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Weekend Box Office: The Other Woman Schemes Way To Number One

After three weeks at number one Captain America: The Winter Soldier was finally bumped to second place. Newcomer The Other Woman banked $24 million to take the number one spot.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting The Other Woman, Brick Mansions And The Quiet Ones Reviews

Big movie weeks are ahead of us, and this is the crappy quiet before the awesome. Hold fast Rotten Week-ites, better times are coming. But for now we have other women, brick mansions and quiet ones to talk about.

Paul Walker Is An Action Hero In Stunt-Filled Brick Mansions Trailer

The plot has Collier going after druggy crime lord who killed his father, Tremaine, played by Wu-Tang's RZA. David Belle, who was the star of the original, District B13, plays a convict named Lino whose girlfriend was kidnapped by the same bad guy.

Paul Walker's Brick Mansions Gets High-Octane International Trailer

The premise right off the bat sets up that Walker’s got a pretty unique co-star. That would be David Belle, one of the men credited with creating the free-running movement also known as parkour. He’s also the star of District B-13, of which this is a remake, and they look to be recreating some of the stunts from that film.

Find Out When You Can Watch Paul Walker's Final Full Performance In Brick Mansions

he new version sets the mayhem in the middle of Detroit, as Walker's undercover cop, Damien, must team up with a free-running rogue (David Belle, reprising his role from the original) in order to take down a vicious drug lord.

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RZA Will Hide A Bomb From Paul Walker In District B13 Remake Brick Mansions

In Brick Mansions, RZA will play the powerful drug warlord who is in possession of a neutron bomb inside a dangerous area known as the Brick Mansions (not a coincidence). The bomb is ticking down, and the story is destined to end in certain doom, right? Not if Walker, as an undercover cop, and Belle, as his super-athletic partner, have anything to say about it.

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Paul Waker To Headline Luc Besson's District B13 Remake Brick Mansions

Based on the Parkour-packed urban warfare action-thriller District B13, Brick Mansions will center on an undercover cop (Walker) whose on the search for a weapon of mass destruction hidden in a dangerous ghetto known as Brick Mansions. Parkour master David Belle will portray Lino, essentially reprising his role from the original movie.

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Paul Walker In Talks For American Remake Of District B13

Fans ready to balk at what they fear might be a watered-down version of the hard-hitting film they worship will be pleased to know that legendary Luc Besson, a credited writer on both District films, appears to be the driving force behind this new effort. He even has handpicked one of his protégés to helm the U.S. version, though Deadline could not report who the chosen director will be at this time.

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