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Girls And Enlightened Season 2 Plus Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Get Blu-ray And DVD Release Dates

HBO sent out an early announcement on Friday to explain that the network will be putting together home entertainment releases for three of its programs. One release should be epic, another should be fun for fans, and the third will probably be bittersweet. HBO will release Girls: The Complete Second Season, Enlightened: The Complete Second Season, and Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season in August. I’ll leave you to figure out which sets gets which adjective.

Enlightened Cancelled After Two Seasons

If you're disappointed by the news that Enlightened has been cancelled, you were probably one of the 500,000 or so viewers who tuned in for the HBO dramedy's second season finale. Even on premium cable, half a million total viewers is a low number. Too low, in fact, which is why it's not entirely surprising that HBO has decided not to move forward with Laura Dern's series.

Girls And Enlightened Episodes Debut Early On HBO Go And On Demand

In case you haven't heard, there's this little football game being played on Sunday called the Superbowl, and since it's pretty much the most televised event of the year, that means there is usually a coinciding change to regular scheduled programming. Not all the networks are going to fill the slot with reruns, however, and HBO as worked out a a few different ways that will allow viewers not to miss a single beat with Girls or Enlightened.

Enlightened: The Complete First Season [DVD Review]

There’s a lot of good that can be said of HBO’s Enlightened. Filled with a ton of awkwardly played comedic performances and plenty of gut-wrenchingly awful individuals, the series is not for the faint-hearted, but Mike White, Laura Dern and their team of talented writers’ have created a world that is clever, bold, and impactful, one that will stick with audiences for days after an episode has been watched.

Enlightened Season 2 Trailer: Let's Win One For The Little Guys

HBO's series Enlightened is set to return for its second season, beginning early next year. The premium cable channel released a new trailer for Season 2, which gives us a look at what Laura Dern's Amy Jellicoe has planned at work. Based on the trailer, it involves hacking and some awkward moments.

HBO Sets Premiere Dates For Season 2 Of Girls And Enlightened

Fans have known HBO has had plans for new episodes of Girls and Enlightened in the works for a while. However, the wait is never fun, and its great to put some concrete dates on the schedule for both show’s second season premieres. Season 2 of Enlightened and Season 2 of Girls will both begin airing on Sunday, January 13.

Enlightened's Season 1 Will Head To Blu-ray After The New Year

The set will hit the market on January 8 and will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download. Special features look pretty stark at the moment, and will only include four audio commentaries and “Inside the Episode” summaries. However, I have my fingers crossed HBO might add some stuff to the set over the next few months. If you are planning to purchase, Enlightened: The Complete First Season, the Blu-ray will run for $49.99 and DVD copies will cost fans $39.98

Dermot Mulroney Joins HBO's Enlightened For Season 2

After a great first season, HBO's Enlightened found itself renewed for a second and, in turn, has started expanding the cast. Just yesterday, the series that already boasts a fine ensemble lead by the Golden Globe winning Laura Dern, added former SNL regular Molly Shannon in a recurring role as an assistant at Abaddon Industries and potential adversary (or ally) for Dern's Amy. And today, Mike White's series added another second season character with Dermot Mulroney signing on for a recurring role.

Molly Shannon Joins Season 2 Of HBO's Enlightened

Mike White must really like Molly Shannon. The duo has worked together on two projects already, and now he has written a role for her on the HBO series Enlightened, starring Laura Dern. It’s not just that the role was written for her either that makes me think he’s a fan - the role is as a love interest for White’s character Tyler. Yes, I’d say he likes her quite a bit.

HBO Renews Enlightened, Cancels Bored To Death, Hung, How To Make It In America

Unfortunately, HBO likes to break some good news with some bad news. If you have been avid watchers of HBO’s Bored To Death with Jason Schwartzman, Hung with Thomas Jane, or How To Make It In America, the time has come to bid those programs farewell. HBO has officially cancelled both Bored To Death and Hung after three seasons, and How To Make It In America after two.

HBO's Enlightened Preview Showcases Laura Dern, That's A Good Thing

Enlightened looks really great. Just flat out good television, which should not come as a surprise since it's not television, it's HBO. However, on the Operation Kino podcast this week, there was a discussion (2:00 minute mark) about the 'quality control' with the network and what was in store for their future. All fears should be assuaged when you think of both their returning and new line-up, especially now with a look at Enlightened starring Laura Dern.

HBO Summer Image Spot Offers New Looks At Their Big Summer Line-Up

This new promotional spot for HBO showcases all that I have been talking about. You can see, as they run through their list of summer programs, that any network would, and should, be envious of and aspire to match the consistent quality that comes out of Home Box Office Entertainment. This summer line-up is insane.

Diane Ladd And Luke Wilson Get Enlightened On HBO

Luke Wilson is set to take on his first regular TV job as he’s been cast to play opposite Laura Dern in HBO’s upcoming comedy pilot, Enlightened. It was also announced that Diane Ladd was also cast in the pilot.

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