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Ask Cinema Blend: What If A Group Can't Decide Whether To See A Movie In 3D?

What do you do when you’re making a plan to go to the movies with a large group of people and everyone can’t agree on whether or not to see the film in 3D?

Ask Cinema Blend: What Do You Do When The Theater's Packed?

Every weekend, Cinema Blend answers one reader question. Last week, we argued over whether or not it’s okay to make out at the movies, and this week, as The Hunger Games sequel catches fire in theaters all over the country, we’re talking about the packed-theater conundrum.

Ask Cinema Blend: Is It Okay To Make Out At The Movies?

For as long as movie theaters have existed, normal teenagers and more adventurous adults have been using the dimly lit environments they provide to get a little action. Whether it be a sweet peck on the lips, an under the shirt boob grab or a full-on, sloppy makeout session, theater hanky panky comes in all shapes and sizes, and at any given point on a Friday night, chances are there’s at least one couple inside every multiplex going to town on one another.

Ask Cinema Blend: Is It Okay To Smuggle Outside Food And Drink Into A Theater?

Over the last several years, many theaters, especially in large cities, have made huge improvements in the way of food. Offering all beef hotdogs, a wider selection of candy and nachos that are actually edible, they’ve gone from establishments no sensible human being would ever order anything but popcorn at to eating options that are an improvement over not eating.

Ask Cinema Blend: When Is It Okay To Rest Your Feet On The Chair In Front Of You?

If you walk into a sparsely populated theater, chances are you’ll see at least ten to fifteen percent of all the people in attendance with either their feet resting against the seats in front of them or their legs full on draped over the seats in front of them. To some, these pretzel-ish attempts to get as comfortable as possible are classless, immature and self-indulgent, while to others they’re perfectly acceptable ways to maximize the relaxation potential of the theater.

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