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Netflix Is Creating Weed Based On Its Original Series, Because Why Not

Pass the remote-shaped lighter, because Netflix is officially getting into the marijuana business with weed strains based on its shows.

Why Arrested Development Fans Should Be Pumped For Season 5

Arrested Development is doing something with Season 5 that wasn't done with Season 4, and fans should be very excited.

What Arrested Development Season 5 Will Be About, According To Jason Bateman

Well, we're finally getting some information on what fans can expect from Season 5 of Arrested Development, and it sounds like the wacky comedy will be flexing some murder mystery muscles.

All The TV Reboots And Revivals That We Can't Wait To Watch

What's old is new again, and that's definitely true where TV is concerned. Here are all the biggest and best TV shows getting rebooted and revived for today's audiences.

Ron Howard Is Directing Star Wars And The Internet Is Having An Arrested Development Field Day

Now that Ron Howard is the new director of the Han Solo movie, Arrested Development fans can't help but poke fun at this unusual situation.

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Arrested Development Season 5 Is Seriously Happening

This is not a drill, people. Arrested Development is returning to Netflix for Season 5. Here's what we know about this incredible announcement.

Arrested Development Finally Signed One Star For Season 5, But What About Everybody Else?

Fans have been waiting years for solid proof that Season 5 of Arrested Development could really happen. Now, one of the stars has signed on.

The Big Way Arrested Development Is Changing In Season 5

Arrested Development Season 5 has been percolating at Netflix for years, and it sounds like there may be some big changes on board for the show when it finally hits the streaming service.

Arrested Development Season 5 Could Be Happening Soon, Here's What We Know

We've literally been waiting years for Arrested Development Season 5 to hit Netflix. Now, though, it looks like we might actually be close to having a new season of the show back on our screens.

6 Netflix Original Shows That Are Stuck In Limbo Right Now

There are actually quite a few shows in limbo right now between renewal and cancellation. If you'd like to know what shows we haven't heard from, you can check out this list, below.

When Arrested Development Season 5 Is Finally Getting Off The Ground

For the past year or so, we've heard hints that a fifth season of the comedy would eventually be getting off the ground, but this week, series lead Jeffrey Tambor straight-up gave us the most concrete piece of information we've gotten about AD so far.

The Russos Pick Their Favorite Captain America: Civil War Easter Egg

Easter eggs are part of the DNA of Marvel movies. There is a particular love for details in the fanhood of the films, and as a result filmmakers often fill their features with elements that audiences will only discover on their ninth viewings.

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Arrested Development Might Be Finally Getting Season 5 Together, Here's What We Know

Arrested Development fans have had a roller coaster ride over the past decade or so. Now, it looks like there finally might be more Development in the future.

Will Arnett Just Made Some Blunt Comments About Arrested Development Season 5

TV is currently in an era in which even cancelled shows aren't necessarily gone forever, and Arrested Development already came back from the grave for a Season 4. Now, actor Will Arnett has some thoughts about Season 5.

Two Arrested Development Actors Are Reuniting For Drunk History

For a long time, Arrested Development was one of those great comedies that got cancelled too early. Then, a few seasons ago, Netflix brought the cult favorite back from the dead and the cast has been reuniting ever since.

What's Going On With Arrested Development Season 5, According To The Creator

Arrested Development development was one of the first TV shows kicking off this slew of revivals and reboots on TV. As it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, there are plenty of directions a fifth season could go in. However, news has been pretty slow on the development front.

There's A Good Reason Why Arrested Development Season 5 Is Taking So Long To Happen

It’s been more than a year and a half since it was first announced that Arrested Development Season 5 would be a thing that might one day exist. And now Tony Hale has revealed why it hasn't happened yet.

Here's What Arrested Development Season 5 Will Be About

Considering Season 4 of Arrested Development brought Netflix an entirely different narrative and structure than earlier seasons, it was truly hard to predict what creator Mitch Hurwitz would conceive for Season 5. Now we know.

Arrested Development Looks To Be Moving Forward At Netflix

One of the most famous premature cancellations in TV history was Arrested Development, booted by Fox after three hilarious seasons and then brought back for a fourth on Netflix years later. Now, there's some very good news about a fifth.

12 Shows Fox Should Be Embarrassed About Canceling

While every network is guilty of slamming an ax down on shows before a cancelation is warranted, Fox has been the series-ending posterchild for decades now. Here are 12 series that Fox should constantly hide its head in shame for canceling. Sorry if this puts you guys in a bad mood all over again.

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