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What The Legend Of Conan Would Have Been About, According To The Writer

With The Legend of Conan delayed indefinitely, screenwriter Chris Morgan has provided some details on what the movie would have been about.

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Could Conan The Barbarian Get A TV Show? Here's The Latest

Could Conan the Barbarian soon find new life on the small screen? Here's what we know about the situation.

Why There May Still Be Hope For The Legend Of Conan, According To The Producer

Despite the news from earlier this week, there may still be some hope for The Legend of Conan.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Drops More Plot Details For Conan The Conqueror

Arnold Schwarzenegger became on of the great movie action heroes in the 80’s and 90’s but it all began in 1982 with his role in Conan the Barbarian. The movie saw a less than stellar sequel a couple of years later. Now Arnold says the next film is on the way.

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A Conan The Barbarian Game Is Coming, Get The Details

It's like the old saying goes, “You can't keep a good barbarian down.” Whether or not anyone has actually ever said that, it turns out to be 100 percent true for Conan. According to a recent announcement, Funcom and Conan Properties aim to announce a new game set within the Conan the Barbarian universe early next year.

What Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants The Legend Of Conan To Be About

If returning franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger has his way, the upcoming The Legend of Conan will feature an older, rustier Conan, though one who is still totally badass.

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Conan The Barbarian 2 Could Set Up A Massive Cinematic Universe

The Legend of Conan may be just the beginning of something much, much larger.

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Conan The Barbarian Sequel Will Bring Back 4 Characters, Including Arnold's Hero

Arnold Schwarzenegger readies a return in Terminator Genisys in a little over a month. However, the aging Austrian ass-kicker has another old-school homecoming in the works with The Legend of Conan. According to a writer/producer working on the long-belated sequel, the film will actually feature as many as three returning characters from the original film!

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Watch Women Beat The Hell Out Of People In This Epic Supercut

Do you like films with strong female leads? Do you like to watch "the fairer sex" prove that they’re not as fair as society has often portrayed them? Then you’ll get a kick out of this supercut tribute to women in prominent action movie roles…literally.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger To Return For The Legend Of Conan

Last year's Conan The Barbarian remake was not only one of last year's biggest critical punching bags, but was a total flop at the box office as well. Though it was made for a modest $90 million, the film not only manged to pull in the low sum of $21 million domestically, but was an international disappointment too, pulling in only $48 million globally by the time in left theaters.

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Conan The Barbarian To Destroy On Blu-Ray In November

Lionsgate is bringing Conan the Barbarian to a whole slew of formats on November 22. Conan the Barbarian will be available on 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray, DVD, digital download and On Demand. Lionsgate is really pushing the 3D combo package (3D Blu-Ray/Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital copy), selling it for $39.99, which is only two dollars more than 2D Blu-Ray disc ($37.99).

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Conan The Barbarian Screenwriter Reveals What It's Like To See Your Movie Flop

Sean Hood has weathered other critical misfires like Halloween: Resurrection and Cube: Hypercube. This time, though, Hood took to the Internet to describe what it feels like to watch your movie tank, in a long and very thoughtful post. In some ways he's got some necessary distance from the process-- he argues, as many screenwriters on big films do, that

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Stan Lee Media Inc. Is Suing Conan The Barbarian

It goes without saying that Conan The Barbarian was a massive disappointment. In addition to getting absolutely dismal reviews, the Marcus Nispel-directed film opened at #4 last weekend and only took in a little over $10 million. Considering it had a $90 million budget, the movie will need to pull a miracle out of its ass internationally if it doesn't want to go down as one of the biggest flops of 2011.

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To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Conan The Barbarian Ticket

Should you choose to see director Marcus Nispel’s Conan the Barbarian remake this weekend, the biggest decision you’ll face at the ticket counter isn’t when to see it, but how to see it. Like nearly every major movie release, Conan’s being presented in both 2D and 3D formats. We’re here to help you decide between them.

Interview: Conan The Barbarian's Rose McGowan

A couple weeks ago I was invited to participate in a roundtable with the actress in which she talked about her work on the Marcus Nispel film. Check out the interview inside in which McGowan talks about scratching herself with her own claws, sitting in the makeup chair for hours on end, and leaving the set in Bulgaria to go visit the troops in Afghanistan.

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Conan on Conan, Conan O'Brien Interviews Jason Momoa

I'm pretty sure that I've said this before but Conan O'Brien is by far and away my favorite late night host (I don't count Jon Stewart, he's a different can of genre). Night after night, the former Harvard grad, SNL and The Simpsons writer goes to great and often embarrassing lengths to amuse his audience. And amuse me he does. Above his antics, his monologue and his bizarrely funny skits he's also a fantastic interviewer. This time, it's Conan on Conan.

This Rotten Week: Predicting Fright Night, Conan the Barbarian, One Day & Spy Kids 4 Reviews

What does Hollywood when do when it runs out of ideas and the summer movie season is drawing to a close? It remakes a movie from a couple of decades ago. Then it remakes another one. Then they throw in another installment of a kid's series. And finally they chuck a love story in there for the ladies. Boom. Weekend covered.

Jason Momoa Has Written A Conan The Barbarian Sequel With Mythical Creatures

The 6’4” Hawaiian recently gave an interview where he enthusiastically explains that he has in fact written a sequel to Conan and as long as people go out to see this reboot, all the studio has to do is accept his script and they can get into pre-production. Momoa is looking to dig deeper into the mythical creatures aspect of Conan’s realm

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Watch The First Scene From Conan The Barbarian

Director Marcus Nispel may not have the greatest titles listed on his filmography, but if there's one thing the man knows how to do it's how to spill blood all over the silver screen. From the remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Friday The 13th to Pathfinder, he has demonstrated often that he knows how to make his characters act in the most brutal fashion possible.

New Teaser For Conan The Barbarian Spills Buckets Of Blood

If you were worried that Marcus Nispel’s remake of the 80s classic Conan the Barbarian wasn’t going to live up to the sheer brutality of the original, take 30 seconds out of your day to watch this brand new teaser that premiered at the most brutal of brutal websites, Facebook.

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