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Are The Farrelly Brothers Breaking Up?

Bobby and Peter Farrelly have been joined at the hip since 1994 — cinematically speaking, of course. Their first film together was with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber, and they’ve since gone on to direct eleven feature films. But is it finally time for them to cut the chord and set out to make waves on their own?

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Dumb and Dumber To Teases A Sequel, Get The Details

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the recently released Dumb and Dumber To. If you haven’t seen the movie and wish to remain ignorant of the details, please click away to another one of our wonderful articles on the website.

Dumb & Dumber: Where Harry And Lloyd Will Be In 20 Years

Within the continuity of the franchise, Dumb and Dumber To is set a full 20 years after the events of the first movie – but you wouldn’t necessarily recognize that from the maturity of its main characters. But what if we catch up with them in 20 years from now? Will they be smarter or more socially adept at all?

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How The Farrelly Brothers Gave The World One Of Seinfeld's Greatest Episodes

It’s been over 15 years since Seinfeld left the airwaves, and it remains at the center of a multitude of TV conversations. One of the series’ best episodes from its early years is Season 4’s “The Virgin,” known for being one of the first things that directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly did before breaking into Hollywood. But how much did they do?

The True Story Of How Jim Carrey Decided To Make Dumb & Dumber To

When it comes to making sequels, Hollywood is pretty good at pumping them out within five years of the original - but some take a tad bit longer to get made. Dumb and Dumber To falls into the latter category. The film is arriving in theaters on Friday nearly a full 20 years after the first film came out in 1994. In cases like this, where the original stars and filmmakers are involved, one if forced to wonder how the idea of doing a sequel came up in the first place.

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Dumb And Dumber 3? Here's The Latest

Jeff Daniels clearly had a great time re-teaming with Jim Carrey for Dumb And Dumber To because the actor has admitted that he would be game to sign up for Dumb And Dumber 3 instantly.

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Dumb & Dumber To Comes Back To Life At Universal

Like Anchorman 2 before it, Dumb & Dumber To had some major hurdles to get past, from Jim Carrey bailing to, most recently, the studio dropping it. Even when that last blow fell it seemed obvious that the film could come back to life, and now, the indefatigable Harry and Lloyd have risen again. According to Peter and Bobby Farrelly themselves, via Twitter, Universal Pictures has come to their rescue

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Dumb & Dumber Sequel Gets Cut Loose By Warner Bros.

It looked like all of the pieces were finally in place. Following the disastrous Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, a real sequel to the great 1994 comedy Dumb & Dumber was finally coming together with both Jim Carrey and Harry Dunne and both Peter and Bobby Farrelly handling director duties. But now the project has hit a serious speed bump.

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Dumb And Dumber Sequel Plot Revealed

At this point the Dumb & Dumber sequel might need to live on as a "wishful thinking" kind of movie, though one with more powerful wishful thinking behind it than most. It seemed to be full speed ahead into production earlier this year, until Jim Carrey suddenly backed out over the summer, claiming the studio wasn't committed enough

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Fox Picks Up Dear Satan For Farrelly Brothers

Saturday Night Live's Church Lady (Dana Carvey) once cleverly pointed out to us that the names Santa and Satan are remarkably similar. What kind of shenanigans might ensue if a child were to mix up two key letters in the name when trying to send a letter to Santa? It sounds like Dear Satan looks to explore such a scenario.

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Dumb & Dumber Sequel Will Shoot In September

Even before they started production on the completely atrocious looking The Three Stooges, the Farrelly Brothers were kicking around another terrible idea, to make a sequel to their landmark 1995 hit Dumb & Dumber

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New Stooges Trailer Showcases Slapstick And Sound Effects But Few Laughs

Coming soon whether we like it or not is the Farrelly Brothers' The Three Stooges, a reboot that places the iconic physical comedy team in a modern setting. Fans and detractors alike have speculated on how Bobby and Peter Farrelly, the minds behind comedy classics like Dumb & Dumber and There's Something About Mary, as well as the pair to blame for such duds as Shallow Hal and Me, Myself & Irene, would bring a fresh sensibility to the established slapstick stylings of the stooges.

A Dumb And Dumber Sequel Is In The Works

Could Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne be headed back to the big screen for more dumb (and dumber) shenanigans? That may be in the works, but before you groan about remakes and bad prequels, it sounds like this one will be a sequel and helmed by the Farrelly brothers, who directed the original film more than a decade ago.

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The Farrelly Brothers To Produce A Comedy For Showtime

The series will follow a man whose wife has recently cheated on him. The infidelity is especially a hard blow since the couple had been married for years (the writer recognizes infidelity is always a big deal). Angry and cynical, the man’s subsequent midlife crisis will set the basis for the show.

The Farrelly Brothers' Three Stooges Movie Gets A Release Date

The safe bet on Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s Three Stooges film was that it wasn’t going to happen. Casting decisions came and went, with high-profile actors like Jim Carrey, Benicio del Toro and Sean Penny attaching their names then walking away. But now the comedy is set in stone, so much so that it now has a release date.

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Seventh Heaven Star Stephen Collins Joins The Three Stooges Crew

Variety's initial report had him playing the villain, but Fox got in touch with them to put the kibosh on that particular rumor. It could mean they got their facts wrong, or that Collins's character doesn't start off as the villain, meaning the filmmakers want to keep that plot development under wraps

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Larry David Will Play A Nun, Mother Mengele, In The Three Stooges

He'll be working in the Catholic orphanage, right alongside Mother Superior Jane Lynch, that takes in the Stooges as young orphans. It's probably no coincidence that his Mother Mengele shares a name with the infamous Nazi doctor who performed awful experiments on concentration camp victims

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Chris Diamantopoulos Is The Frontrunner To Play Moe In The Three Stooges

When Sean Hayes was cast as Larry Fine in the Farrelly brothers' The Three Stooges earlier this month, I all but completely gave up faith in the project. Our own Josh Tyler gave the script a positive review and Will Sasso is the closest we have to a Curly look-a-like, but the whole thing feels very "B movie" and is based on a concept that probably shouldn't be executed.

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Sofia Vergara In Talks For Female Lead In The Farrelly Brothers' Three Stooges

While I can't say that I am a devout fan of Modern Family, I will say two things about the series: 1) the show is often quite funny and has a solid cast and 2) Sofia Vergara is extremely hot. This article pertains to the latter statement.

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Sean Hayes To Play Larry Fine In The Farrelly's Three Stooges Movie

When it was rumored two weeks back that James Marsden would play Larry Fine in the Farrelly brother's The Three Stooges, I called it "fairly strange" before remember that this was the same guy who played Cyclops in the X-Men movies. Who knew that not only would that rumor turn out to be false, but that they would find someone even less appropriate for the part?

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