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Liam Neeson Loses His Heart And Mind In The Third Person Trailer

A lot of things are going on in the new trailer for Paul Haggis’ latest film, Third Person. Liam Neeson is having an affair with Olivia Wilde, Adrian Brody is looking for someone’s daughter, and James Franco is fighting Mila Kunis over who was less believable in their last film together. Being a Paul Haggis movie, all of these threads have to somehow tie together. How or why they fit together just might make for an intriguing plotline. It depends on which Paul Haggis showed up to make this film.

Maria Bello Joins Liam Neeson And Olivia Wilde In Third Person

While the new report doesn’t have character details about who Maria Bello will be playing, Kim Basinger will be playing Liam Neeson’s wife, and Olivia Wilde will be Neeson’s lover. Every other actor’s role remains a mystery.

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Kim Basinger Added To Paul Haggis' The Third Person

Neeson and Basinger will be joined by Mila Kunis, Adrien Brody, Casey Affleck, Olivia Wilde and James Franco, which is an impressive cast working off of a Haggis screenplay. Almost all of those actors have been involved with challenging dramas and comedies in recent years

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Mila Kunis Could Join Liam Neeson In Paul Haggis's Third Person

As follow-up to his prison break drama The Next Three Days, writer-director Paul Haggis is returning to the concept that won him best picture for Crash, weaving together various interlocking stories to explore a common theme. This time around the stories have been whittled down to three and the theme is love

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Liam Neeson And Olivia Wilde To Play Lovers In Third Person

Neeson and Wilde will be at the center of the New York plot line, with the latter slated to play a reporter who covers the city's ever-vibrant party beat. Haggis shared no details on what kind of role Neeson will fill, but it seems to me that with such a prominent difference in their ages, and Wilde's character's incredibly cool job, their story may well revolve around Neeson's character feeling too old and out-of-date for his chic, young girlfriend.

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Paul Haggis Lays Out A Plan For His Next Films

As Paul Haggis promotes his latest project, The Next Three Days, we’re hearing more and more about his ambitious plans for the future, specifically a remake of the Spanish thriller Celda 211, a movie version of the TV show

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Paul Haggis May Return To The Crash Formula With Romantic Drama Third Person

Haggis plans to develop the film outside the studio system, which means Third Person could be making its way around festivals before too long. Really, with just three central stories to work with

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