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2015 SAG Awards: See The Full List Of TV Nominees Here

The Screen Actors Guild just unleashed its nominees for 2014, and as it usually is with television, most of the nominees are pretty much what you would expect. Game Of Thrones, House Of Cards and Modern Family all cleaned up on nominations.

Meet The New Cast For Flowers In The Attic's Next Sequel, If There Be Thorns

We've known for months now that Lifetime had plans to bring two more Flowers in the Attic sequels to the small screen. Today comes word that If There Be Thorns is officially a go, and once again, a number of roles have been recast. Find out who's playing who and what to expect from the TV movie ahead...

Petals On The Wind Sequels If There Be Thorns And Seeds Of Yesterday Are Coming To Lifetime

Lifetime aired their Flowers in the Attic followup Petals on the Wind last night, in all its steamy, fiery melodramatic glory. Is there more where that came from? It would appear so. Lifetime is developing not one but two more sequels to follow Petals on the Wind, based on the two novels that Andrews wrote to close out the series, If There Be Thorns and Seeds of Yesterday.

5 Reasons To Watch Petals On The Wind Tonight On Lifetime

Petals on the Wind airs tonight! If you're a fan of V.C. Andrews Flowers in the Attic/Dollanganger series, this TV movie has been a long time coming. And those who tuned in earlier this year for Flowers in the Attic are likely wondering what happened next. Petals on the Wind answers that question, and then some!

Petals On The Wind Movie Breakdown: What Fans Of V.C. Andrews' Book Should Expect

Ok, V.C. Andrews fans. We've been waiting for decades to see Petals on the Wind adapted for the screen. So how does Lifetime's TV movie measure up? I've seen it, and I'm going to be as honest as possible with you here: there's good news and there's not-so-good news.

Two Flowers In The Attic Spinoff Novels Planned, Titled Christopher's Diary

We probably have Lifetime to thank for bringing Flowers in the Attic a bit closer to the forefront of pop culture than it was in previous years. The cable network aired a TV Movie adaptation of the popular V.C. Andrews novel, and later this month, they'll air the followup, Petals on the Wind. So it doesn't come as a complete surprise that we'd hear news of not one but two planned spinoff novels in the works.

Petals On The Wind TV Movie Description Reveals Cathy's Plans For Revenge

Following word that Lifetime plans to air the Flowers in the Attic sequel Petals on the Wind this Memorial Day weekend, the network has released an official synopsis that gives us a better idea of the plot of the TV movie. Even if you've read the book, this description's worth a look as it clues us in to the timeline changes the followup is making, likely for the sake of condensing the story.

Petals On The Wind Photos Tease Ballet And Family, May Premiere Date Set

We have our first look at the Flowers in the Attic sequel in development at Lifetime, and from these Petals on the Wind character photos, it looks like the followup may be aiming to get one major thing right. Cathy is a dancer! What's more, the TV movie now has a premiere date and it's not so far away! Petals on the Wind will air on Lifetime on Monday, May 26.

Flowers In The Attic Sequel Petals On The Wind Finds Its New Cathy

Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic sequel Petals on the Wind has found its new Cathy Dollanganger, and fittingly enough, she's a Rose! Taking over the starring role from Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka, who starred in the 2013 TV movie based on VC Andrews' novel, is Rose McIver, whose recent credits include the part of Tinker Bell in Once Upon a Time and Vivian Scully in Showtime's Masters of Sex.

Flowers In the Attic's Ellen Burstyn And Heather Graham To Return For Petals On the Wind

With more than six million viewers turning in for Lifetime's broadcast of the small screen adaptation of V.C. Andrews' Flowers in the Attic, a sequel seems inevitable. In fact, the network announced that they were developing the followup for the story, based on Andrews' novel Petals on the Wind,

Flowers In The Attic TV Movie Earns Big Ratings For Lifetime

V.C. Andrews' Flowers in the Attic has a lot of fans, as evidenced by the viewers that turned out to watch the small screen adaptation of the dark and dramatic novel. The numbers are in and Lifetime's broadcast of Flowers in the Attic last Saturday night brought in 6.1 million total viewers.

Flowers In The Attic: What Fans Should Expect From Lifetime's TV Movie

Those who read V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic at some point in the last few decades are likely looking forward to this weekend when Lifetime airs the small screen adaptation of the novel about four kids locked away for years by their own mother. It’s a dark, twisted and emotional story involving abuse, neglect and more incest than you might expect from your typical work of fiction.

Flowers In The Attic Sequel Based On 'Petals On The Wind' In Development At Lifetime

A little more than a week ahead of the debut of Lifetime’s TV movie adaptation of Flowers in the Attic comes word that the network is developing a sequel, which will be based on V.C. Andrews’ follow-up novel Petals on the Wind. But from what the screenwriter said about the project, it sounds like they’ve already set at least one major change to the story.

Flowers In The Attic Gets A Festive Grandmother Meme, Trailer And Photos

Coming to Lifetime is a matter of weeks is a new adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ novel Flowers in the Attic. In an effort to spread some Christmas discomfort and remind fans that the Grandmother is on the way, Lifetime shared the above image on their Facebook page last night, which shows Ellen Burstyn looking less than jolly as the Grandmother.

Stop Complaining When Books Get Re-Adapted, Sometimes They Should Be

Remakes are unoriginal, pretty much by definition. So it’s not unreasonable for people to complain when it seems like Hollywood is churning out remake after remake. With that said, I think a line needs to be drawn between your standard remake of a popular movie, and a remake of a movie that was based on a book. A remake of an original movie seems like an obvious cash grab.

Flowers In The Attic Trailer Teases Key Moments From V.C. Andrews' Book

Earlier today we got our first look of Lifetime’s adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic in the form of a still from the TV movie, which will debut on the cable channel in January. This evening Lifetime has posted a trailer, which gives us a few glimpses of this dark and incestuous tale.

Flowers In The Attic Lifetime Movie Gets A January Premiere Date And A First Look Photo

Those eager to see Lifetime’s adaptation of VC Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic should mark their calendars for January 18, as that’s when the cable channel has scheduled the TV movie. Along with this news comes the above photo, which shows us the Dresden dolls in all their glory. Well, maybe not so much glory, as the Buttercups are looking pretty wiped out.

Orphan Black's Dylan Bruce Joins Lifetime's Flowers In The Attic

Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic adaptation has added one more to its cast. Orphan Black's Dylan Bruce has signed on for the TV movie, playing the role of Bart Winslow, the eventual husband to Heather Graham's Corrine. In addition to Graham, he joins previously cast Ellen Burstyn, Mason Dye and Kiernan Shipka.

Flowers In The Attic TV Movie Casts Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka As Cathy, Mason Dye As Chris

After learning that Lifetime was planning on adapting V.C. Andrews' book Flowers in the Attic, we were left to wonder who would play the lead roles of Chris and Cathy, the two older siblings among a foursome of kids locked away in the attic of a mansion while their mother attempts to regain her inheritance.

Flowers In The Attic TV Movie Set For Lifetime

Flowers in the Attic remake alert! More than two decades after V.C. Andrews' dark and twisted novel saw a feature adaptation, Lifetime is bringing the story to the small screen. Directed by Deborah Chow, based on a script by Kayla Alpert, the TV movie will star Heather Graham and Ellen Burstyn as mother and grandmother to the four children sentenced to spend years locked away in a secret room and attic of a huge mansion, waiting for their grandfather to die.

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