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Fantastic Fest Final Day: The Innkeepers, Urban Explorer, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope

The Innkeepers is tonally a far cry from director Ti West’s last Fantastic Fest entry House of the Devil. But the differences are all a welcome change of pace. The film functions more as an offbeat romantic comedy than a horror film for much of the runtime. The relationship between Luke and Claire is so familiar, so organic, that the dialogue flows between them with ease

Fantastic Fest Day 5: Knuckle, Kill Me Please, Two Eyes Staring

Kill Me Please is a hilarious film that at every turn makes you feel horrible about yourself for laughing. It is the epitome of black comedy that celebrates the futility of life and the absurdity of death. The choice to shoot the film in black-and-white and its introspective, talky opening laced with ennui may lose a few folks right out of the gate.

Fantastic Fest Day 4: Borderline, Take Shelter, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

Borderline is a rather average comedy operating under the mechanics of a farce. The characters are contrived, but the authentic performances of Damiens and Arbillot rescue the protagonists from being completely unlikable. That being said, the central conceit of the film is a tough pill to swallow. David makes the decision to sell the cocaine within minutes of discovering it

Fantastic Fest Day 3: Retreat, The Day, And You're Next Reviewed

Fantastic Fest is still going in Austin, Texas, and our intrepid reporter Brian Salisbury is bringing us the highlights of what he's seen at the world's largest festival dedicated to genre movies. For everything else Brian has been up to, check out all of his reports

Fantastic Fest Review: Juan of the Dead

Juan of the Dead comes roaring out of the gate and makes Cuba’s first entry into Fantastic Fest one of the best of the festival. Director Alejandro Brugues talked about making the film specifically for the audiences of this festival and using his illicitly procured Internet service—it is still illegal to have the Internet in Cuba—to research all requisite zombie cinema which he then spent years tracking down and watching.

Fantastic Fest Day 1: Blind, Sleepless Night, And Polvora Negra

Once a year, a whirlwind of cinephilia known as Fantastic Fest rolls into Austin, Texas. Now in its seventh year, Fantastic Fest has grown from a weekend of esoteric film appreciation to one of the premier film festivals in the country. As we make our way through the tumbleweeds, the booze, and the menagerie of genre films, we will be bringing you updates on what we saw.

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