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What's Happening With Celebrity Apprentice? Here's What NBC Says

Celebrity Apprentice returned to the airwaves in 2017 with a brand new host and a number of other changes. Now, NBC has revealed its plans for the future of the series.

Why Donald Trump Is Obsessed With Arnold Schwarzenegger And The Apprentice, According To Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a strange idea for why Donald Trump has targeted him on Twitter over Celebrity Apprentice.

Trump And Schwarzenegger Continue Twitter Feud After His Celebrity Apprentice Departure

The two politician/tv personalties are continuing their ongoing feud regarding The New Celebrity Apprentice.

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Won’t Be Returning To The New Celebrity Apprentice

While Arnold's big personality seems like a perfect fit for the reality competition show, it turns out that he won't be staying for long.

Why The New Celebrity Apprentice Had Trouble In The Ratings

The New Celebrity Apprentice came and went with little fanfare on NBC. In fact, the finale for the new version of the NBC staple aired just a couple of days ago, in a short-one hour episode that only managed a .9 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

The New Celebrity Apprentice Has A Winner: Here's Who Arnold Schwarzenegger Picked

Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be able to squabble about Celebrity Apprentice anymore, as the show found its newest winner!

Trump And Schwarzenegger Are Still Fighting Over Apprentice Ratings, See The Videos

Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been trading insults ever since Schwarzenegger took over hosting duties on The Apprentice. The latest round of their feud has hit the web, and it took some unexpected turns.

How Arnold Schwarzenegger Responded To Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice Insult

Donald Trump put Arnold Schwarzenegger on blast this morning over The New Celebrity Apprentice's ratings, and the former governor clapped right back.

Donald Trump Has Some Thoughts On Celebrity Apprentice With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not one to stay mum about the show that lost him, Donald Trump had some thoughts about Arnold's new gig and the way it performed over at NBC. Here's what he had to say.

How Many People Watched The New Celebrity Apprentice With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Celebrity Apprentice looks very different in Season 8 now that Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken over hosting duties from Donald Trump. Now we know how many tuned in to watch his debut.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Apprentice Catchphrase Was Just Revealed, And It's Everything We Hoped

Well, we've been waiting for months to see what catchphrase The Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger would use when the show finally came back to NBC. Now we know exactly how he fires people, and it's everything we had hoped for.

How Arnold Schwarzenegger Feels About Donald Trump's Involvement With Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump is going to be busy for the next couple of years, but he still has an executive producer credit on The New Celebrity Apprentice. Find out what the new host Arnold Schwarzenegger feels about the President-Elect's involvement.

What Donald Trump's Involvement With Celebrity Apprentice Will Be Moving Forward

Heading into 2017, a lot of things will be changing. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the star of Celebrity Apprentice. Scandal will be back. Heck, Donald Trump will be our new President.

Why The Donald Trump Apprentice Tapes Won't Be Released, According To Mark Burnett

It's a known fact that Donald Trump said some unsavory things while filming a segment for Access Hollywood nearly a decade ago, but whether or not he was equally inappropriate while on Celebrity Apprentice is still up for debate.

Will Celebrity Apprentice Release Trump Footage? Here's The Latest

Donald Trump has been dealing with backlash related to a leaked video of the former reality host making disparaging remarks towards women for a week now. More footage of the same ilk is allegedly out there.

Celebrity Apprentice Trailer: NBC's First Promo Reveals Arnold's New Catchphrase

We finally got our first look at NBC's new version of The Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and we're loving his new catchphrase. Check it out.

Could Donald Trump Ever Return To Celebrity Apprentice? Here's The Blunt Answer

Before Donald Trump was making headlines as a presidential candidate, he was making headlines as host of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice. Trump still has a few months left in his campaign, but it's hard not to wonder if he can ever return to NBC. Now, we have the asnwer.

What Celebrity Apprentice Is Going To Change With Arnold Schwarzenegger

in an era where steady ratings are great ratings for NBC, Celebrity Apprentice isn't going anywhere. In fact, the show is being revamped completely. Arnold Schwarzenegger will head up the series as the lead host, and another big change is coming to the new series.

Celebrity Apprentice With Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Added More Board Members, And They're Wild

In fact, the series is sort-of rebooting with a brand new head and panel of judges, not to mention a new batch of contestants. A slew of big names were added to the show.

Celebrity Apprentice Will Need To Overhaul Its Boardroom, Too

Celebrity Apprentice is making a lot of changes in the wake of Donald Trump. That’s right, Celebrity Apprentice is going to have a lot of work to still do to replace its main cast, and we’re guessing some more famous names will crop up.

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