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Dust 514 Uprising Update Improves Vehicles, Game Options

Shooting dudes free of charge is set to get a bit more interesting as CCP deploys the Uprising 1.7 Update to Dust 514, the free-to-play first-person shooter on the PlayStation 3, offering vehicle tweaks, new weapons and more.

DUST 514 Launches For PS3 As Free-To-Play MMO

As promised, CCP's DUST 514 has officially arrived exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game is now out and available to anyone interested in playing the first-person shooter tie-in to CCP's other well-respected MMO commerce game, EVE Online.

Metro: Last Light Headlines This Week's PSN Update

Following last week's decidedly light lineup of new content on the PlayStation Network, this week's roster features a pretty hefty selection of titles from a wide variety of genres, including retail game Metro: Last Light, the official launch of Dust 514, a few PSN titles and the PlayStation 2 Classic, Manhunt.

Dust 514 Launches On PlayStation 3 May 14th

The Dust 514 beta has been running for a couple of months now on PlayStation 3 and, starting May 14, the game will celebrate its official launch with new systems, graphical upgrades and more.

DUST 514 Trailer Calls In Airstrike

CCP Games has released a new trailer for their PS3 multiplayer shooter DUST 514. The trailer focuses on the interaction between Dust 514 and CCP Games' other MMO EVE Online.

Dust 514 Launches On PS3 Today, Integrates with PC's EVE Online

It’s been a long time coming, but the worlds of PC and consoles have finally crossed paths with the official launch of the Dust 514 beta on the PlayStation 3. Going live later this afternoon, Dust 514 on the PS3 seamlessly integrates with EVE Online for the PC, allowing players on both platforms to impact the world of the other.

Ni No Kuni, The Cave, Dust 514 And More Come To PSN This Week

And, just like that, the early year gaming drought was over. It's a big week over on the PlayStation 3, featuring the launch of the highly anticipated Japanese RPG, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, as well as a trip into Double Fine's The Cave, the wide launch of the Dust 514 beta, a couple of PlayStation Move games, demos including Dead Space 3 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and more.

Dust 514 Prepping For January Open Beta Launch

CCP Games announced today that the open beta for Dust 514 will commence later this month. The MMO shooter, which recently merged with EVE Online, will let all interested PS3 players find out what it's like when worlds collide.

DUST 514 Weapons Trailer Introduces Your Arsenal

DUST 514's newest trailer discusses the weapons that players can carry into battle. Infantry aren't just cannon fodder, and can easily be a match for the air and land vehicles on the battlefield.

DUST 514 Screenshots Exhibit Vehicles

A new set of screenshots from DUST 514 hit the web today, courtesy of CCP Games. These particular images focus on the vehicles that you'll ride into battle in the PS3 MMO.

DUST 514 Vehicles Trailer Calls In Heavy Firepower

CCP Games issued a new gameplay video for their PS3 MMO shooter DUST 514 today. In the video, CCP Games' Ryan Thornton gives a run-down of the different vehicles at players' disposal.

DUST 514 Won't Be Released This Year

The public launch for DUST 514 won't happen this year. Developer CCP Games has confirmed that the closed beta for the PS3-exclusive MMO shooter will be running until 2013 so that all of the game's "rough edges" can be smoothed out.

DUST 514 Trailer Shows The Way Of The Mercenary

CCP Games has released a new gameplay video from the MMO shooter Dust 514. It's called "Way Of The Mercenary" and introduces the basic premise of the PS3 exclusive.

New Super Slim PlayStation 3 Out Today For $270

If the slim PlayStation 3 is still somehow too bulky for your home entertainment system, then you were probably ecstatic when the folks at Sony unveiled the new super slim PS3 at last week's Tokyo Game Show. Well, now you can make that sliver of a console your own as the new 250 GB model hits store shelves today. Golly, that was a fast turnaround.

Dust 514 Neocom Vita App Detailed

Dust 514 is still cruising through beta, moving ever closer to an as yet unnamed release date, but the developers at CCP want to make sure the hype train keeps rolling on their MMO first-person shooter set in the world of Eve Online. To that end, they’ve released a number of details about Dust 514 Neocom, the companion app for the PlayStation Vita.

Dust 514 Mercenary Pack Grants Access To Beta For $20

The definition of the term "free-to-play" is starting to get pretty hazy these days. While upcoming online shooter Dust 514 will still technically cost $0 when the game launches, developer CCP Games has announced a new batch of DLC that, at $19.99, will give purchasers early access to the game. And by early, we mean starting this week.

Dust 514 Is A World That You Build

A new developer diary was released for the upcoming first-person shooter MMO, Dust 514. Many people may have already been informed that it coincides with CCP's other MMO, EVE Online, but what you probably didn't know is that if you lose in Dust you can lose in EVE.

Dust 514 Beta Registration Now Open For PS3 Gamers

CCP announced today that the official beta registration for their upcoming integrated first-person shooting MMO, Dust 514, is now open. The game is a PS3 exclusive, which means that you'll need to hop onto your PSN (or SEN) account for a chance to play the game during beta.

DUST 514 Expansion, Vita Companion App Detailed

CCP Games has extensive post-launch plans for their MMO shooter DUST 514. At the EVE FanFest this weekend, they revealed that they've got a PS Vita app and an expansion pack in the works.

Dust 514 Will Be Free-To-Play On PS3

CCP has announced that the PlayStation 3 MMOFPS exclusive, Dust 514, will be free-to-play at launch. The game will directly tie into the EVE Online universe and gamers won't have to pay a dime to join the battle.

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