no exception. With Alec Baldwin in the lead, they're already off to a great start, and now a bunch of other cast members have come aboard to round out the cast.

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Which Steve Buscemi Death Scene Was The Best, According To Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi has died on screen quite a bit in his legendary career. Yet there's one scene that rises above the rest of the many demises he's suffered. Make your guess as to which one it is, and read on to find out the truth!

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Louis C.K. Just Dropped A Surprise New Series With Steve Buscemi

Now it seems that iconic stand up comic Louis C.K. has teamed up with actor Steve Buscemi to bring audiences a dry, somber comedy in the form of their new web series: Horace and Pete.

Bob's Burgers Has Some Amazing Guest Stars Lined Up For Season 6

In the five years that it has been on the air, Bob’s Burgers has featured a number of very awesome guest stars – from Jon Hamm, to Zach Galifianakis, to Patton Oswalt – and the next season will be no different. In fact, the show has some truly fantastic names lined up for Season 6, and many of them were just announced at San Diego Comic-Con this afternoon.

What Steve Buscemi Thinks Of The Boardwalk Empire Ending

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire ended its five-year run last year with protagonist Nucky Thompson being gunned down in the final episode. Here’s what series lead Steve Buscemi thought of the ending.

Steve Buscemi's Favorite Adam Sandler Movie

Steve Buscemi has made a lot of movies with Adam Sandler, but he says this one is his favorite.

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The Hotel Transylvania 2 Trailer Is Funny, Scary And Literally On Fire

From the look of Hotel Transylvania 2, Adam Sandler’s Count Dracula is going to get a grandson, the offspring of his vampire daughter (Selena Gomez) and her back-packing human husband, Jonathan (Andy Samberg).

Quiz: Guess The Adam Sandler Movie By The Steve Buscemi Character

In the last 21 years, Steve Buscemi has played nine different characters in Adam Sandler movies, but can you identify all of the titles with just an image of Buscemi’s character and a description of his part? Find out by taking our quick test below!

5 Strangest Celebrity Dating Sims

One of our editors spent the weekend playing celebrity dating simulators and compiling a list of his favorites. Be warned, though, these games run the gamut between "silly" and "alarming." So, proceed with caution. Things are about to get weird.

15 Great Modern Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated For An Academy Award

With the 87th annual Academy Awards upon us, we’ve assembled a list of 15 brilliant, currently working actors who amazingly have never been up for Hollywood’s highest honor. Who are the names? Read on to find out!

Some Genius Recut Fifty Shades Of Grey With Steve Buscemi And It's Spectacular

Just when you may have thought you'd seen enough advertising and promotional material for the upcoming Sam Taylor-Johnson-directed erotic drama Fifty Shades of Grey, a little gem like this crosses your screen. Watch the trailer for the upcoming film now with the welcome addition of everybody's favorite character actor.

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Danny Trejo And The Brady Bunch Just Made The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever

Snickers, a company whose ads have often been as enjoyable as their candy, is bringing the greatest commercial of all time to the Super Bowl this weekend, in a promo that makes world-renowned badass Danny Trejo one of the Brady Bunch. If you don’t also think this is the best commercial ever, Trejo-Brady may very well kill you in your sleep.

Boardwalk Empire Season 5, Episode 5 Watch: Eli And George Nelson's Buddy Cop Comedy

The first four episodes of the fifth and final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire felt a little light on the body count for the normally bloody bootlegging drama. Sure, there have been a few grisly murders, yet Joe the Boss and Sally are the only two regulars six feet under. Forget ‘No One Goes Quietly,’ Season 5 is starting to feel like ‘No One Goes At All.’

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