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What's Happening With American Horror Story's Murder House And Coven Crossover

American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy addressed the planned crossover season between Seasons 1 and 3.

10 Great American Horror Story Characters That Need To Come Back In Roanoke

American Horror Story: Roanoke has already called back to past seasons, and co-creator Ryan Murphy promises familiar faces will return. Here are 10 characters we need to see again.

American Horror Story: Hotel Brought A Season 3 Character Back For An Awesomely Bloody Crossover

Tonight's episode of American Horror Story: Hotel was the second-to-last of the season, and it brought back a character from Coven for a wild and bloody scene.

7 Arguments American Horror Story Fans Will Never Stop Having

Fans of American Horror Story will no doubt be familiar with the 7 arguments listed here, unless everyone else has completely like-minded friends and never spends any time haunting internet comment sections. Kudos to you, but for the rest of us, these are the discussions that this show has created over the years.

American Horror Story's 10 Creepiest Characters, Ranked

Here are the 10 creepiest characters that American Horror Story has unleashed upon audiences. Thankfully, the nature of this show means that this list is populated with supernatural creatures, all-too-human monsters, and some generally demented beings. Turn out the lights, pull down the skin-made shades and read on.

How To Watch American Horror Story: Coven And Two More Great Shows That Just Started Streaming

Deck the halls with soundproof paneling. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la. Tis the season for streaming, not channeling. Fa-la-(coughing fit). I was never cut out to be a caroler. Find out what's new to streaming this week!

American Horror Story: Coven Finale - A Wonder-filled But Not Wonderful Ending

es, it was the final episode in this performance-heavy season of American Horror Story, with its permeable storyline and unpolished characters. “The Seven Wonders” was by no means a perfect hour of television…and that’s it. All the ins are out now, and the Supreme has been crowned. After two previous seasons of rampant mysteries that went unanswered, I’m a little disappointed by the little black bow used to wrap this season up. It’s like I want to dig through the tissue paper to make sure I’m not missing anything.

TV's Soon-To-Be Breakout Stars of 2014: American Horror Story Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

After going through the motions of highlighting everything that was good, bad, amazing, or generally confounding about the year prior we felt it was time to look ahead. So we’ve decided to highlight these perfect TV storms to let you know who’s on the cusp of making it big in 2014. This week it's all about Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, the director and visual voice behind television’s creepiest companion, American Horror Story: Coven.

The Problem With American Horror Story... And What To Expect From Coven's Finale

American Horror Story: Coven ends tonight! Over all, it was an enjoyable season, but after getting an early screening of tonight's finale, "The Seven Wonders," I've come to the realization that there's one thing that's holding American Horror Story back from reaching its full potential, and it's actually proven to be a pretty consistent issue with this series over the last three seasons.

American Horror Story: Coven Watch - To Hell With These Characters

Of the two things American Horror Story knows how to do really well, blowing my mind is always the better option. On the flip side, it can also take everything that fans hold dear and toss it all into the garbage without a second thought. For people like me who spend three, four or even ten thoughts on AHS, it’s an insult when seemingly complex storylines and characters are written into oblivion...

American Horror Story Coven Will 'Go To Hell' Next Week

The current season has played so much emphasis on who the next Supreme is that the series’ conclusion seems to hinge on that reveal. One by one, we’ve seen almost every female character pondering their own supremeness at one point or another. The above video seems to suggest that it’s Zoe’s turn, judging by what Fiona’s saying. She seems like a likely candidate, but the truth is, it’s really anyone’s game. And there are two episodes left for this mystery to be solved.

American Horror Story: Coven Watch - Can Eye Axe You A Question?

There has always been something a little old fashioned about American Horror Story, even when its scenes are taking place during the modern day. Tonight’s “Protect the Coven” felt a little like a serial drama or comedic performance from nearly a century ago, with parceled off non sequitur scenes of differing genres, all interconnected but never meshing together to creating anything whole. For some shows, that’s akin to a death knell, but for AHS, it just means we get to see around three different levels of gore, more theremin music and a cross-dressing ghost with a beard.

