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What's New For Xbox Games With Gold

We've reached mid-September, which means it's time for the Xbox Live Games with Gold game library to undergo its regular rotation. Get ready to add three more games to your digital collection for Xbox One

Here's What's Coming To Games With Gold In September

Microsoft unveiled the four free games that will be available through the Games With Gold program for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The four games are pretty big, and gamers looking to expand their library with some noteworthy Xbox 360 and Xbox One games will be excited for Games With Gold in September, 2017.

Forza Motorsport 5 Is Free This Weekend

Xbox One owners will be able to try out Forza Motorsport 5 for no charge in a few days. Today Microsoft announced a free weekend for the racing game.

Xbox One Games Now $50, Capcom Library Gets Discounts

Microsoft announced a new round of discounts for Xbox One and Xbox 360 games this morning. The discounts are accompanied by permanent price cuts for some early Xbox One releases.

The Best Xbox One Games... So Far

The Xbox One is still young so its library is only a fraction of the size of Xbox 360's. There are still plenty of great games on the console, though.

Forza 5 Dev Defends Lack Of Weather, Lack Of Night Driving, Limited Content

There are a lot of gamers out there looking to get into the new generation of gaming, but feel like they need a game to truly justify their next-gen purchase. Despite some critical acclaim, Forza 5 quickly went from the game many felt exemplified “next-gen” to a game that felt like it was the epitome of what this new generation of gaming should not be about.

Forza 5's Cash Shop Prices Adjusted; Turn 10 Says People Misread Them

Forza 5 received major backlash for its increased grind, lower payout and higher cash shop prices. Turn 10 was put under the media spotlight by gamers and various forms of furious fanboys trying to keep the gaming industry from turning into an equally corrupt culture as the housing, banking and political sectors. Turn 10 has listened and they are rectifying the problem.

Gran Turismo 6 Reviews: How Did The Doritocracy Handle Microtransactions?

We recently reported that Eurogamer would be keeping a close eye on the game's cash shop and report whether or not it affected the overall gameplay in their review. So how well did gaming media do with appropriately measuring the content versus the cash shop mechanisms?

Free Xbox One Games Handed Out As Compensation For Hardware Failure

Microsoft has been getting lit up lately with complaints about hardware failure from just about every corner of the consumer market. What complaints are being filed? The Cookie Monster noise of Death with the disc drive, the Green Screen of Death and the Day-One Update of Doom. To compensate for this tragedy, Microsoft is sending out complementary games for those with Xbox One issues.

Gran Turismo 6 Vs Forza Motorsport 5: Next-Gen Graphics Leap Is Obvious

Next-gen is here... it's now the new generation of hardcore console gaming (and some casual gaming, too, if you're into that sort of thing). While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have seemingly stumbled out of the gate like a drunk and disorderly Amanda Bynes, the reality is that there is a remarkable difference in the graphical leap from seventh gen to eighth gen, even if some games don't seem like it.

Forza 5 On Xbox One Graphics Downgraded From E3 Build

Can you guess which Forza screen belongs to which build? Is the left or right the Xbox One? Can you tell? Is the left or right the E3 build? Can you tell? I'll give you a hint: The E3 build is the one with additional light passes, higher refraction, deeper shadow grades and per-object self-shadowing. Have you figured out which one is which?

Forza Motorsport 5 Walkthrough Guide

Accompanying the recent release of the Microsoft's third-generation console and the moderate selection of launch titles, is a visual walkthrough guide for Forza Motorsport 5, courtesy of GamesHQMedia. The video series is already jam-packed with content and a variety of visually informative cues from Turn 10's latest outing.

Ryse, Forza 5 Microtransaction Cheats Make Gamers Silently Rage

No blowing up on Reddit, no super-duper, 2,000 degree article rage-fest on N4G, no super-thread on NeoGaf or GameFaq spam-fest to get the point across, just silent rage... lots of silent rage. What am I talking about exactly? I'm talking about the revelation that the microtransactions in Ryse and Forza Motorsport 5 have lowered the opinion gamers have of these titles, even more so than some of the abysmal review scores.

Forza Motorsport 5 Review Round-Up: The Best Xbox One Launch Title?

Today the first reviews for Forza Motorsport 5 began to roll out across the Internet. Thus far the racing game is the best reviewed launch title for the Xbox One with a Metacritic average of 82.

Everyone Is Using 100 Percent Of The Xbox One, Says Forza Developer

Power left untapped? Hidden specialties to be uncovered? A hidden ability that only Zordon can unlock? Nope. The Xbox One is apparently maxed by 100% according to Forza Motorsport 5 developer, Turn 10 Studios.

Xbox One Dashboard Kinect Demo And Digital Game Sizes Revealed

Microsoft released an official promotional video of the Xbox One's dashboard in a 12 minute, PR friendly demonstration. The video rolls through all the different features of the Xbox One's dashboard, the Kinect integration, friends, watching TV, watching sports while watching TV on your TV and recording and uploading clips.

Xbox One Game Install Sizes Revealed: Digital Future Is Not Possible Right Now

I'm not sure what the folks at the Microsoft Redmond offices were drinking when they came up with an “all digital” future but it certainly wasn't steeped in the confinements of reality. The official game sizes for the Xbox One have been revealed and unless you were on a fiber optic connection, downloading these games wouldn't have been convenient at all.

Forza Motorsport 5 Xbox One Gameplay Video Previews Laguna Seca

New gameplay footage has emerged for Forza Motorsport 5 featuring the game running in real time on an Xbox One, no high-powered Windows 7 computers or supped up kits running Nvidia GTX 780s... nope, we're looking at actual footage from the Xbox One and you can too.

Forza Motorsport 5 Trailer Shows The Pagani In Action For Xbox One

A new direct feed video trailer was released for Turn 10 Studios' Forza Motorsport 5, the latest high-end racing title launching exclusively for the Xbox One on November 22nd. The trailer is short, snappy, decent looking and boring.

Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Ryse Getting Day One DLC

If you buy the Xbox One at launch, you'll be able to get Day One editions of select XB1 exclusives. Today Microsoft gave a run-down on the special DLC included with the Day One versions of Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3.

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