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Angry Birds 2 Is Definitely Happening, Because Money

Money talks, which means it looks like we will most certainly see a follow-up to this summer's The Angry Birds Movie in the very near future.

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The Surprise Movie That Might Top Captain America: Civil War This Weekend

The Angry Birds Movie is set to beat Captain America: Civil War's two week tenure on top of the domestic box office.

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The Angry Birds Movie: What We Know So Far

As Hollywood has continued to scour other forms of media for their ideas, video games have become a new refuge. As video games themselves have become more cinematic and story driven it makes sense that you may be able to make a good movie out of them.

The Final Angry Birds Trailer Is Hilarious And Action-Packed

The Angry Birds Movie has been a long time coming. On May 20, we’ll finally get a chance to see everyone’s favorite mobile game as a big screen treat, and you can see the final trailer right here.

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Sean Penn Joins The Angry Birds Movie Cast, Because Surprises Are Fun

Generally speaking, voice acting is one of the first things that takes place for an animated movie. This makes the announcement of a new actor a strange thing to hear when you’re movie comes out in little more than a month.

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The Angry Birds Movie: 10 Fantastic Things We Learned About The Animated Comedy

It was all the way back in 2013 that Sony Pictures first announced the development of an The Angry Birds Movie, and after years of work on behalf of the filmmakers and cast, the finished result is almost here.

New Angry Birds Trailer Features Your Favorite Feathered Friends, Take A Look

Angry Birds became a full-blown cultural phenomenon a few years ago, and with a movie on the way, that's only going to get bigger as the first trailer for the movie adaptation is here.

Why The Angry Birds Movie Will Surprise People, According To Josh Gad

Given the poor history of video game movies, it's pretty easy to immediately question why Angry Birds is getting its own film. After all, the game is just about launching birds into pigs and collecting eggs. Stupid as it may seem, however, the star of the upcoming project, Josh Gad, has ensured audiences that the feature is not what people are expecting, and will surprise a lot of people upon its release.

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The Angry Birds Movie Just Added All Of Your Favorite Comedians

You might have thought there was no way you'd be laying down your cold hard cash to see the phone game phenomenon Angry Birds' animated feature film. Well, Sony scoffs at your silly assumptions, and challenges your will power by stacking the movie's voice cast with a slew of tantalizing comedians…and one adored imp. Plus they've revealed a peak at the Angry Birds movie makeover.

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Angry Birds: Stella Flying Your Way This Fall

Pink is a powerful color in the most recent iteration of the Angry Birds franchise as lead bird Stella takes center stage. In fact, that’s the name of the new upcoming title, Angry Birds: Stella.

The NSA Can Spy on Us Through Angry Birds

According to the New York Times, both the NSA and its British counterpart GCHQ have been working together in an attempt to suck off personal data from smartphone apps. The documents, provided by Snowden, show that both agencies now have the ability to take our information from apps like Angry Birds.

Puzzle And Dragons To Receive Special Angry Birds Content

Two mobile giants are set to collide later this month as Puzzle & Dragons gears up for a farfetched adventure featuring ferocious fowl. By which I of course mean the game is getting some Angry Birds content.

Angry Birds Movie Shuffles The Deck, Adds Two Animation Veterans As New Directors

The Angry Birds movie is still set for a July 1, 2016 release. Your kids are probably going to want to see it. But it's still no dumber than the idea of a multi-billion dollar franchise based on Transformers, so we really have no right to complain

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Angry Birds Star Wars To Make A Console Run

Who would have thought that after all of these years of flinging disgruntled fowl at mischievous pigs, mankind would still have a hunger for the legendary Angry Birds series. The latest iteration, Angry Birds: Star Wars is already a huge hit on mobile and, on Oct. 29, the force will be strong with all major game consoles as Rovio Entertainment’s latest creation flocks to just about every home and portable system known to man.

Angry Birds Movie Lands Former Simpsons Writer As Director

App developer Rovio Entertainment put out a press release today stating their game Angry Birds will be the first feature directed by Jon Vitti, an Emmy Award-winning former writer and producer for such comedy powerhouses as The Larry Sanders Show and The Simpsons.

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Angry Birds Movie Coming July 1, 2016 From Sony

I stopped playing Angry Birds years ago, once I had beaten most of the levels and realized I was turning my brain to mush by playing iPhone games on the subway. (OK, fine, I moved on to Ticket to Ride, are you happy now?) But now scheduled for 2016, a full six years after the game's peak popularity, an Angry Birds movie will finally grace our planet. Now you can waste time in the company of a bunch of other people paying $15 for the privilege!

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Angry Birds Friends Will Add New Social Features

Angry Birds, the ever-popular fowl flinging game for just about every gaming and mobile device known to man, is set to take the next logical step forward into a more social market with Angry Birds friends.

Angry Birds Trilogy Breaks 1 Million, Coming To Wii And Wii U

Okay, look, I know that many of you have probably had your fill of Angry Birds over the years, but it looks like more than a few of you still can’t get enough of the disgruntled fowl. Activision and Rovio Entertainment have announced that the console version of Angry Birds Trilogy has officially swooped past the one million units sold mark, a number that will only increase as the developer/publisher duo announce plans to bring the game to the Wii family of consoles later this year.

2012 In Review: Casual Gaming Infographic

The social/casual gaming space has always been the majority stake of most of the gaming universe, even though the hardcore gaming space is where most of the revenue lie. To illustrate the importance of the casual market a new infographic was released detailing all the major happenings that occurred throughout 2012 in the casual gaming space.

Angry Birds Trilogy Anger Management DLC Available Now

I know what you're thinking: “Golly, Angry Birds Trilogy sure does offer a lot of bird-flinging goodness, but I sure would like to snag another, say, 130 levels to keep me occupied through the holidays.” Well, you're in luck! Rovio has officially announced an “Anger Management” DLC pack, offering exactly that. Oh, and you can go ahead and download it right now on your console of choice.

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