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The Best Space Movies And How To Watch Them

Enter an exciting frontier of cinema with the best space movies of all time.

What To Watch On Streaming If You Liked Netflix's Away

Here are 10 movies and shows to enjoy now that Season 1 of Away is wrapped up.

Interstellar And 10 Other Great Space Travel Movies To Come Out In The Past 10 Years

The 2010s gave us some of the best movies about space travel in quite some time.

Ruth Negga: 6 Things To Know About The Ad Astra Actress

Ruth Negga is the next great Ethiopian-Irish actor that you need to watch.

The Best Movies To Rent Or Stream If You Like Ad Astra

With Brad Pitt's Ad Astra now streaming, here are a bunch of other movies that fans should dive into next.

Liv Tyler: 6 Fascinating Facts About The Lord Of The Rings Star

From Aerosmith videos to melted prosthetic ears, there's a lot to take in.

Ad Astra Ending Explained: What Happened And What It Means

Does space really hold all the answers?

Brad Pitt's Most Badass Characters, Ranked By Badassness

Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt has one of the most badass careers in Hollywood

The 10 Best 2019 Movies To Get Snubbed By The Oscars

Seriously, how did these movies get the shaft?!

CinemaBlend Staff Breaks Down Their Top 10 Favorite Movies Of 2019

The team members here at CinemaBlend have submitted their individual top 10 lists for 2019. Here's how they ranked the last year in film.

Joker Box Office: Gotham's Greatest Villain Defeats Will Smith And The Addams Family

The clown prince of crime tops the box office once again with an impressive second weekend performance.

Joker Box Office: The Clown Prince Of Crime Is King

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker just set October records.

Abominable Box Office: The Animated Yeti Movie Takes The Top Spot With A Modest Performance
The Most Memorable Sad Astronaut Performances, Ranked

How does Brad Pitt's Ad Astra performance do among other memorable actors' emotional journeys through the cold vacuum of space?

Why Ad Astra Cast That Cameo Star For 'A Flash Of Humor'
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The 5 Best Space Movies To Stream In Honor Of Brad Pitt's Ad Astra

From Silent Running to Sunshine, there's plenty of space to stream! (I want to say these movies are "out of this world" but in space no one can hear you groan from bad puns.)

Downton Abbey Box Office: Blimey! Movie Reunion Nabs Record Win Over Brad Pitt And Rambo

"What is a weekend?" The perfect time to kick Rambo and Space Brad's asses.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Ad Astra, Rambo: Last Blood, And Downtown Abbey Reviews

This week there's a space odyssey, an iconic soldier, and a beloved television series continuation all hitting the big screen.

All The Biggest Movies Left To Look Forward To In 2019

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of big movies to look forward to for the rest of the year.

Brad Pitt Says He'll Act In Fewer Movies Moving Forward

Could Brad Pitt quit acting? Here's what he says.

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