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Emily Blunt Replaces Emma Watson In Your Voice In My Head

The story follows writer/journalist Emma Forrest as she develops a relationship with a New York therapist (played by Tucci). Harry Potter director David Yates is on board to helm the adaptation, which is part of the reason why we believed Watson would be a great choice.

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Harry Potter Director David Yates Exits Your Voice In My Head

Personal reasons have forced Yates to exit the proposed adaptation. Citing "a family health situation," the director will (understandably) not be able to move forward with the Warner Bros' drama about Forrest's life-saving relationship with her terminally ill psychiatrist.

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Stanley Tucci May Join Emma Watson For Your Voice In My Head

Tucci may not have the fame of a George Clooney--who was said to be interested—but he's an incredible actor who is currently burning up screens nationwide as the garish and grandiose TV personality Caesar Flickerman in the record-breaking Hunger Games. Perhaps this exposure was enough to convince Warner Bros. to set aside their A-lister ambitions, and relish in the wonder that is Tucci. The man is an absolute marvel, bounding from comedy to drama...

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Harry Potter Director David Yates Signs On For Your Voice In My Head

Forrest is an English writer and journalist based out of Los Angeles who has worked on projects such as an upcoming film for Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz called The Boss of It All. The memoir, which came out last May, revolves around a turbulent period in Forrest's life after a relationship ended and her psychiatrist died.

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Memoir About Colin Farrell Gets Optioned

The secret behind Emma Forrest’s Your Voice In My Head, that it was written about Colin Farrell, very clearly falls in that second, never meant to be kept category

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