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This Week In Home Entertainment: Jersey Boys, True Blood And More

This week is on the quieter side in terms of releases, but it does see a musical remade for the movies hit Blu-ray for the first time. Additionally, Melissa McCarthy goes on a road trip with her alcoholic grandmother in Tammy and Sookie says goodbye to Bill for the last time.

Kathy Bates Smoked Weed With These Famous Co-Stars During A Recent Movie

Drugs and Hollywood go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to comedies, from the stoner epics centered around Harold and Kumar, to the vintage adventures of Cheech and Chong.

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How Tammy Found A Comedy Legend To Play Melissa McCarthy's Dad

Casting an actor to play a character’s dad in a movie or television show can be tricky waters to navigate. On the one hand there’s the importance of matching certain genetic features, making sure that actor has some similar features and is age appropriate. Perhaps more important, however, is having a higher understanding of personality and making sure that there are some familiar patterns and mannerisms that can be matched and show link between parent and offspring.

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Weekend Box Office: Transformers: Age Of Extinction Blows Away 4th Of July Competition

Three new movies hit theaters for the Fourth of July holiday, but none of them unseated last weekend's number one.

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 Now Streaming: Netflix Instant Alternatives To Tammy, Snowpiercer & Deliver Us From Evil

Looking to Tammy, Snowpiercer and Deliver Us From Evil for inspiration, we've pulled together a selection of road trip comedies, dystopian sci-fi, and haunting horror.

Tammy: 5 Behind The Scenes Stories You Have To Hear

Meeting as part of a press day held in Los Angeles, director Ben Falcone and I had a great conversation talking about the ridiculous and funny journey behind the making of Tammy, his directorial debut. Read on to find out what he had to say!

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Melissa McCarthy Takes An Awkward, Foul-Mouthed Field Trip For Tammy Trailer

Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon end up in a car together, and they are heading to Niagara Falls, creating chaos along the way as they learn a bit more about each other… and a bit more about themselves. When you put it that way, it sounds a LOT like McCarthy’s own Identity Thief, replacing Sarandon with Jason Bateman as the comedian’s road-trip buddy.

Summer Movie Box Office Predictions: Blockbusters To Bombs

Which is why we've decided to break down most of the summer's offerings, observing exactly what it is about some films that cause them to succeed and fail. This involved number crunching, market analysis, educated guesses, and the application of a few snobby biases.

20 Summer Movies You Absolutely Can Not Miss

For each, we try to explain WHY these movies matter. You have a lot of films to choose from in the summer season. These are the ones we think need to be on your radar.

Melissa McCarthy Robs A Burger Joint In The First Trailer For Tammy

Based on a script co-written by McCarthy and her husband/producing partner Ben Falcone (who is also directing), the film begins as titular character (McCarthy) starts the worst day of her life. She crashes her car, loses her job at the local burger stand, and then returns home to discover that her husband has been having an affair with a neighbor.

Melissa McCarthy Throws An Extra Off The Set Of Tammy For Allegedly Abusing A Child

The situation became an issue when McCarthy caught the mother jerking the child in the air by the wrist. Unsurprisingly, McCarthy fired the woman and had production assistants take the woman off the premises, the actress saying she wouldn’t tolerate abuse on her set.

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Dan Aykroyd And Allison Janney Join Melissa McCarthy's Tammy

Tammy’s plot revolves around Tammy, (McCarthy) who is having one of the worst days of her life and finds herself fired from her job before discovering her husband is cheating on her. For her sanity’s sake, she decides to hit the road with her cussin’, boozin’ grandmother (Sarandon) whose lesbian friend (Bates) helps them out on their trip. Tammy meets a strange man (Duplass) along the way, and they develop an unusual relationship. Aykroyd will play Duplass’ father, who also encounters the ladies on their journey

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Susan Sarandon And Kathy Bates May Join Melissa McCarthy's Tammy

Co-written by the Oscar nominee and her husband Ben Falcone, the raunchy comedy tells the story of a woman who loses her job and discovers her husband cheating, and decides to go on a long road trip with her alcoholic, foul-mouthed diabetic grandmother.

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Melissa McCarthy And Ben Falcone To Make Their Directorial Debut With Tammy

The Identity Thief star will be making her directorial debut by helming Tammy herself alongside her husband, co-writer and producing partner Ben Falcone. According to the trade McCarthy-Miller was forced to drop off of the project due to scheduling issues, and while the studio tried to get Rob Reiner involved a deal couldn’t be made.

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Beth McCarthy Set To Direct Melissa McCarthy's Comedy Tammy

While a Bridesmaids sequel without Kristen Wiig could be out of the question for Melissa McCarthy, we will be seeing the Mike & Molly star back on the big screen eventually. In addition to being credited for a part in the upcoming Judd Apatow comedy This is 40, McCarthy also has Tammy in the works. The comedy, which McCarthy co-wrote and will executive-produce along with her husband/Bridesmaids-love interest Ben Falcone, now has a director.

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Tate Taylor Taps Out Of Melissa McCarthy's Tammy

The same goes for Taylor, who might be wise to play the waiting game before selecting his next project. Depending on whom you trust, Taylor’s The Help could be a major player in this year’s still-developing Oscar race. And a select few Oscar trackers are saying the film’s pull could drag Taylor into the Best Director race as a result. If that’s the case, he suddenly could have his pick of a series of prestige projects, so there’s no need to jump on a film just yet.

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The Help Director Tate Taylor Could Helm Melissa McCarthy's Tammy

I actually really like the idea of breakout stars working together. They all have something to prove with their next efforts, so why not work together to produce the best work that they can? Taylor proved that he can handle strong lead female characters with The Help, so Tammy seems right up his alley.

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Melissa McCarthy To Executive Produce And Possibly Star In New Line's Tammy

Melissa McCarthy is on fire. Seriously, someone douse her in ranch dressing because the woman is hot right now. Still glowing from her breakout performance in Bridesmaids, an Emmy win, and more recently hosting the funniest episode of Saturday Night Live this season, it’s evident that McCarthy is having a good year. What’s on the horizon for her? Quite possibly a starring role in New Line’s Tammy.

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Parks And Recreation Season 4 Preview Reveals The Two New Tammys

Yep. All in one upcoming episode, the two ex-wives; the "raging hellcat who uses her sexual wiles" and the "ice cold, dangerous, steely and maternal" wife. Well, if anyone can stand up to those two, it's Tammy 0 in a 'Moonshine Battle Royale?' And cut to the montage. This season looks like a lot of fun, and I think word of mouth may have caused the fan base to grow in the off-season

NBC's Parks And Recreation Casts The Original Tammy, Ron Swanson's Mom

Even the batshit crazy Tammy 2 is scared of Tammy 1 so what kind of woman can we expect out of the Swanson matriarch Tammy 0? We don't know just yet but one thing is for certain, we know who'll be playing the role. Longtime SNL writer and occasional 30 Rock guest star (she plays Pete's wife) Paula Pell will play Mom Tammy

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