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About A Boy Review: Jason Katims Comedy Disappoints And Delights In Equal Measure

There’s something about what Jason Katims does that’s so goddamn winning. He has a knack for putting organic stakes in his series that both inform the character growth and development, but also naturally give rise to interesting stories. Unfortunately there’s not much beyond the patina that shines through on his latest effort, NBC’s About A Boy.

The Following Review: James Purefoy And Kevin Bacon Face Off In Fox's Killer Thriller

At long last, Fox is premiering their new drama series The Following. The trailers and other promotional content released over the last few months have promised something thrilling, suspenseful and dark, and the pilot episode delivers just that, in addition to serving as the start of what could be one of the year's intense new drama series. For those not averse to violence or TV drama with an edge, The Following is a must-watch.

An Idiot Abroad Season 3 Review: Karl Pilkington And Warwick Davis Make A Great Traveling Duo

In the first two seasons, An Idiot Abroad has featured Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's pal Karl Pilkington begrudgingly trekking across the globe, having adventures and attempting to absorb some culture. For the series' final season, Gervais has given Pilkington a traveling companion. Life's Too Short star Warwick Davis has come along for the ride in Season 3 of the funny travel show, which makes its official stateside debut on Science Saturday night.

Legit Review: Jim Jefferies Raunchy, Funny Comedy Joins FX's Thursday Lineup

My first impression of Jim Jefferies' Legit character Jim is that it isn't difficult to picture him fitting in well with the Paddy's Pub crew. Either that, or somehow he'd clash dramatically with them. I'm not entirely sure and I don't think there's really any way to accurately predict that unless FX made it happen. The closest thing the cable network is doing to that right now is putting Legit in its Thursday night line-up, pairing it with Archer.

Chosen Review: Milo Ventimiglia Stars In Crackle's Thrilling New Series

Crackle will debut the first of six half-hour episodes of their new action-drama series Chosen, or "Ch:os:en" as the title card will tell you. This exciting new series is executive produced by and stars Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia as a guy who's thrust into a mysterious and violent cat and mouse assassination "game" that puts his life and the life of his family in danger.

Continuum Review: New Time Travel Drama Makes Its Syfy Debut Tonight

Joining Lost Girl among Syfy's Canadian imports is Continuum, a sci-fi series about a cop from the year 2077 who finds herself launched into the past along with the group of terrorists who orchestrated the time traveling event. The concept has promise and Continuum gets off to an exciting start, but whether or not the series holds up beyond that remains to be seen.

Being Human Season 3 Review: Syfy's Supernatural Drama Returns Tonight

Being Human is back. The U.S. adaptation of the popular British drama is moving into its third season tonight, bringing us back to the supernatural shenanigans of Aidan, Sally and Josh, the vampire, the ghost and the werewolf, all of whom left off separated and in precarious positions at the end of Season 2, to put it mildly. The third season premiere resolves the cliffhangers and introduces some very interesting developments to the plot.

Banshee Review: Cinemax's New Series Has Ball's... American Gothic Signature

Banshee is by no means Alan Ball's singular vision, the series was created by newcomers Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler, but the pilot does carry a stamp undeniably similar to shows that also bear the Executive Producer's name. Ball is famous for exploring the darker side of the American psyche with a large helping of humor, sex and violence and Banshee's pilot follows suit.

Deception Review: NBC's Soapy New Series Offers Mystery And Lots Of Drama

Among their midseason offerings, NBC has Deception set to debut this week. The soapy drama offers one part murder mystery and one or two pars rich-family drama that paces itself nicely in its first few episodes, drawing the viewer into the history of this family and the mystery of their daughter's death without overwhelming with details and back-story.

1600 Penn Review: NBC's First Family Comedy Puts Family First

NBC is giving viewers an early look at their midseason comedy 1600 Penn, a White House-set series focused on the fictional First Family. We've seen shows set in the White House and we've seen plenty of TV comedies that focus on families. 1600 Penn merges these two things, placing an emphasis on the family aspect of the series ahead of the politics, and using the White House setting to approach your standard family sitcom from a slightly more presidential point of view.

