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Allods Online Offers Player-Created Dungeons In Path To Victory DLC

Usually we all play MMOs because we want to be the hero but, deep down, there’s a little dungeon master lurking in all of us. That’s why the upcoming Path to Victory expansion for Allods Online is so intriguing; it lets players create their own dungeons, which other players can then tackle solo or in a group.

Allods Online Lords Of Destiny Expansion Coming This March

Do you still put time into Allods Online? Well if you do there's some good news for you, the Russian-designed MMORPG from gPotato will receive new end-game content that's quite extensive and it's called The Lords of Destiny. The new expansion is scheduled to release this March in multiple regions.

Allods Online Heads To New Horizons

For fans of the Sci-fi fantasy MMORPG Allods Online, August 8th is a day you might want to circle on your calendar. (People still do that, right?) The war for Astral Space is set to intensify as the New Horizons expansion gets ready to launch.

Allods Online Anniversary Gives Every Player Free Wolf Mount

Wolf mounts in Allods Online creates a lot of envy...everyone wants to ride a fearsome, badass wolf. Well, now everyone will get a chance to ride a fearsom, badass wolf because gPotato will be giving away free wolf mounts to North American and European gamers to celebrate the Allods Online anniversary.

Allods Online Volume 5: Game Of Gods Is Live

The latest expansion pack for Astrum Studios and gPotato's Allods Online has gone live. The name of the expansion is Game of Gods and its the fifth volume pack in the game's short lifespan.

Allods Online: Game Of Gods Expansion Coming In February

After being in service since 2010, Allods Online has received several major expansions, overhauls and content updates. The newest expansion, Game of Gods, will be the game's largest content update yet, with a brand new class, a fourth Astral layer, enhanced ship physics, new dungeons, PvP arenas and an increased level cap.

Allods Online: Undaunted Expansion Release Date Set

North American and European gamers will experiencing some brand new adventures in Sarnaut come October 11th. The release date has been officially set for the latest expansion for Allods Online and it comes with brand new bosses, a survival-area known as the Mausoleum as well as brand new astral bosses and a 20% increase in difficulty for astral ship travel.

Allods Online October Update Adds 2 Classes, New Zones, Bonus Exp

Astrum Nival and gPotato announced that Allods Online will be receiving a major update (and slight overhaul) this October. The game will be on the receiving end of a brand new astral continent, two new character classes, as well as revamped zones for all players level 1 – 25.

Allods Online's Astral Odyssey Goes Live With Huge Content Patch

Oftentimes referred to as the free-to-play version of World of Warcraft with spaceships, Allods Online has officially left open beta and is now considered done and finished. The new content patch to commemorate the completion of the game is called the Astral Odyssey and it’s big enough to be a game in itself.

Allods Online Vol. 4: Astral Odyssey And Official Game Launch Arriving May 11th

Gpotato announced that Allods Online will officially exit open beta and will launch as a complete game beginning on May 11th when the fourth expansion becomes available called, The Astral Odyssey. The officially-official launch of the game brings with it two whole new contested zones and a level-cap increase.

MO Group Signs On To Help Localize Allods Online

Despite the game's massive popularity and unrivaled originality there are sometimes hang-ups in the translation and that's why Astrum Nival acquired the services of localizers, MO Group.

Allods Online: Fury Of War Episode Coming With Contested Astral Zones

The wait is almost over and the update many Allods fans have been waiting for is almost here. That's right, guilds with fleets of astral ships can finally battle to control astral sectors and all the spoils that come with it

Black Friday Deals And Item Bonuses Announced By gPotato

If you had plans of staying in on Friday and enjoying the comfort of shopping from the confines of your computer chair, then gPotato has some special deals and item bonuses for you on all their games except for Allods.

Everquest House Of Thule Pre-Order Details And Screenshots

The upcoming, seventeenth expansion pack for Everquest, House of Thule is now taking pre-orders and some incentive screenshots were released to get gamers all amped up for the expansion.

Allods Online: Volume 2 - The Rise Of Gorluxor Launch Trailer

The second full expansion for gPotato's Allods Online, The Rise of Gorluxor, is about to go live and a new launch trailer has appeared to commemorate the milestone.

Allods Online: Volume 2 Rise Of Gorluxor Releases Tomorrow

Gala Networks announced that their highly popular and free-to-play MMORPG, Allods Online, will be receiving its second Volume expansion and a heck of a lot of updates and changes have been made.

Allods Online Chest Contest Has PS3, Alienware, HDTV Up For Grabs

Online gaming portal, gPotato, has announced that more than $50,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs in a brand new contest that sees gamers trying to find in-game chests.

Allods Online: Revelations Of Gipat Expansion Readies For Launch

Astrum Nival and the gPotato Team is taking the Allods Online servers offline for the entire day to prepare for the first major expansion pack for the game, Volume 1: The Revelations of Gipat.

Allods Online: Revelations Of Gipat Officially Releasing July 7th

Astrum Nival has heard the pleas of gamers and have decided to get rid of FoD in the upcoming patch. Speaking of the patch, 1.1 is expected to go live July 7th.

Allods Online: Revelations Of Gipat First Screenshots Released

Gala Network's gPotato released some new screenshots of Astrum Nival's Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat expansion for Allods Online.

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