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American Chopper Is Coming Back To TV

One of cable TV's most popular unscripted series, American Chopper is coming back to fans for a new season.

Is Michael Phelps Actually Faster Than Sharks? Here's What The Shark Week Special Revealed

Shark Week is upon us yet again, and Discovery recruited Olympian Michael Phelps to race a couple of sharks to begin the shark action. Here's how he stood up against the creatures.

Discovery's Shark Week Just Got Hacked In The Most Adorable Way

Shark Week is only a couple of weeks away, but it turns out that there are some who so desperately disapprove of the week that they took drastic (and adorable) steps to protest.

Shark Week Is Adding Michael Phelps And A Law And Order Vet To The Fun

We're coming up on that Shark Week time of year again, and it sounds like this year's batch of shark-themed programming will be the wildest so far. A former Olympian and a TV star are on board to pitch in.

Former Sons Of Guns Star Sentenced To Life In Prison For Rape

Former Sons of Guns lead Will Hayden was sentenced today for multiple counts of rape, and he won't be getting out anytime soon.

Why One Naked And Afraid Contestant Had To Quit On The Spot

For the upcoming seventh season, pro-surfer and bikini model Anastasia Ashley attempted to last 21 days in the jungle, but she ended up tapping out unexpectedly on day 6. Here's what happened.

Someone Other Than Will Ferrell Will Play Janet Reno In The Unabomber Movie

Will Ferrell used to hilariously portray Janet Reno on Saturday Night Live, but he wasn't the one chosen to play her in the upcoming true crime series Manifesto.

The 10 Most Disappointing Cancellations Of 2016

All in all, 2016 said goodbye to a slew of prominent shows. These were the most disappointing.

How Discovery Is Paying Tribute To John Glenn

Pioneering astronaut John Glenn passed away this week, and Discovery has found a perfect way to honor his contributions to space exploration.

Why Discovery Is Having Ratings Problems, According To One Exec

Discovery is the place to be on cable TV when it comes to learning about the world and/or watching people be naked and afraid, but its ratings have been slipping lately. According to one executive, there's one big reason why viewers haven't been tuning in as much.

Harley And The Davidsons Review: Discovery's New Motorcycle Miniseries Is An Enjoyable Ride

Discovery isn't known for its fictional shows, but audiences will soon be talking about its long-anticipated return to scripted drama with Harley and the Davidsons, an enjoyable look at the origins of an iconic American company.

How Sig Hansen's Heart Attack Will Affect The Deadliest Catch

Captain Sig Hansen, actually suffered a heart attack while Deadliest Catch was filming back in March. Luckily, he survived the ordeal, and this week he spoke out about how his heart attack will affect Deadliest Catch.

Discovery Is In The Middle Of A Crazy Lawsuit Over Reality TV Shows, Get The Details

Lawsuits are nothing new in the world of entertainment, but even though many of them appear to be carbon copies of one another, there's always one that stands out from the crowd. And that's the case here, with a crazy lawsuit tied to the fate of a handful of reality TV shows.

The Best Thing That Ever Happened During Mythbusters, According To Adam Savage

For Mythbusters, co-hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage concocted some of the craziest, silliest and most explosive stunts on TV. But it wasn't any of the high-octane stuff that tops Savage's list of the best things that ever happened on the Mythbusters set.

The Grossest Thing About Naked And Afraid, According To The Editor

Naked And Afraid is a show about being dropped off in the wilderness while wearing nothing but your birthday suit. The show airs on a cable network, Discovery, and is more about survival than sex. But there are gross moments, too.

The Accident The Mythbusters Hosts Were Always Worried Would Happen

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman got up to a lot of crazy shenanigans during their time as hosts of Discovery's Mythbusters, and Savage now admits that there was one type of accident that definitely worried them.

3 Big Stunts The Mythbusters Never Got The Chance To Do

Recently Mythbusters ended a long and storied run on the Discovery channel with a final episode that paid homage to the series and saw its leads get at least a wee bit sentimental in a few moments.

The Crazy Number Of Reality Shows Produced In 2015

A few weeks ago, FX reported there were 409 scripted series that were aired in 2015. But as mountainous as that number may seem, it is positively dwarfed by the amount of unscripted reality shows that aired last year.

The Three Cable Networks That Managed To Crush In The Ratings In 2015

In 2015, there were a slew of channels that saw overall ratings falter, as Netflix, Hulu and more took over a larger portion of the television space. However, despite the ratings problems many networks are facing, a few have figured out how to stand out from the pack

Deadliest Catch Is Getting A Spinoff, Get The Details

Spinoffs are everywhere, and the latest one to get announced will serve as an offshoot of the popular Discovery reality show Deadliest Catch. Get ready for a new location and a different take on the subject matter.

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