Mockingbird Lane Review: The Munsters Return In NBC's Spooky-Fun Special

With past TV projects like Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, Bryan Fuller has demonstrated how to twist humor with morbid subject matter, and bring color to darkness, twisting reality and beyond together into something dark and strange and at the same time, full of heart. He brings all of that to NBC's Mockingbird Lane, the TV special that was meant to be a pilot for a Munsters reboot.

Nashville Review: ABC's Series Is A Little Bit Country And A Lot Of Drama

It's difficult to fully predict the success of a series by its pilot episode alone, but ABC's new drama Nashville is brimming with potential. Even those of us with limited interest in the country music scene could easily be swept away by the character drama in this one. Nashville's premiere episode introduces us to the competitive world of country music and some of the people looking to make it or keep it in the industry, including a singer whose star has begun to dim as another's has only just begun to shine.

666 Park Avenue Review: ABC's Spooky New Drama Moves In Tonight

If ABC's Once Upon a Time is fantasy-drama and Revenge is rich-people drama, 666 Park Avenue is a little bit of both, which makes it a good fit to cap off ABC's Sunday night drama line-up. Both Revenge and Once Upon a Time premiere their second seasons tonight on ABC, after which the network will debut new series, 666 Park Avenue, a drama about a very mysterious apartment building in New York City.

Homeland Season 2 Review: Showtime's Gripping Drama Returns Tonight

Hot off its big Emmy win, Showtime's Homeland returns tonight for its second season, bringing us back into the gripping story of a former prisoner of war and the mentally unstable CIA agent who suspects him of being a terrorist. Where will the series go in Season 2? Tonight's premiere doesn't waste much time moving the story forward.

Dexter Season 7 Review: Showtime's Killer Drama Returns This Sunday Night

If you're not caught up through Season 6 of Dexter (last season), stop reading now or consider yourself spoiler-warned. As for Season 7, which premieres this Sunday night on Showtime, I've seen the first few episodes, and while I will mention a few things about what's ahead for the serial killer drama, there are no major spoilers. Still, if you don't want to know anything about the premiere, read no further!

Made In Jersey Review: CBS' New Legal Drama Premieres Tonight

With its focus on a female attorney surrounded by people from a different "world" than she's used to, CBS' unfortunately-titled legal drama Made in Jersey had a sort of Legally Blonde feel to its premise, except instead of a bubbly Los Angeles blonde trying to fit in among a bunch of Harvard East Coast snobs, we get Martina Garretti, a New Jersey native working at a posh New York law firm. Beyond the fish-out-of-water gimmick, CBS' new drama seems less about focusing on the contrast between its female lead and her surroundings and more on the work the attorney does.

Elementary Review: Sherlock Holmes And Watson Team Up In CBS' Promising New Drama

CBS' modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes and his trusted partner-in-crime-solving Watson premieres tonight, joining the network's Thursday night line-up. BBC's Sherlock set the bar high for a series like this, but what I've deduced, having thoroughly observed the pilot episode of Elementary, is that there's no reason to compare the two shows beyond noting that both celebrate Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's beloved detective in their own way.

Last Resort Review: ABC's Suspenseful Submarine Drama Is A Keeper

There are a couple of new series this season that take us into unfamiliar waters. Among them is Last Resort, a drama that follows a military submarine crew that finds itself under fire from its own government when they question the order to fire their nukes. From the first couple of episodes, Last Resort is exciting, action-packed and offers the start of some very interesting character drama.

Guys With Kids Review: Woefully Old Fashioned With A Misleading Title

Guys with Kids is emblematic of the new NBC. Despite the (initial) success and critical acclaim that came with the inventive, challenging and risky 'Must-See' comedies like The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and, especially, Community this season marks the beginning of the end of the network trying something fresh. That may sound like a harsh over generalization but it's true, and the proof is in the pudding.

Animal Practice Review: NBC's New Comedy Is Passable, Even With The Monkey

For eight seasons, Justin Kirk was one of the best parts of Showtime’s quirky comedy, Weeds. The actor has good comedic timing, he’s a little bit of an oddball, and he totally deserved a series where he could be the lead and carry the whole show. Enter Animal Practice, an impractical, awkward comedy with a monkey, that actually managed to suck me in the second time through.

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