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The Best DVDs Of 2010

We run down our favorite additions to our DVD shelves this year, from the jungles of Pandora to the arenas of ancient Rome

Cinema Blend Pride: A Look Back At Our Best Work Of 2010

This is our one chance to brag about the times when we pushed "submit" and walked away absolutely certain that here at least, we'd gotten it absolutely right. Maybe it mattered to each of us because of the experience around what we wrote

Celebrating 10 Of The Best Movie Performances In 2010

While we’d love to write about the merits of every single one of our favorites, we instead picked 10, each actor or actress someone we felt passionately deserved some recognition on this last day of the year

The Most Memorable Movie Moments Of 2010

Maybe the rest of the movie doesn't really work or maybe you're in the middle of watching one of the year's best films. Whatever the movie, in that moment, for those seconds, you're carried away

The Most Disappointing Movies Of 2010

Numbering among the entries are a few terrible films, some bad ones, a lot of mediocre efforts and even a few better than average motion pictures. None of them are great. Further, none of them lived up to the hype and anticipation many of us felt before walking into the theater

Audio Blog: Duking It Out Over The Top 10 Movies Of 2010

Because he has, as he puts it, a "real job" and didn't see as movies as the rest of us, Dave Gonzales was on board to moderate, and David Ehrlich, Matt Patches and I supplied all our individual top ten lists

The 10 Best Movie Music Moments Of 2010

Last year, as we here at Cinema Blend celebrated the end of the decade, I wrote an article titled “Film's 10 Best Music Moments In The Aughts.” The goal was simple: look at the all of the movies from the past ten

The 2010 Films We're Most Likely To Forget Within 10 Years

What we’re looking for here are movies so unmistakably nondescript and unoriginal in every single conceivable way that your brain deleted them on principal

Josh's Top 10 Movies Of 2010

I'm not wimping out. This list has the heart of a lion. What you'll get here is my list, an ordered list of the movies I believe to be the ten best released in the United States of America this year

The 10 Best Movie Deaths Of 2010

Even though 2010 wasn't really a great year for action movies, it was a pretty stellar one for movie deaths, both the dramatic "go out in a hail of bullets" kind and the more creative, shocking ones too

You Missed It: The 8 Most Unfairly Overlooked Movies Of 2010

These are the movies nearly everyone overlooked; good movies which somehow not nearly enough people saw, no one championed, and in some cases studios didn't even bother to market

Katey's Top 10 Movies Of 2010 Just Want To Be Perfect

We'll put it this way: 2010 brought us one of the most inventive and visually lush summer blockbusters we've ever seen, and I couldn't find room for it on my top 10

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