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When The Downton Abbey Movie Is Probably Happening

In the time since Downton Abbey ended its run on PBS and ITV, there have been rumors a movie might be coming. Here's when it could come together.

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Why Maggie Smith Doesn't Want A Downton Abbey Movie

There's been talk ever since Downton Abbey wrapped up on PBS and ITV that we would be able to return to our favorite characters via a movie. But not everyone is in love with that idea.

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What's Going On With The Downton Abbey Movie, According To One Actor

Since the wildly popular ITV series ended, there have been reports that Julian Fellowes and co. might be putting together a big screen follow-up starring our favorite characters.

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Why Dan Stevens Is Still Apologizing For Downton Abbey

One of the biggest draws of Downton Abbey was always the epic romance between Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley... that is, until it wasn't. Here's what Dan Stevens has to say about his departure from the ITV series.

New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In October 2016

It's a weird time of the year for the movies. Despite this, there are some great home entertainment releases coming this month, from the surprise hit The Purge: Election Year to the latest in the X-Men franchise

Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith Has The Perfect Response To Jimmy Kimmel Taking Her Emmy

During last night's Emmys, host Jimmy Kimmel took jabs at all manner of celebrities, and some of his most absurd jokes were aimed at Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith. The actress had the perfect response to his award-nabbing ways.

Why Downton Abbey Ended After Only 6 Seasons, According To The Creator

In many fans estimates, the story ended too soon, but now Downton Abbey creator Julianne Fellowes has explained why he ultimately decided to end the series with Season 6.

A Downton Abbey Movie? One Cast Member’s Quotes Will Give You Hope

To call Downton Abbey a popular series is doing a disservice to it. The PBS show was a massive hit and its fans were as rabid as those for any major broadcast or cable series. Many fans are probably still frustrated that there will be no new episodes, but that doesn't mean that the show is completely over.

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This New Home Renovation Series Has The Cheesiest Name Ever

New TV shows always need some kind of hook to convince viewers to take a chance and tune in. One upcoming series has a seriously cheesy name that could work as a perfect hook for its target audience.

Was Downton Abbey Really Good Enough In Season 6 For An Emmy Nomination?

The 2016 Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and crowd favorite Downton Abbey was among the nominees for Outstanding Drama. The question is, was the show really as good as the other nominees this season?

The Most Disappointing Finales On TV This Year

As we head into the summer TV season, there remains a thick sheen of disappointment from all of the lackluster season (and series) finales that are still fresh on our memories from the 2015-2016 season. Here are the biggest offenders.

A Downton Abbey Actress Will Star In A New Period Drama

Downton Abbey came to an end earlier this year, and the finale left a void in the hearts of many. Now, a new period drama is in the works that will feature a very familiar face to fans of Downton.

Downton Abbey Creator's New Show Just Found A U.S. Home, Get The Details

2016 has already been a pretty sad year for some TV viewers who had to say goodbye to the modern classic Downton Abbey. Thankfully, creator Julian Fellowes' new show now has a home here in the U.S.

Who Matthew Crawley Was Originally Going To End Up With On Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey just finished out its run a short while ago. However, earlier in the show’s run, showrunner Julian Fellowes apparently had a lot of ideas that didn’t end up panning out the way he expected when he was first writing the series.

Mercy Street Renewed For Season 2 On PBS

This renewal may not outwardly seem like a big deal, but with Downton Abbey ending, it certainly could help usher PBS into a new era. Here's what we know.

9 Great TV Shows That Are Ending In 2016

While more are certain to be announced as the months go by, here are 9 great shows that we already know are coming to an end in 2016, from comedies to dramas and everything in between. Join us in mourning their future departures.

How Neatly Downton Abbey Will Wrap Things Up

The excitement surrounding the Season 6 premiere of Downton Abbey on PBS is tampered somewhat by the knowledge that the sixth is the final season. Although the show has finished its run across the pond in Britain, American viewers have yet to see how the series will be leaving off the characters that they’ve grown to know and love.

How Maggie Smith Faked Wearing Corsets On Downton Abbey

Ask any actress who’s appeared in a costume drama what the experience was like, and she’s likely to bemoan wearing that staple of yesteryear dressing, the corset. Well, Maggie Smith recently revealed that she came up with a pretty simple solution for the need to wear corsets under her Downton Abbey attire.

Why Michelle Dockery Cried On The Set Of Downton Abbey

With the sixth and final season of British historical drama Downton Abbey set to air on PBS in 2016, fans are now faced with the need to say goodbye to the series. As it happens, however, fans are not the only ones emotional about the finale.

Watch Gordon Ramsay, Warwick Davis And More Pop Up For Downton Abbey's Holiday Celebration

Famous faces poking fun at themselves is always fun, and key members of the cast of ITV’s Downton Abbey recently spoofed their own show for a charitable comedy sketch.

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