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Anger Management Replaces Selma Blair With Broadway Star Laura Bell Bundy

If you're not a Broadway aficionado you may recognize Bundy from any number of small parts, from a two-year stint on Guiding Light around 2000 to recent recurring roles on both How I Met Your Mother and Hart of Dixie. She's also a country singer

Brian Austin Green Upgraded To Series Regular On FX's Anger Management

Brian Austin Green’s recent series, Wedding Band, may have gotten cancelled after just one season on TBS, but the former Beverly Hills, 90210 actor has greener pastures on the horizon. On Thursday, it was announced that the longtime actor has been upgraded FX’s hit comedy, Anger Management, to a regular role.

Selma Blair Departs Anger Management Following Reports Of Issues With Charlie Sheen

Well, that didn't take long. Earlier this week, we learned that Anger Management stars Charlie Sheen and Selma Blair weren't getting along so well. Blair reportedly had some things to say about Sheen's work ethic and Sheen reportedly had some things to say about Blair's work status. From the latest report, which admittedly, is vague on details, it sounds like Sheen won this battle as Blair is leaving the series.

Anger Management's Charlie Sheen And Selma Blair Reportedly Feuding

FX took a pretty substantial leap of faith on Anger Management when they ordered the back-90 episodes of the series, taking the original 10-episode to a full 100 episodes. Unfortunately, the series hasn't exactly thrived in the ratings, resulting in a recent temporary-move to Fox for a bit of added support in the form of major network exposure. But on the bright side, the show, which stars ousted Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen, hasn't had much controversy since it debuted last year… until this week.

Anger Management Episodes To Air On Fox In June

Anger Management will be getting a bit of help from Fox next month, as the network is set to air four episodes of the FX comedy series on Monday nights throughout June. While the comedy, which is based on the film by the same name and stars Charlie Sheen, may have gotten off to a solid start, with more than five million viewers tuning in for its premiere last year, the numbers have diminished pretty drastically since then.

Lindsay Lohan Walked Off Anger Management Set With Wardrobe Items

Lindsay Lohan’s finances might be a hot mess right now, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still willing to play fast and loose with money. Earlier this week, the actress hit up the set of Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management to earn a much-needed paycheck. While there, she allegedly walked off with numerous costuming items and had producers deduct the price from her salary.

Lindsay Lohan Will Guest Star On Anger Management

Lindsay Lohan’s been chomping at the bit to ascertain a new acting gig after The Canyons failed to be a low budget masterpiece and Liz & Dick failed to create good buzz over at Lifetime. She may not have found a lucrative lead role just yet, but she will be headed to TV, where she will team up with her Scary Movie 5 co-star, Charlie Sheen, during an episode of his hit comedy.

Anger Management Episodes Cemented And FX Teases A Tenth Season Of It's Always Sunny

It looks like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans have at least one more season to look forward too – although it’s not official yet – and Anger Management fans will need to set aside some serious screen time. FX told TCA that Sunny is “very likely” to get another season, while the Charlie Sheen comeback show will steamroll through with approximately 45 episodes a year.

Justified, Archer, Anger Management, And Legit Premiere Dates Set By FX

When FX decides to set premiere dates, the network doesn’t mess around. For fans who have been looking forward to new seasons of Justified, Archer, and Anger Management, or who are wanting to check out the network’s brand new comedy, Legit, will be able to do so sooner than anyone may have expected.

Cee Lo Green To Guest On Anger Management

Anger Management will be getting a visit from one of The Voice’s coaches in the upcoming second season. On a break from his Voice duties while developing his very own sitcom for NBC, Cee Lo Green will also be making a guest appearance on Charlie Sheen’s successful new series.

Anger Management: Season One Is Coming To Blu-ray In January

The series follows Charlie Sheen as Dr. Charlie Goodsen, a man who deals with therapy patients as well as his own relationships, usually for cheap laughs. The series also stars Selma Blair and Shawnee Smith, as a doctor and an ex, respectively. All 10 episodes in Season 1 will be available will be available with the set, as well as a few different bonus features.

Anger Management Gets Its 90-Episode Order

Charlie Sheen’s comeback has been secured, with FX handing down the 90-episode order for Anger Management after it met the ratings requirement in the first 10. It’s a big coup for everyone who took a chance on Sheen in spite of the Two and a Half Men fallout, but maybe a bigger coup for Sheen himself.

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management Close To 90-Episode Renewal

The Charlie Sheen-starring Anger Management may still be an unavoidable sign of the decline of civilization, or even a harbinger of complete societal doom, but it's still-- sigh-- a hit. The comedy series that debuted in late June for a 10-episode run has been bringing in strong numbers, including 5.47 million viewers for its premiere

Martin Sheen Heads To FX's Anger Management As Charlie's Father

If one Sheen isn't enough to get you to tune into FX's Thursday night comedy series Anger Management, perhaps two will do the trick. Actor Martin Sheen, well known for his film roles as well as being father to Anger Management star Charlie Sheen, is set to appear in an upcoming episode of the series next month, and from the sound of it, should the show stick around we'll be seeing much more of him down the line.

Charlie Sheen Donates One Million Dollars To The USO

Charlie Sheen is hoping his new show Anger Management will have a long shelf life. Now, our men and women in uniform are hoping for the same. The actor just announced he will donate one percent of all profits from the venture to the United Service Organization. As part of the pledge, he’s guaranteed the organization at least one million dollars, though hopefully, the final donation tally will be a whole lot higher.

Anger Management Watch: Episode 3 - Charlie Tries Sleep Deprivation

Anger Management. Because titling it Generic late-1980s Sitcom Where We Can Say “Pussy” was too on the nose. Three episodes in, and I’m wondering why the FX executives thought it necessary to hole themselves up in a vent-less room being primed and painted as they made their creative decisions about this show. I’m also in major wonderment over Charlie Sheen’s possible inability to act comedically without a laugh track assuaging his worries.

Comedy Central U.K. Gets Rights To Charlie Sheen's Anger Management

Anger Management just made its debut on FX, bringing Charlie Sheen back to the small screen in his first post-Two and a Half Men starring role on television. The series got off to a solid start on the cable channel, earning itself 5.74 million viewers for its debut. Whether or not it manages to maintain a good percentage of that audience going forward remains to be seen. And now it looks like it'll eventually have the opportunity to build a viewership overseas as well.

FX's Thursday Night Ratings Rock But Anger Management Tops The Heap

Anger Management, as expected, led the night on the network, pulling 5.47 million in total viewers during last night’s season premiere at 9 p.m. ET. FX has been great with advertising for the series and Sheen’s fame also likely led viewers to the network for the first record.The next challenge will be maintaining viewers in the coming weeks.

FX Offers Something For Everyone With Louie, Wilfred, Anger Management And Brand X

Thursday night will be an evening a comedy for FX, as the network is set to bring Wilfred and Louie back for a second and third season respectively, in addition to premiering Anger Management and Brand X with Russell Brand. Besides the fact that they're all comedies, the common denominator among these shows is the star power, with each series featuring at least one well known name to draw in viewers

Anger Management Preview: Charlie Sheen Goes To Confession

Earlier today, we shared a teaser for FX's upcoming new comedy Brand X starring Russell Brand. This afternoon, we have a new teaser for the other new comedy coming to FX later this month. Charlie Sheen is once again up to no good, this time terrorizing a priest!

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