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6 Super Bowl Games You Need To Rewatch On NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass has a surprising number of great games.

Jason Momoa Can't Get Enough Of This Aquaman And Super Bowl Ad Mashup
Movie News
A Woman Stormed The Field At The Super Bowl, Got Arrested And Mooned Everyone

She really went for it and there's footage to prove it.

Turns Out Jennifer Lopez’s Hustlers Pole Dancing Training Paid Off At Super Bowl LIV
Movie News
Puppy Bowl 2020: 10 Things To Know About Animal Planet's Adorable XVI Show
The Super Bowl's Most Heartwarming Ad Is About Dog Cancer, So Grab Your Tissues
In Wake Of Kobe Bryant's Death, Planters Pauses Mr. Peanut's Death Ads

The passing of Kobe Bryant has changed Planters Peanuts' plans for the ads featuring Mr. Peanut's death.

Mr. Peanut Has Been Killed Off In Hilariously Weird Super Bowl Commercial With Wesley Snipes

In a baffling move, Planters has killed off beloved icon Mr. Peanut, and Wesley Snipes watched it all go down.

Who Will Win Super Bowl 53, According To Tecmo Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, it's that time of the year again where video game simulations are used to predict who might come away the victor at this year's big event. Well, with the teams in place and the action set to get underway soon, Tecmo Super Bowl was used to simulate the potential outcome of the upcoming real life sporting event.

The Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show Act Has Reportedly Been Confirmed

The news is circulating that the NFL has selected its performer for the Super Bowl LIII halftime show.

See The Super Bowl Selfie Kid Get Surprised By Justin Timberlake

The selfie kid was a major Super Bowl moment, and now JT has gone the extra mile.

5 Big Westworld Season 2 Details We Learned From The Super Bowl Trailer

Westworld's Season 2 Super Bowl promo was awesome, and it unlocked some big new details.

How Many People Watched Super Bowl LII On TV And Streaming

The numbers are in for how many people watched Super Bowl LII.

Watch The Dodge MLK Super Bowl Commercial That Everybody Is Talking About

A Dodge commercial featuring Martin Luther King Jr. from the Super Bowl has everyone talking, so check it out for yourself to see what all of the fuss is about.

Mutant Football League Had Its Own Super Bowl Prediction

We go live now to Mutant Football League, an over-the-top (kinda) sports game that had its own idea of how the Super Bowl would go down. Over to you, MFL.

The Super Bowl Blackouts: What Happened With NBC, Hulu And Playstation Vue

As the most-watched show on TV, one might expect the Super Bowl telecast to go off without a hitch.

Stranger Things' David Harbour Won Super Bowl Sunday With These Hilarious Tide Ads

David Harbour is the best, and these Tide ads prove that in full.

The Super Bowl Dundee Trailer Is A Really Funny Surprise

The Super Bowl brought with it the culmination of the faux-movie Dundee and the results were just as fun as the lead up.

The 2018 Super Bowl Movie Trailers We Hope To See

If you follow the movie world closely, then you probably know that there are certain hotspots around the year for the biggest trailer releases. In this arena, however, the Super Bowl is king.

Watch Peter Dinklage And Morgan Freeman Rap About Doritos And Mountain Dew In New Super Bowl Ad

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman are bringing songs, ice, and fire to the Super Bowl.

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