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This Week In Home Entertainment: Her, Eastbound And Down And More

The future is frequently shown to be a less-than-idyllic place, but in Spike Jonze’s Her, the future is a place dominated by technology, filled with new fashions, and portrayed as a time that is very clean. It’s not the look or feel of the world in Her that is the important part, however. Instead, an unconventional relationship is at the heart of Her.

Eastbound & Down Renewed For Season 4

HBO continues to dole out the good news this week. Yesterday, we shared the news that the pay cable network had renewed True Blood for Season 6 and the brand new Aaron Sorkin drama The Newsroom for a second season. And now comes word that Eastbound & Down will be return for another season next year.

Eastbound & Down Season 3: Behind The Scenes With Danny McBride And Jody Hill

HBO just released the first full trailer for the upcoming year of Eastbound and Down. The third season of the half-hour comedy is bringing Kenny Powers back to American soil, this time with a minor league pitching position as part of the Mermen in Myrtle Beach or as it's also known, "the redneck Riviera." And when the co-creators promise the funniest, best season yet, you best buy your season's tickets. Here's a behind the scenes look.

Eastbound & Down Season 3 Preview: Kenny Powers And The Myrtle Beach Mermen

Eastbound & Down Season 3 kicks off in just over two weeks but the return of Kenny Powers to the American baseball scene couldn't come soon enough. In one of the most highly anticipated moves of the off-season, Number 55 is back and ready to throw some heat for the Myrtle Beach Mermen and don't worry, by the looks of this new trailer, he's up to his usual off-field pastimes as well.

Kenny Powers Gets Wet And Wild In Eastbound & Down Season 3 Poster

If you thought the bikini-bottom poster for Eastbound & Down was sexy, wait until you feast your eyes on the new one HBO has released in anticipation of the comedy series’ approaching third season premiere, which you may have already noted by the date, is exactly one month away!

Eastbound & Down Season 3 Poster Reveals Kenny Powers In Tattoo Form

Next month, HBO is set to bring comedy series Eastbound & Down back for its third season. In anticipation of the show’s return, HBO released a teaser poster, which doesn’t give much away but does reveal how Kenny Powers’ face would look on a lower-back tattoo.

Eastbound & Down Season 3 Preview: Kenny Powers Is The Picture Of Success

It feels like a long time since we’ve had any updates on the return of Danny McBride and HBO’s Eastbound & Down. The last time we saw the former big league hurler he was about to make a triumphant return to the US of A after his successful stint in Mexican baseball as ‘La Flama Blanca.’ Although that nickname is likely to remain behind, Kenny Powers is back is the American minors with the Myrtle Beach Mermen. And it looks awesome.

Life's Too Short To Premiere On HBO With Eastbound & Down February 2012

While the U.K. has already seen Ricky Gervais’ latest series Life’s Too Short, those of us on this side of the pond have had to wait and we’ll be waiting even longer. The series is set to make its stateside debut next year and it appears HBO has officially set the date.

Eastbound & Down Season 3 Tease : A Kenny Powers Party In Myrtle Beach

Kenny Powers' return was only a matter of time. He quickly conquered the Mexican Minor Leagues as 'La Flama Blanca,' at once regaining some much needed confidence and winning the hearts and minds of, well, Stevie Janowski at least. Now it's time for former and future star pitcher to once again play ball in the land where they call it their national pastime. However, before he can make the jump to the MLB, KFP has to make a quick pit-stop in the minor leagues during Eastbound & Down Season 3.

Another Photo Offers A Hint For Eastbound And Down Season 3, This Time Stevie Janowski

It was only just announced/leaked that HBO's hit comedy Eastbound and Down would be making it's return in January 2012. Not a firm premiere date but after a little educated guessing, it looks like Sunday the 15 or 22 would be a good bet. The news came from a popular, if unofficial, Kenny Powers twitter account that seemingly has some ties to the show. Oh, and they were nice enough to send another photo our way.

Eastbound And Down Returns January 2012?

Kenny Powers' return was inevitable. After his siesta in the Mexican Minor Leagues, regaining his confidence and winning the hearts and minds of, well, Stevie, the star pitcher returns to play ball in the land where they call it their national pastime. Yes. The United States of America. And on HBO. And now we finally have a firm-ish date for the start of the third season, not to mention a look at his new ball club.

Has Kenny Powers Found His Ivan Drago In The Third Season Of Eastbound & Down?

In the last episode of the second season, succinctly titled "Chapter 13" Kenny Powers and his weird buddy Stevie Janowski decided to leave Mexico behind them. Yep, everyone's favorite fast-baller and his goofy sidekick were back in the good US of A and Kenny F. Powers maybe on his way back to the bigs. Things are finally starting to look up for the one time all-star and all-time asshole. However, this new signing might put his comeback in jeopardy on Eastbound & Down.

Jason Sudeikis Joins HBO's Eastbound and Down For Season 3

A few years back, I thought Jason Sudeikis was probably the most boring SNL cast member in what was already a pretty weak cast (Kristen Wiig excepted, of course). Then he started to spread his wings on the live skit show, no longer always relegated to playing the straight guy, and appeared in some great bit parts in 30 Rock, The Rocker, and Going the Distance (what a stache!). And his star only seems to be continuing its rise.

Eastbound & Down's Kenny Powers Is The New CEO Of K-Swiss

There's something odd and yet totally inspired about the relationship between Kenny Powers and K-Swiss... I mean, am I the only one who finds it completely bizarre, hilarious and somehow appropriate that this abrasive, to say the least, fictional character has paired for an endorsement deal with a brand I always associated with sailing, perhaps the least volatile sport in the world.

Eastbound And Down Gets Season 2, Blu-Ray Releases

Luckily, Eastbound and Down proves McBride can carry a show. If you haven’t seen it, Season 1 is already out on DVD. Even better, HBO Home Video, in conjunction with Warner Home Video, has announced Season 1 of Eastbound and Down will be coming to Blu-ray on August 2nd, the same day Season 2 will hit Blu-ray and DVD.

McBride Says Eastbound And Down Is Done After This Year

The rigors of filming a premium cable television program are far different than that of a network show, but it still takes a serious effort to block off everyone’s time for the same ten week period. Apparently, that’s getting harder for the HBO comedy, and star Danny McBride has publically revealed season three will be the program’s last.

Eastbound And Down Teaser Trailer Puts Kenny Powers On A Moped

When last we saw Danny McBride’s Kenny Powers character, he'd just had his dreams of glory crushed when plans for a return to the majors went sour. Ashamed to face his family and friends

2010 Fall TV Premiere Schedule

We’re at the midway point of August and while that might mean the countdown to cooler weather and the return to school or work has already begun for some, it also means we’re just a few weeks away from the start of the new TV season. Up ahead is the primetime schedule for the Fall 2010 season.

Eastbound And Down Season 2 Teaser: Kenny Powers Is Back In September!

Eastbound & Down, HBO’s ridiculously offensive series about a washed up, egotistical, possibly psychotic baseball player forced to move in with relatives in suburbia, is coming back

Kenny Powers Hits A Homerun On DVD

It’s one thing for a network to pull in viewers using massive amounts of advertising and star power, but it’s another to have a show amass its audience all on its own. Eastbound & Down may have gotten a rough start, but it finished strong leading HBO to bring it back for a second season.

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