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See Johnny Depp's Flashy New Mad Hatter Look In First Alice 2 Pic

The last time that Johnny Depp donned the head wear of Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter he made Disney $1 billion. Now the first official still images have been released and now we have a good idea of how the look of the Hatter will evolve for the new film

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Rhys Ifans Will Lend His Weirdness To Through The Looking Glass

Throughout his career Rhys Ifans has played some weird sorts of people. A wizard, a pirate radio host, and a human/reptile hybrid are all a part of his extensive resume, and we've just learned that he's adding another big role to that impressive canon. Mr. Ifans is about to head to Wonderland in the new sequel Through The Looking Glass, and he'll be playing father to Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter character.

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Helena Bonham Carter Will Be Back As The Red Queen In The Alice In Wonderland Sequel

With three original cast members now on board Through The Looking Glass, the obvious question becomes "Who else will join?" Unfortunately that's not a question we can really answer right now. At this time it's unknown whether actors like Anne Hathaway or Alan Rickman will be returning for the sequel - or even if they're needed in the story.

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Alice In Wonderland 2 Now Titled Through The Looking Glass, Sacha Baron Cohen In Talks

Tthe Borat star is looking to head into yet another one of Tm Burton's created universes - albeit this time without Burton at the helm.

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Why Hollywood Only Ruins Alice In Wonderland When They Try To Remake It

It's safe to say childhood in the Western world wouldn't be the same without Alice in Wonderland, and regardless of where you first learned about the Cheshire Cat and the Red Queen, they're characters as embedded in your life as people you actually know

Syfy's Alice Review - Wonderland Through the Looking Glass

Syfy's newest classic remake is Alice, a two-part mini-series premiering Sunday, December 6 at 9 PM ET, and finishing Monday, December 7 at 9 PM ET. It's 150 years later in Wonderland and it's a grown-up, bolder Alice who takes the trek through the looking glass. A lot has changed; Wonderland has become an industrialized nightmare

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