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Why The Bachelorette's Peter Kraus Turned Down Being The Bachelor

Peter has revealed why he rejected appearing on The Bachelor.

The Next Bachelor Has Been Chosen, And It's Someone We Haven't Seen In A While

Don't expect to see any recent Bachelorette contestants as the newest Bachelor star, since we haven't seen this guy in years.

Why Bachelor Winner Lauren Bushnell Didn't Want To Do The Spinoff With Ben Higgins

Last month, former Bachelor couple Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins called it quits, and now the former is saying she never wanted part in their spinoff reality show.

The 10 Most Popular TV Shows Of The 2016-2017 Season, According To Social Media

It was a big year for TV in terms of crazy storylines and characters, and here are all the shows that got more social media love than everything else.

ABC In Hot Water Over Bachelorette Contestant's Transphobic Remarks

The Bachelorette took one much-needed step forward when they announced their first African American Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, but now ABC is some hot water.

Shark Tank And More Renewed At ABC

With renewals and cancellations flying out left and right, it's been a chaotic couple days in television. Now, we have the news that Shark Tank and more have been renewed by ABC.

Former Bachelor Star Arrested After Deadly Car Accident

A former star of The Bachelor and other reality shows was arrested following a fatal car accident.

Will Nick Viall Return To The Bachelor Franchise? Here's What He Says

Another season of The Bachelor has officially come to an end, and leading man Nick Viall has revealed whether or not he'd want to return to the franchise in the future.

Which Bachelor Chris Harrison Had Trouble Working With, According To Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison has been hosting The Bachelor for a long time, which means he has some serious thoughts about those who have starred in the series.

The Bachelorette Is Finally Getting A Black Lead

In a rare move from ABC, details about the next Bachelorette season are being revealed, and a huge change is coming.

Watch The Roots Hilariously Reenact A Ridiculous Scene From The Bachelor

During the most recent episode, there was some drama between contestants Corinne and Taylor leading into an intense conversation between the two women about their issues after one woman interrupted another.

The Bachelor Season 21 Eliminations And Rose Ceremony Results Updated

For those wanting the results without the melodrama, here is our weekly updated run-down of Nick Viall's eliminations and rose ceremony results for The Bachelor Season 21.

Why Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Hates The Bachelor So Much

NFL legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also well-known as a thoughtful writer and activist, and he actively wrote about all the problems he has with The Bachelor-type shows. Read his wild thoughts.

Two Bachelor Contestants Fell For Each Other Instead

Over the years, we've seen a lot of women compete for a dude's attention on The Bachelor. Recently, however, the tables were turned somewhat.

The New Bachelor Has Been Announced, Check Him Out

The Bachelor in Paradise after show just announced who the new Bachelor will be for the upcoming season. Take a look at him now.

One Bachelorette Contestant Really Wants To Be The Next Bachelor

It's hard to be a reality TV star when the show is pitting you as the villain. Such was the lot of Chad Johnson this season, when the series chose to pit him as the big bad of the season, mostly thanks to some outrageous comments he made during his time on the series.

A Gay Bachelor Is Coming And Its Title Is The Worst

LBGTQ centered network Logo is going to have their own version of The Bachelor. But the title isn't exactly going to get a rose at the ceremony.

Why One Popular Bachelor Couple Is Returning To Reality TV

Somehow, there has never been a show devoted to The Bachelor's final couple until now. But why would any couple make the decision to head back to reality TV after leaving it? The couple has a great answer.

A Bachelor Spinoff Is Coming, Get The Details

Plenty of shows have gotten spinoffs in recent years, and ABC's The Bachelor is actually responsible for three series to have spun off. Now, a new one is in the works, and it should be very different than the rest of the Bachelor shows.

Would The Bachelorette's Chad Sign On For The Bachelor?

This season of The Bachelorette boasted Bad Chad Johnson, the "villain" who made headlines with his confrontational schtick with other contestants. When asked if he'd be interested in becoming the Bachelor for that show's next season, here's what he had to say.

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