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That Time The Terminator Franchise And Nike Almost Went To War Over A Shoe

Forget Skynet, the Terminator franchise once faced a bigger foe. Apparently things got a bit heated between Terminator and Nike, of all things. We've got the scoop for you!

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Terminator: Genisys Might Bring This Actor Back, See The Evidence

The scene seems to suggest that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator is tackling a different character through a wall. Well, multiple sites are claiming that the guy sitting in the chair on the left-hand side of the screen is none other than...

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The Terminator Genisys Trailer Is Here, Watch Arnold's Return

As promised the Terminator: Genisys full trailer has arrived. See what's in store for man and machines ahead...

Terminator 5: What We Know So Far About Genisys

After years of the rights being bounced around between owners, finally the franchise is ready to get going again with Terminator 5, a.k.a. Terminator: Genesis.

The Theme Of These Terminator: Genisys Pictures Is Apparently O-Face

Some plot details tied to Terminator: Genisys were part of the EW article, and they raised more questions than answers. I’m thinking that a trailer for Genisys might be dropping soon, and that might clear things up. Because so far? No dice, O-Face film.

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The Terminator: Genisys Plot Sounds Like A Mess, Get The Specifics

As in The Terminator, John sends righthand-man Kyle Reese (this time played by Jai Courtney) back in time to 1984 to prevent a T-800 (Schwarzenegger) from killing his future mom. But Kyle instead will find this new reality, and it will change everything.

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Why Terminator Genisys Will Reset The Entire Franchise

What do you do when you want to keep a franchise going, but don't feel like either rebooting or continuing the series? Answer: you reset it and hope for the best, which is exactly what Terminator: Genisys is aiming for, according to one of its stars.

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Terminator 5 Wraps Production, Reveals Its Funky New Name

Just when you thought it was safe to embroider your new Terminator jackets for opening night, Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced yet another new title for the upcoming sequel. And you're going to hate it.

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Fast And Furious 7, Terminator And 3 Other Surprises We Want At Comic-Con

Knowing which studios are expected to be in town for San Diego Comic-Con, we put together a Surprise Wish List of in-development blockbusters that could bring a presentation at the last minute to next weekend’s fan-driven heaven. These are movies that would appeal directly to the gathered masses at Comic-Con, and they have been in some state of filming prior to the festivities.

Terminator 5 May Drop 'Genesis' From Its Title

Back to the potential name change for a minute. Does it matter to you what Paramount ultimately decides to call Terminator 5? Would you be content with just numbering the sequels, the way Rocky movies used to do it back in the day? All we want is an entertaining movie, after all, right?

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Transformers 5 Confirmed For 2016

The Transformers date strikes me as the most aggressive, particularly is Michael Bay finally decides that he is finished with Autobots and Decepticons, and is ready to move on to more non-Transformers material.

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Matt Smith Lands Major Role In Terminator: Genesis

As if 2015 wasn’t already the year of the geek, it’s time for the Terminator franchise to steal some temporally charged lightning. They’ve landed a former time traveler for their cast, and he's probably the most beloved one of the lot. Matt Smith has signed on to not only play a minor role in Terminator: Genesis, but for a possible gig in the full trilogy.

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Is This How Terminator: Genesis Will Connect To James Cameron's Original Film?

The fifth Terminator is actually dubbed Terminator: Genesis, and we know more than a few things about it. Alan Taylor (Thor the Dark World) directs, and today’s theory suggests that he will find ways to directly connect his new movie – and subsequent sequels – with James Cameron’s original 1984 film, The Terminator.

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Terminator 5 May Destroy London

It seems unlikely, to me at least, that we’ll see another Terminator movie any time soon. Salvation wasn’t exactly well received and while it made money, it didn’t really make as much money as Warner Bros. probably hoped it would

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McG Already Talking Terminator 5

McG’s post-Judgment Day sequel is still weeks away from hitting theaters, but the Terminator Salvation director is already out and about, talking up a potential Terminator 5. He even has a pretty good idea of what it’s about

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