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This Honest Dumb & Dumber To Trailer Hilariously Points Out The Movie's Faults

While Dumb and Dumber remains as one of the best cult comedies of the '90s, it's hard to imagine anyone seeing its recently released sequel, Dumb and Dumber To, in similar high regard. The second movie was a rather unfunny, unfortunate mess, and now its received the Honest Trailer treatment it so greatly deserves

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New DVD Releases: February 2015 In Home Entertainment

February might be a slow month at the movies, but there is still some great stuff headed into homes, thanks to Blu-rays and DVDs. Among these is the long-anticipated Game of Thrones Season 4 release, which will be available to fans later this month.

Are The Farrelly Brothers Breaking Up?

Bobby and Peter Farrelly have been joined at the hip since 1994 — cinematically speaking, of course. Their first film together was with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber, and they’ve since gone on to direct eleven feature films. But is it finally time for them to cut the chord and set out to make waves on their own?

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Now Streaming: Netflix Instant Alternatives To Hunger Games, Dumb And Dumber To, And Beyond The Lights

Looking to Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, Dumb and Dumber To and Beyond The Lights for inspiration, we've pulled together a selection of female-fronted dystopian dramas, moron-centric comedies, and African-American-fronted romantic dramas.

Monday Movie Memo: Forget Dumb And Dumber 3, Jim Carrey Needs To Do This Sequel

Now that fans have shown they support Jim Carrey going back and revisiting some of his classic characters, I make a pitch for a new movie featuring THIS rubber-faced genius. Can we make it happen, Mr. Carrey?

Dumb and Dumber To Teases A Sequel, Get The Details

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers about the recently released Dumb and Dumber To. If you haven’t seen the movie and wish to remain ignorant of the details, please click away to another one of our wonderful articles on the website.

Weekend Box Office: Dumb And Dumber To Lands At Number One

This weekend Harry and Floyd made a triumphant return to the big screen twenty years after the original made a splash, creating two pop culture icons out of the main characters. Dumb and Dumber To landed a solid number one with a $38 million debut. That's more than double what the original made in 1994 when it banked $16 million.

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Wait, Is That Jennifer Lawrence In Dumb And Dumber To Or Not?

THR is going on record to say that Lawrence “shot the scene in Georgia last fall,” but that the Oscar winner “retained the right to nix it if she didn't like it -- a right that she exercised.” The trade admits that the Farrellys AND Lawrence’s camp deny that this happened. But they stand by the report.

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Watch Dumb And Dumber To's Hysterical A-List Cameo Scene

Forget Jennifer Lawrence. Another A-lister with deep ties to directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly actually IS in the film, in a VERY brief scene that is flying under the radar. You can watch it here, if you want to, and we’ll reveal the person’s identity on the other side of the clip.

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 Why Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Show Up In Dumb And Dumber To

It was in late September of last year when reports surfaced saying that Jennifer Lawrence would be making an appearance in the new comedy. When movie-goers go to see the film this weekend, however, they will find that the actress isn’t actually in the movie. So what exactly happened?

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Dumb & Dumber: Why The Studio Wanted No Part Of Jeff Daniels

In hindsight, you realize that these two had such incredible (and bankable) chemistry that a studio would be wise to hand them a blank check, then wait to see what they come back with. Dumb and Dumber To opens in theaters on Friday. Do you think Jeff Daniels earned more money to appear in that one?

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Dumb And Dumber To And Beyond The Lights Reviews

When the history of film is finally written (by me), I’ll create a special and exclusive section for best on-screen duos. These on screen pairs captured our hearts because we saw in their relationships the friendship and thick-and-thin companion we’ve always wanted for ourselves. Butch and Sundance. Bill and Ted. Thelma and Louise. Buzz and Woody. And of course Lloyd and Harry.

Why Jim Carrey Hates Taking Pictures With Fans

If you’ve ever asked Jim Carrey for a quick photograph, then there is a good chance that you ruined his day in the process. The legendary comedy actor has opened up about the pitfalls of being an on-screen icon, and while some people might struggle to relate to his opinion, others will definitely understand where he is coming from.

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Watch Jim Carrey Shoot Lasers Out Of His Super Suit In Dumb And Dumber To Clip

A brand-spanking new trailer for Dumb And Dumber To has been released, and it shows Jim Carrey’s Lloyd Christmas wearing a suit that fires lasers. The clip also features a whole host of new gags, some of which are funny, others that simply aren’t, but it’s impossibly not to smile when you see Carrey and his co-star, Jeff Daniels, who’ll play Harry Dunne, back on-screen together.

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Dumb And Dumber To Parodies Lucy With The Perfect Poster

Lucy isn't the only movie character whose brain capacity percentage is relevant. Lloyd's brain is important to. Dumb And Dumber To star Jim Carrey shared the above poster, which parodies Lucy but switches up the math a bit to remind us that Carrey's Dumb and Dumber character's brain is also functioning outside the norm, in its own way.

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5 Dumb And Dumber To Jokes Only Die-Hard Fans Will Get

Here are the 5 callback jokes we spotted in the first full trailer for Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels’ sequel. What else did you see or hear? Share your finds in the comments section.

The Dumb And Dumber To Trailer Is Hilarious And Oddly Perfect

It has to be said that none of the comedy in Dumb & Dumber To feels overly fresh. The trailer seems like it belongs to a film that would have come out during the 1990s, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You don’t want to tread over the exact same ground in a comedy sequel, but you also don’t want to abandon the basic premise either.

Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels To Reveal Dumb And Dumber To Trailer On The Tonight Show

Twenty years ago, Dumb And Dumber dropped into the comedy landscape like an atom bomb of stupid. That's not to say the movie was stupid, but let's face it... Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne probably only left elementary school on the good graces of a very planned clerical error.

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Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels Practice Natural Hygiene Techniques In New Dumb And Dumber To Still

Dumb and Dumber's Harry and Lloyd, played by Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey respectively, tend to find themselves on the go quite a bit. The the first film they hopped into Harry's dog-shaped pet grooming van and took a trip out to Colorado to try and return a "lost" briefcase, and the upcoming sequel, Dumb and Dumber To, will put them on a road trip of a whole different variety.

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Dumb And Dumber To CinemaCon Footage Is Really, Really Funny

It has been a full 20 years since Peter and Bobby Farrelly first introduced us to the characters Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne in the outrageous 90s comedy Dumb and Dumber, and this year the dynamic duo is finally coming back to the big screen. But while the sequel, titled Dumb and Dumber To, won’t be out until the fall, earlier today we got our first ever peek at footage from the film at Universal Pictures’ presentation at CinemaCon.

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