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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: The Best DVD Sets Include DC, Firefly And More

It's that time of year when we are all busy visiting family, attending holiday functions and, of course, shelling out an exceptional amount of money to show our friends and family just how much we love them.

One Con Man Moment That Harkened Back To Firefly, According To Alan Tudyk

Firefly alums Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion reunited for the hilarious comedy Con Man, and it turns out that there was a moment that was a total Firefly blast from the past.

Nathan Fillion Can't Stop, Won't Stop Teasing A Firefly Reunion

Nathan Fillion is up to something, but won't explicitly say he's plotting a Firefly reunion. When will these teases end?

Nathan Fillion Teases Possible Firefly Reboot In New Reunion Photo

Three of Firefly's starring actors recently reunited, and Nathan Fillion is already teasing possible reboot rumors.

WonderCon 2017 Cosplay Photos: The Best Fans We Saw

CinemaBlend saw a ton of great cosplay characters at WonderCon Anaheim this year. Check out some of our favorites!

Firefly Is Getting Booted From Netflix

Netflix is the place to be when it comes to streaming TV, but subscribers will soon lose the option to stream Firefly, and the date is sooner than you might think.

Why Buffy Mastermind Joss Whedon Is Wary Of TV Reboots

It's officially been 20 years since Buffy The Vampire Slayer first came to the small screen. In an age where every show that maintains that type popularity is getting a reboot, Joss Whedon isn't so sure about bringing back any of his shows.

Why Firefly Would Make A Great Video Game, According To Nathan Fillion

One of the most popular properties in fandom is Joss Whedon's Firefly. It's a huge thing that spans an audience in comic books, movies and video games. And speaking of video games, the star of the show, Nathan Fillion, explained why Firefly would make a great video game.

Firefly Actor Ron Glass Has Died At 71

Ron Glass, known to many as Shepherd Book in Joss Whedon's Firefly has died at the age of 71.

Gotham's Morena Baccarin Has Another TV Show Coming That Sadly Isn't More Firefly

Just a few days after Firefly's Alan Tudyk revealed a scene he and Nathan Fillion have always wanted to shoot, we have Firefly on the brain. Which is why when Morena Baccarin announced she was heading to another TV project, our minds obviously went there.

Nathan Fillion Has An Awesome Idea For More Firefly

Speaking with CinemaBlend about the digital release of his fantastic comedy series Con Man, Alan Tudyk told me about a fantastic idea Nathan Fillion shared about how the next Firefly adventure should begin.

How Con Man Season 2 Will Use Nathan Fillion, According To Alan Tudyk

Firefly alum Alan Tudyk caused a lot of laughs with his web series Con Man, and he talked to CinemaBlend about how much Nathan Fillion fans can expect to see in Season 2.

Which Cancelled TV Show Has The Biggest Cult Following, According To IMDB

The brightest stars always burn out the quickest. Check out which cancelled TV show has the biggest cult following based on IMDB user ratings.

How Nathan Fillion Really Feels About Firefly Only Getting One Season

Actor Nathan Fillion has heard the chants and rants of fans clamoring for Firefly to come back for another season. Here's how the actor really feels about the single season the show got.

What Happened After Firefly Was Cancelled During The Last 3 Days Of Shooting

Firefly may be the most infamous example of a TV show that was cancelled too soon, and even people today who have never seen a single episode know the story of its premature ending. Unfortunately for the cast, the cancellation order came while they were still filming.

The Amazing Firefly Scene That Never Got Filmed, According To Nathan Fillion

Firefly was a great little series that ended far too soon, and fans may never seen any more of what Captain Reynolds and Co. get up to in their space travels. Now, Nathan Fillion has revealed a big scene that could have happened, and it would have been awesome.

Watch: This Fan-Made Firefly Trailer Will Give You All The Feels

Fox's short-lived cowboy western has a major legacy for two reasons: it was cancelled too soon and it has an incredibly loyal fanbase. One fan put together a Firefly trailer that is destined to give any Browncoat a major case of the feels.

14 Top Sci-Fi TV Shows On Netflix

It's just the right time in your life where nothing particularly interesting or noteworthy is happening, and you can safely devote many hours to binge-watching a TV show or ten. While you're waiting for your alien mother to come back, here are the 14 best sci-fi shows that Netflix has to offer.

The Best TV Shows On Netflix Right Now

As Netflix has started to produce larger amounts of original programming, the number of TV shows and movies available on the service is certainly dwindling. However, the subscription streaming service still offers a slew of TV shows that have gotten good reviews and have avid audiences.

11 TV Shows That Would Be Perfect For Netflix To Bring Back

Cancellation nowadays doesn’t mean what it used to mean when it comes to TV. While it’s never exactly good news to hear that a favorite show has been axed by a network, hope is not lost so long as Netflix is out there as a possible savior. Here is a look at eleven TV shows that would be perfect for Netflix to bring back.

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