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5 Big Reasons We'll Miss ABC's Suburgatory

While ABC’s decision is justifiable, we’ll still miss the utter zaniness of Emily Kapnek’s show, and what better way to send it off than to bring up the five most important plot ideas that helped Suburgatory to stand out from the pack? Without further ado, here are the five stories, plots and relationships we’ll miss about ABC’s Suburgatory.

Suburgatory Season 3 Review: ABC's Comedy Is Back To Its Old Hijinks

ABC’s take on life in wealthy suburbia, Suburgatory, went through a lot of turmoil at the end of its second season. Relationships changed, mostly for the worst, and an unfamiliar feeling of heartache pervaded the usually witty and irreverent comedy. Apparently, this wasn’t a vision ABC was really down with. Now returning for Season 3, Suburgatory has basically reset its vision in order to be the same series it was when it started, for better or for worse.

Alan Tudyk And Rex Lee Won't Be Back For Suburgatory Season 3

It was good news for ABC's Suburgatory earlier this month when the bubble-show received a renewal for its third season. Unfortunately, that pick-up came at a price for the comedy. Rex Lee and Alan Tudyk will not be returning to the comedy next year when Suburgatory returns for Season 3 during midseason. And there make be more big changes to come, in the interest of cutting down the budget for the series.

Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family And Others Renewed At ABC

ABC just dropped the ax on a number of series, but there's good news for others, including some of their soapier offerings. Scandal, Grey's Anatomy and Nashville have all been renewed for new seasons, as well as Castle. And on the comedy front, Modern Family, The Middle, Suburgatory and Last Man Standing will return as well.

Jane Levy Files For Divorce After Secret Marriage Ends

Evil Dead and Suburgatory actress Jane Levy is divorced. This may come as a surprise, since the 23-year-old actress routinely plays characters younger than her actual age and doesn't scream married. This may also come as a surprise because no one knew the actress was married. That’s right, a couple of years ago, the actress got married in secret and now she’s getting a divorce.

Suburgatory's Emily Kapnek Talks Season 2 Finale

We’ve almost hit that wonderful time of year when most network programs wrap up their seasons, often ending on explosive or poignant notes. ABC’s sophomore comedy, Suburgatory, is no exception and with the finale airing tonight, creator Emily Kapnek has plenty to say about the Season 2 ender, which also happens to be her directorial debut.

Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, The Neighbors And More Finale Dates Set At ABC

Spring has arrived… in theory, anyway. The weather may or may not have gotten the memo, depending on what part of the country you're living in. Regardless of whether or not there's snow on the ground, spring has arrived and with it, the approaching season finales for network television. Just yesterday, we shared the list of NBC finales and today ABC has provided their own schedule of season closers.

Top 10 TV Comedies of 2012

Of all the shows that made us laugh this year, some stood out from the crowd. What makes a great comedy may be a matter of personal taste, but in our opinion these series all came out on top this year. From freshman comedies to long-running favorites, these shows kept us in stitches and gave us an escape to look forward to with every new episode. Presented in no particular order, here are TVBlend’s top 10 comedies of 2012.

A TV Thanksgiving: Five Famous Families We’d Like To Eat Turkey With

After fighting, coaxing, and getting into our fair share of nitpicking, TV Blend has come up with a list of our five favorite current TV families whose Thanksgiving celebrations we would be more than willing to crash. So pick those turkey remnants out of your teeth, grab a glass of wine, and sit down to see if you agree with our list.

Suburgatory: The Complete First Season [DVD Review]

For every Jerry, a good comedy needs several Uncle Leo’s, David Puddy’s and Newman’s. Ordinarily, it takes several years to build up this proper ratio, but with such an insolated environment of PTA moms and off-on-business dads, the setting of Chatswin allows Suburgatory to nurture and grow father-daughter George and Tessa, as well as their large circle of friends, enemies and frenemies.

Suburgatory Season 2 Cast Photo Has The Characters Boxed In

ABC's new promotional photo for the second season of Suburgatory puts all of the characters in their place… literally. And given the quirky nature of some of the characters, it seems fitting to divide them up by their interests and reputations for the Season 2 cast photo.

Malin Akerman Headed To Suburgatory In Season 2

After Suburgatory spent months glossing over who Tessa's mother is and why she's not around, the ABC comedy has finally landed an actress to actually show up as Tessa’s mom, a woman who has not seen her daughter since her birth. Malin Akerman will appear in the upcoming cycle of the network show as the wayfaring parent Tessa has tried to play off as unimportant in her life.

Archer's H. Jon Benjamin To Guest Star On Suburgatory

People are likely to be more familiar with H. Jon Benjamin's voice than they are with his face. His current credits have him in starring roles in Archer and Bob's Burgers. But come this fall, he'll be appearing on television in person for a guest spot for ABC's Suburgatory.

Suburgatory And The Neighbors Switch Time Slots On ABC's Wednesday Nights

ABC's doing a bit of shuffling with their Fall 2012 Wednesday night line-up. Back in May when they first released their Fall 2012 schedule, the network had new half-hour comedy series The Neighbors set up on Wednesday night sandwiched between Modern Family and their new music-focused drama series Nashville. But it looks like it'll be Suburgatory getting that choice post-Modern Family spot.

Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Suburgatory And Others Renewed By ABC

While word of NBC's current series renewals came in in spurts today, with good news for Community, 30 Rock and Parenthood, we're getting a bunch of good news all at once for a number of ABC series, including freshman dramas Once Upon a Time and Revenge.

Suburgatory Preview: Entering Eden Reunites Two Clueless Stars

Tonight’s episode of Suburgatory will be a Clueless reunion of sorts, as Alicia Silverstone will guest-star in the episode, titled “Entering Eden.” Check out a couple clips from the episode ahead!
 More than a decade ago, Silverstone was playing the fashion-focused, do-gooding Cher, while Jeremy Sisto portrayed her ego-maniac Elton.

Wednesday Ratings Have ABC On Top With New Episodes Of Modern Family, Revenge And Others

ABC had a good night last night in the ratings, though given the lack of much competition, that’s not all that surprising. Wednesday night saw the return of ABC’s two-hour comedy block, followed by an hour of delicious, soapy drama with Revenge, and viewers tuned in.

Alicia Silverstone May Reunite With Jeremy Sisto On Suburgatory

“God, Elton! Can’t you suck?!” If those words sound familiar, you’ve probably seen Clueless a few times more than most, and if that’s the case, you’re likely to love this news. Suburgatory may be playing host to a mini-Clueless reunion. Word is, Alicia Silverstone is going to guest star on the ABC comedy series.

Suburgatory And Revenge Get Full Season Orders From ABC, Happy Endings Gets Script Order

ABC has made the wise decision to give full-season orders to two of their most promising shows this fall. Comedy series Suburgatory has been given a full season order, as has drama series Revenge, which has become the ultimate guilty-pleasure obsession for yours truly this fall.

Suburgatory Review: ABC's Fun New Comedy Features A Must-Watch Cast

Joining ABC’s Wednesday night comedy block is Suburgatory, a fish-out-of-water comedy about a father and daughter who leave the city behind and settle down in the suburbs. Between the cast and the set-up, there’s definitely something worth watching here.

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