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How One Shooter Is Trying To Make War More Realistic

Bohemia Interactive is known for its application of realism to its virtual battle simulators. The company does provide national armies with virtual training tools, so it should come as no surprise that the consumer products are about to get a hefty helping of realism added to the gameplay.

Arma 3 Survive DLC Launching On Halloween

Arma 3 players will be getting some free single-player DLC on October 31st. "Survive," the first of three episodes, will put players in the shows of a NATO soldier serving on the Aegean islands of Altis and Stratis.

Arma 3 Release Date Confirmed

Bohemia Interactive announced today that they'll be launching PC shooter Arma 3 worldwide on September 13th through digital and brick-and-mortar retailers. However, the entire game won't be available on that date.

Arma 3 Beta Deploys June 25th

Soldiers interested in getting a taste of the Arma 3 experience before it goes live have an opportunity to join in on the upcoming beta, which has been given an official launch date of June 25.

Arma 3 Multiplayer Video Covers The Power Of Teamwork

The video covers the tactics, communication and the shooting mechanics gamers should take into consideration when playing the multiplayer portion of the upcoming military simulator, Arma 3. There is no room for “Rambo”.

Arma 3 Alpha-Preview Trailer Showcases Vehicles, Infantry, Scuba Diving

Bohemia Interactive has unleashed a new alpha preview showcase for what they've implemented into Arma 3 at the moment, this includes a basic set of infantry, vehicles and various stages of graphical and gameplay mechanic polish. The game's pre-order bonus alpha invitation has also already garnered mod support after being available for only a day.

Arma 3 Video Showcases Maxed Out Graphics On Nvidia's GTX Titan

Most times games in alpha stages have very specific gameplay trailers released showing off only small bits of some features while others rely on some CGI pre-rendered crap (i.e., Aliens: Colonial Marines E3 demo). In the case of Arma 3, the game is showcased in all its glory with actual in-game play running at full spec on Nvidia's GeForce GTX Titan.

Arma 3 Alpha Access Available Via Steam Pre-Orders

Bohemia Interactive announced today that you'll be able to get early access to Arma 3 by pre-ordering the game right now. The pre-order not only gets you early access to the game, but it also grants you three additional alpha keys so that you and your mates can get in on the action and play-test the game during the early phases of development.

DayZ Standalone Gets Huge Update; Dean Says They're Taking Their Time

There are a lot of things covered in the latest update for the DayZ standalone, due out sometime this year, maybe? Anyway, the closed beta is nearing and the team is working hard on some really cool features that will easily set DayZ apart from a ton of other games out there, including how they're dealing with hack prevention and character customization.

Bohemia Interactive Devs Released From Greek Prison, Still Face Trial

Czech Republicans Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, two developers from Bohemia Interactive who have been working on DayZ's standalone, have finally been released from the Greek prison after being held captive since September, 2012 on charges of spying and espionage. Despite being able to return home the duo will still face trial in Greek court.

ArmA 3 Screenshots Go Underwater

Bohemia Interactive sent out 10 new screenshots for their military sim shooter ArmA 3 today. They show heavily-armed soldiers operating in the air, on the ground and under the sea.

E3 2012: Arma 3 Videos Cover Graphical Improvements, DayZ Support

Two new walkthrough videos have surfaced for Arma III thanks to a walkthrough from creative director at Bohemia Interactive Jaw Crowe. The video covers infantry combat, underwater submersible combat, aerial combat and most importantly, support for DayZ.

Arma 3 E3 2012 Showcase Trailer

Want to see the new vehicles of Arma III? How about the new underwater combat simulation? Interested in taking a gander at the improved weapon mechanics? How about a sneak peek at the HDR and night time effects? Well, Bohemia Interactive gives you a brief look at all of the above and more in their E3 2012 showcase trailer.

Arma 3 Gameplay Teaser Sets Up Big Reveal On April 19th

The trailer is a teaser through and through. It only gives you a brief glimpse at some of the new graphical tech that Bohemia Interactive is using to power the latest shooter in the highly respected and long-running franchise.

Arma 3 Public Alpha Starts This Summer

Bohemia Interactive will be bringing their open-world shooter Arma 3 to E3 and Gamescom this summer. However, if you're not attending either even you'll still get a chance to try out the game in the coming months.

Arma 3 System Requirements May Make Your PC Surrender

Arma 3 won't be out until 2012 but Bohemia Interactive has already released the system requirements. It seems they want to give you plenty of time to upgrade your PC.

Bohemia Interactive E3 2011 Line-Up Revealed

. Bohemia Interactive announced today that they will be attending E3 and have a complete line-up of titles that they will be showcasing at the biggest gaming event of the year in North America.

Arma 3 Deploys On PC In 2012

Though many PC exclusive shooters eventually spread to consoles, that's not happening with the Arma series just yet. Bohemia Interactive announced Arma 3 today and revealed it's only coming to the PC in summer of 2012.

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