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Every TV Show Starring A Former Friends Cast Member, Ranked

Though none of the Friends stars will likely ever eclipse those Must See TV glory days in the years after the show finished airing in 2004, it hasn’t stopped anyone from trying. Here are all of their post-Friends shows, ranked in terms of quality.

Cougar Town Renewed For Season 5

Cougar Town’s move to TBS seems to have worked out. The series, which made the move this year from ABC, has been renewed for Season 5. In spite of a premiere on the new network that brought lower ratings than the numbers it pulled in on ABC, it seems TBS is pretty pleased with the series.

Cougar Town Premieres To Middling Ratings On TBS

After months of gearing up to move to a new network, Cougar Town finally premiered its fourth season on TBS on Tuesday night. The show definitely landed somewhere in TBS’ ratings ballpark—which is good news for those still watching—but the numbers weren’t so hot when compared to what Cougar Town used to do on ABC.

Cougar Town Characters Make Their 2013 New Year's Resolutions Ahead Of Season 4 Premiere

2013 will be the year of many things, we expect, and among them, the year Cougar Town will air its fourth season on TBS. In the latest promo for the upcoming season premiere, the characters from the former-ABC/now-TBS comedy make their resolutions for the new year, which tease what's ahead for the show.

Tippi Hedren Will Guest Star On Cougar Town

Cougar Town’s upcoming fourth season on its new network will see a visit from a familiar face to those who love Hitchcock films. The Birds star Tippi Hedren will be guest starring on an episode of the comedy, which will be debuting on TBS in the new year.

Cougar Town: The Complete Third Season Is Coming To DVD In February

Despite Season 4 of the series, Cougar Town, heading to TBS pretty soon, Season 3 of the comedy isn’t available for purchase, yet. Lionsgate Home Entertainment plans to rectify the situation on February 5, 2012, when Cougar Town: The Complete Third Season hits DVD.

Cougar Town Season 4 Teaser Spills Wine Everywhere

It's all about the wine on Cougar Town and TBS is playing that up big time in the new teaser for the series' highly anticipated fourth season. ABC let the comedy series go, but TBS has picked it up and is planning to run with it, beginning next year when the show returns for more Cul de Sac comedy. Check out the new teaser ahead.

Five Ways A TV Title Can Fail

TV show titles tend to range from brilliant, clever and witty to clunky, vague, awkward and in some cases, just plain misleading. Some titles overcome their initial problems, while others go down in history as being among the more memorably bad series names. Rather than listing off our favorite terrible TV titles, we found ourselves breaking down the title problems by category.

Shirley Jones To Guest Star On Cougar Town In Season 4

Cougar Town fans will have their series back in less than two months. The series, which has moved over to TBS for its fourth season, will premiere in January. And at some point during the show's fourth season, Academy Award-winning actress Shirley Jones will be making an appearance and her character will be looking to spend a little time with Jules.

Cougar Town's Bill Lawrence Developing Cop Comedy For ABC

ABC has landed a cop comedy from Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence. Feel the Force, which is based on the BBC2 series of the same name starring Michelle Gomez, has been given a put pilot commitment plus penalty by the network.

Cougar Town Season 4 Premiere Date Announced In A Funny Musical Video

In case you didn't know already, Cougar Town will be back for a fourth season, but you won't find it on ABC this fall. The comedy series was dropped by the network, and basic cable channel TBS snatched it up. The premiere date has been announced! Pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back to watch this very special Cougar Town musical message, which features the cast and some other people!

Cougar Town Showrunner Bill Lawrence Is Stepping Down After This Season

The changes in Cougar Town are still coming down the line. It’s not just a new network that’s in the cards for the series, but also a new showrunner, news that came about via an interview with star Courteney Cox. Bill Lawrence, the force behind the show, is stepping down as showrunner as of next season.

ABC 2012-2013 Primetime Schedule Moves Revenge To Sundays And Happy Endings To Tuesdays

ABC has posted their 2012-2013 Primetime schedule, and as you'll notice, a few returning shows have been shifted around to make room for some of the promising looking newcomers. From what we can tell, it looks like the network has made some good calls with regards to the scheduling adjustments. This includes moving Revenge to Sunday nights, and shifting a couple of returning comedies to Tuesdays.

Cougar Town Gets A Fourth Season... On TBS

After rescuing Conan O'Brien from his messy NBC contract, TBS has stepped in to save another beloved network comedy. The network announced today that they are picking up Cougar Town the ABC sitcom that struggled along with a silly name but devoted fanbase for three seasons

Cougar Town's Title Card For Down South Features A Quote From Community's Abed

"Down South" opened with a the announcement of a 'hurricane party' before cutting away to the opening titles which featured the (textual)return of Community's Abed Nadir to Cougar Town. The two programs share an odd history that began with the NBC character played by Danny Pudi often ranting about how good the ABC comedy really is and how it's a shame to see it so often dismissed because of its name.

Pending Cancellation, ABC's Cougar Town Could Move To TBS

Unless Bill Lawrence pulls another rabbit out of his hat and works out a network switcheroo, just like he did with Scrubs in 2008. Cougar Town might be in the throes of just doing that. It seems TBS has had interest in the series for a while and has spent time working out a deal with ABC Studios to take the show off the network’s hands.

Ratings Come In At Series Low For Cougar Town's Long-Awaited Return

Well, you can’t say it wasn’t predicted. Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence said the show would likely return to low ratings, and was he ever right. The much-publicized premiere of the new season after a long absence not only had low ratings, but the lowest the series has ever seen. I’m not sure even Lawrence thought it would be this bad.

Courteney Cox And Cougar Town Creator Bill Lawrence Share Better Title Ideas, Cast Talks Season 3 Spoilers

Guess what? Cougar Town isn’t a comedy about women who like to date younger men. I say this without a shred of sarcasm, and also admittedly without firsthand knowledge. Not having seen far beyond the series’ pilot, my own understanding of the premise of the series was based largely on vague memories of the one episode I watched, and the title. But I've taken a renewed interest in the series, in an effort to give it another shot as Season 3 gets going tonight.

Do It For Abed: Consider Giving Cougar Town A Chance

At long last, Cougar Town is set to make its third season premiere on ABC next week. As someone who never took to the show, I’ve decided that come this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to give it another shot. As a fan of NBC’s Community, not only do I know what it’s like to love a series that’s been set aside and put on a longer than average hiatus, but Community has a connection to Cougar Town.

Cougar Town Will Return On Valentine's Day

Cougar Town normally runs on Wednesdays, but with the schedule shift, it is hopping back a day. This is likely due to the program directly taking the place of Work It, which aired exactly two episodes during ABC’s Tuesday lineup. Therefore, the triumphant return of Cougar Town will occur on Tuesday, February 14 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Keep your DVRs posted.

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