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The 5 Best Dr. Seuss Movies, Ranked

Do you own these in your house? Do you watch them with a mouse?

Wait, Was Doctor Who's Latest Episode Inspired By Doctor Seuss?

It seems as though a recent Doctor Who episode was inspired by a Doctor Seuss tale.

Why The New Grinch Movie Is Better Than The Jim Carrey One

There are now two theatrical Grinch movies to watch, and here's why the latest, CGI version is better than the live action, Jim Carrey-led one.

Green Eggs And Ham Is Becoming A Netflix Show

Dr. Seuss fans of all ages should be pleased to find out that Netflix is going into development on a series based on the classic children’s book Green Eggs and Ham. Each episode will center on someone reading the book roughly 30 times. Just kidding.

Watch This Chick Read Dr Seuss In 68 Different Accents

Dr Seuss’ Oh The Places You’ll Go is a fun book to read. It zigs and zags and weaves through the English language in typical Seuss fashion with a kind of slapdash and exciting momentum. Apparently, however, when it’s read with accents, it’s somehow even better.

Bronze Lorax Statue Stolen From Geisel Family Property

In a garden near a house in La Jolla, California, there sat a 2-foot version of Dr. Suess’ famed character The Lorax, encased in bronze and standing around for guests and household members at Audrey Geisel’s mansion to delight in. Unfortunately, like Seuss’ Truffula Tree before it, someone with little regard for the poor statues roots has snatched it up and stolen it away from its permanent home.

The Latest Lorax Trailer Gives A Better Look At The Once-Ler And His Story

The Australian trailer for Universal’s upcoming adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax has made its way online and it seems to put a bit more emphasis on the source material than the previously released trailer did. While the previously released trailer didn’t really offer much in terms of the story, aside from a boy’s interest in trees, this one gives us a little bit more, and at the very least gives us a better idea of how the source material fits into the movie.

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First Look At The Villainous Once-ler From Dr. Seuss's The Lorax

Big-screen adaptations of the works of Dr. Seuss don't have the greatest of track records. That hasn't quenched Hollywood's desire to milk Seuss's beloved works, however, and this March will see the release of the latest Seussian outing: an adaptation of 1971's The Lorax. Whether it proves to be worthy of Seuss's legacy remains to be seen, but one creative choice may prove controversial to fans. The movie will reveal the full appearance of the Once-ler, the tragic villain of The Lorax.

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Johnny Depp To Produce And Possibly Star In Dr. Seuss Biopic

Johnny Depp has already played one literary giant, having played J.M. Barrie in Marc Forster's Finding Neverland, but now the writer is considering taking on the writer of The Cat and the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Oh, The Places You'll Go! That's right: Depp may play Dr. Seuss in an upcoming biopic.

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A.M. Awesome: Dr. Seuss Does Star Wars

If you’re a young parent and you think Star Wars might just be a little too mature for your kids, worry not. Adam Watson, better known as The Mighty Adam, is here

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Must Watch: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Re-imagined As A Grindhouse Movie

At last someone has combined my lifelong love of Dr. Seuss with my newfound love of grindhouse cinema. Maybe you’ve read the classic 1971 Dr. Seuss book, The Lorax

Universal Hears The Lorax

Chris Renaaud, Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio will co-direct Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, an adaptation of the 1971 book about a greedy developer who robs an entire nation of their valuable Truffula trees. Variety writes that Chris Meledandri will produce for Illumination Entertainment

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