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T.J. Miller's Comedy Central Show The Gorburger Show Has Been Cancelled

We have some bad news for fans of T.J. Miller's animated series The Gorburger Show, which debuted on Comedy Central earlier this year.

How Jon Stewart Feels Now About Leaving The Daily Show

The former comedy news anchor shares his thoughts about being off the show.

How Long Could Broad City Last? Here’s What Abbi Jacobson Told Us

While Broad City fans are psyched that Season 4 finally arrived, how long will the show run for?

How Broad City’s Season 4 Premiere Performed In The Ratings

It's been a year and a half since Broad City's third season ended, so did the fans tune in?

South Park's Season Premiere Got Fans Riled Up, But Not How Anybody Expected

South Park returned to Comedy Central for Season 21 with a full episode of its trademark irreverent humor. That said, fans were riled up by a very unexpected aspect of the premiere.

Why Broad City’s Season 4 Is The Best, According To One Star

Broad City is finally back this week, and one star believes it may be the show's best year yet.

South Park Is Getting A Totally Epic Marathon Since The Simpsons Did It First

South Park is gearing up for a super marathon that, as is tradition, The Simpsons did first.

Chris Hardwick's @Midnight Cancelled At Comedy Central After Four Seasons

Comedy Central will have a lot less Chris Hardwick in the not-too-distant future, as his series @midnight has officially gotten the axe and will not return for a fifth season.

How South Park Will Change Up In Season 21, According To Trey Parker

South Park co-creator Trey Parker is going on the record and saying Season 21 will be different than last season.

The Weed Jokes The Workaholics Stars Hear The Most From Fans Everywhere They Go

Workaholics has delivered more than its share of marijuana-laced humor, and the stars told CinemaBlend which jokes they hear from fans the most.

Why Workaholics Chose To End The Series That Way, According To The Stars

Comedy Central's Workaholics ended earlier this year and it went out in pretty much the perfect way for the show. Here's how it went down.

Watch Brad Pitt As A Depressing Weatherman In Surprise Comedy Central Appearance

Brad Pitt is such a huge celebrity that most of us probably wouldn't expect him to show up on a basic cable comedy show. Well, Pitt had a big (and slightly depressing) surprise for us.

How The Creators Of South Park Feel About Using Donald Trump For Comedy

Matt Stone and Trey Parker took a lot of shots at President Trump on South Park. Here's how the two feel about it after a season of parody.

How Dave Chappelle Feels About Chappelle's Show Years Later

It's been over a decade since Dave Chappelle pulled the plug on his Comedy Central sketch series, and now he's revealed how he feels about Chappelle's Show all these years later.

Why Netflix Is Spending So Much On Stand-Up Comedy Specials

Netflix is currently pouring a ton of money into its catalog of stand-up comedy specials, and there's a very specific reason for this tactic.

How To Watch The Daily Show Streaming Now That Hulu Isn't An Option

The Daily Show is no longer adding new episodes to Hulu. Find out why and see where you can watch it streaming from now on.

The Best And Worst Key And Peele Lines To Have Yelled At You, According To Jordan Peele

Key & Peele star Jordan Peele shared the best and worst show quotes that people yell at him.

Why It's Hard For South Park To Make Political Jokes Right Now, According To The Creators

One of the reasons the show went a specific route in Season 20 is because it has been hard to make political jokes on the series. Series co-creator Trey Parker recently explained why Season 20 was so difficult to churn out.

Why Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Nearly Quit Comedy Central Back In 2012

Jon Stewart left The Daily Show in 2015 and Stephen Colbert left The Colbert Report in 2014, but it has been revealed both hosts were as close as possible to leaving the network back in 2012.

South Park Recently Hit An F-Bomb Milestone, Get The Details

Shows that exist on TV for a long time often fall into a rhythm as they get older. But occasionally milestones still happen on long-running shows, and one recently occurred on Comedy Central's long-running series South Park.

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