Stevie Nicks' 6 Witchiest Quotes (And A Clip!) On American Horror Story: Coven

Stevie Nicks has managed to twirl herself into a guest appearance on American Horror Story, a much-anticipated happening that airs — at long last! — on FX tonight. Because of that, the queen of all things ethereal is making the interview rounds to talk about it. One thing remained clear throughout all of her press: it might be impossible to talk to the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman without being transfixed by her witchy ways. So we've compiled the best quips below.

Stevie Nicks Is Bewitching In These American Horror Story: Coven Photos

It seems like an eternity since we last got to watch the ladies of American Horror Story: Coven wreak havoc on each other and the outside world. But when the show returns on Wednesday, January 8, it will feature the most exciting witch of them all. No, we don’t mean the new supreme (though she may well get outed before the end of the episode); we’re talking about the White Witch herself, Stevie Nicks. FX released a couple more behind the scenes shots of Nicks standing with actress Lily Rabe, whose character Misty Day is positively obsessed with the legendary songstress.

American Horror Story: Coven Watch: The Soap Opera Where Heads Explode Literally And Figuratively

It’s going to be a long month until American Horror Story returns on January 8. It’s not like there is anything to care about in the meantime except homemade eggnog. And that Christmas day or whatever. Happy holidays, readers! Hopefully none of the boxes under your tree contain the decapitated head of a bigot.

American Horror Story: Coven Adds Lance Reddick In Pivotal Role And Teases Next Week's Cliffhanger

Don’t you think for a second that we’ve met all of the soldiers going into that supernatural battlefield. Though the cast doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller, as almost everyone who dies ends up getting resurrected, it continues to grow and Fringe star Lance Reddick is the latest talented star to join the cast. He will figure heavily into the drama during the final few episodes. And no, he won’t be playing Zoe’s new boyfriend.

American Horror Story: Coven Watch - Drink Every Time Someone Says...

It was a hard Thanksgiving for American Horror Story fans, as the series took a week off instead of showing us what kind of messed up voodoo spells Marie Laveau is capable of using only a stuffed turkey and canned yams. And heads up: tonight’s “The Sacred Taking” was treading as much water as possible without actually getting wet until the final shot of the episode, which was wickedly glorious and horrifying all at once. Kathy Bates further proves she’s ahead of the acting game

American Horror Story: Coven Watch - Death Becomes Hardly Anyone In The Dead

There is a point in “The Dead” when Cordelia is truth-bombing Zoe about Fiona’s complicity in Madison’s throat slashing, and her eyebrows get stern around her milky blind eyes, and she says, “We’re going to kill my mother!” And that is a line that, even in American Horror Story, should have a hefty amount of weight behind it. Yet…

American Horror Story: Coven Watch - The Axeman Cometh And Goeth With Blood Dripping Behind

The always intense Danny Huston (who I like to call the poor-but-rich-at-heart man’s Ray Wise) plays the never identified Axeman of New Orleans, whose most famous letter to the press is utilized for this cold open, where he called for New Orleans citizens to only play jazz music from their homes, with death as a consequence. And I really like Huston in that role, as he’s menacing as fuck and he has a strong bone to pick with the woman of the Coven.

Stevie Nicks To Make 'American Horror Story: Coven' That Much Witchier

Praise all things witchy and wonderful because the Queen of ethereal vibes and otherworldly talent, Stevie Nicks, is twirling her way (scarf and all) into a guest spot on FX’s recently renewed for a fourth season miniseries saga, American Horror Story: Coven. Because of course she is! This is the most logical casting news we’ve ever heard for a series, given Nick's namecheck in the first episode of the third season by fellow witch (oh yeah — in AHS, Nicks is a real deal witch), Misty Day. This is going to be good.

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