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The Cord Cutter Podcast #15: Netflix In October

Welcome to another special bonus edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Today, we'll be discussing some of the notable new additions to Netflix in October, as well as going over some of the things that will be leaving the service this month.

7 Television Shows Better Than The Films They Are Based On

TV is never free from shows based on hit movies from yesteryear, and we've pulled together seven small screen adaptations that totally out-do their big screen counterparts.

How Friday Night Lights' Writers Defend That Dumb Murder Plot

NBC's Friday Night Lights was a pretty stellar show from start to finish, but the murder plot of Season 2 definitely wasn't one of its best. The writers have now shared their thoughts on why they did what they did with the story.

Two Friday Night Lights Characters Could Have Had An Affair

Friday Night Lights was a critical hit for its five years on the air, and one of the most successful elements was the dynamic between a couple of its characters. Now we know of a plot twist that could have happened to mess things up.

10 Great Shows To Stream On Netflix This Summer

Summer can be a rough time for TV fans while most of the big shows are on hiatus until fall. Luckily, Netflix has a vast library of shows available, and some are absolutely perfect to bingewatch over the summer. Here are 10 of them.

10 Greatest Football Movies, Ranked

With the kickoff of the football season upon us, we thought what better time to countdown some of our favorite football movies of all time.

Alamo Drafthouse's Latest 'Don't Talk' Ad Brings Back A Beloved On-Screen Coach

If you're thinking about talking or texting at the movies this weekend, you might want to huddle up first. A very familiar coach has a special message for you before you light up the cinema.

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Watch Amy Schumer's Hilariously Dark Friday Night Lights Spoof

Check out Inside Amy Schumer’s hilarious spoof of Friday Night Lights and rape culture in the football world. Most uncomfortable mash-up ever? I should say so.

Watch The Parenthood And Friday Night Lights Web Series Right Now

Holy Crucifictorious! The Jason Katims-a-palooza that is Friday Night at The Luncheonette has finally arrived. Part one of the four-part web series mash up of the showrunner's two biggest shows — Friday Night Lights and Parenthood — arrived online today and it's worth getting excited about. And thank goodness because our clear eyes and full hearts have been waiting for this.

Parks And Recreation, Parenthood, Grimm, Chicago Fire Get Web Series

And just like that: everyone and their mother is getting in on the digital series game. First came the announcement that Jason Katims’ two stalwart series — >Parenthood and Friday Night Lights — were getting the tiny tube treatment, and now it seems that several other NBC series are getting the same in the wake of their series’ hiatuses, including Parks and Recreation, Grimm, and Chicago Fire. It’s almost as if the networks are taking the Internet seriously or something.

Friday Night Lights Movie Isn't Happening

In news that probably won’t come as a major surprise to anyone, but is still going to be disappointing to some fans, Peter Berg — director of Friday Night Lights, the film, and creator of FNL, the TV series that followed — says the movie that would have served as a follow-up to the series isn’t happening.

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6 Sports Movies That Are Even Better Than Their Sports

There are great sports movies that capitalize on a national love of the sport or a very famous story to earn their chills-- think of 2004's Miracle, or Rudy, or the endless nostalgia of Field of Dreams. But there are some that have an extra power to sweep up the people who have never heard of the sport in question, or who might not even think they care about sports at all until they wind up jumping out of their seats and fist-pumping in the end

Friday Night Lights' Jurnee Smollett To Recur On Parenthood

If you're a fan of Friday Night Lights who also happens to watch Parenthood, you may have noticed that Jason Katims has a tendency to bring actors from his previous series over to the current one. It's likely how we got Michael B. Jordan, Minka Kelley and Matt Lauria, among others. And soon we can add Jurnee Smollett, another FNL beauty who's been cast to play a role in the NBC drama series.

Friday Night Lights Movie Coming Via Kickstarter, Says Adrianne Palicki

"I think they’re starting the Kickstarter, which is insane. It’s crazy. I have multiple feelings on it. I love it so much and I’m afraid that a movie might ruin it and I don’t want that to happen. We went out on top. At the same time, to get to be on that show again, I would die for it. I would love to do it. I’m right there in the middle."

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Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler Seems Uninterested In Potential Movie

Every once in a while, one of the former cast members or writers of NBC's Friday Night Lights is asked about the status of the potential FNL movie, to which they might respond with something vague about it possibly happening if everyone's availability can be sorted out and noncommittally positive about their interest in appearing in the follow-up film.

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Time To Give Up: 11 Long-Anticipated Movies That Are Never Happening

Sometimes fans or even the filmmakers themselves will try to keep hope alive and drop hints about how the movies might happen, but at a certain point you just have to stop kidding yourselves. We've found 11 movies that were anticipating at one point for whatever reason, but with all the evidence in front of us, we have to conclude will never happen

Friday Night Lights' Zach Gilford Joins Fox Medical Drama Pilot

It looks like Zach Gilford may be giving a starring role in a medical drama another shot. While many will associate him with his role as Matt Saracen in Friday Night Lights, once the NBC football drama wrapped up, Gilford moved on to star in the short-lived medical drama Off the Map. Things didn’t go so well for the ABC series, but perhaps Gilford will have better luck with Fox’s untitled drama by Josh Berman and Robert Wright.

Connie Britton Comments On The Friday Night Lights Movie Status

Those still holding out hope for a(nother) Friday Night Lights movie will be pleased to hear that Connie Britton still sounds fairly positive that a big screen follow-up to the beloved TV series will eventually happen. That’s the good news. The less than exciting news here is that the update sounds more or less the same as it did last year.

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Kyle Chandler Joins The Hunt For Bin Laden In Kathryn Bigelow's International Thriller

There were a lot of people sad to see Coach Taylor's run on the small screen end but Kyle Chandler shouldn't be too upset considering the recent string of roles in high-profile feature films filing up his free time. And for his next film, he's apparently reporting for duty on Kathryn Bigelow's SEAL Team 6 flick, commonly known as Kill Bin Laden.

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Parenthood's Michael B. Jordan Joins Jason Ritter In NBC's County

Michael B. Jordan, who has had roles in both Parenthood and Friday Night Lights, is set to join the hospital drama’s cast. Jordan is set to play Travis Hancock, an intern at the hospital. Like his role in Parenthood, Jordan will play an uncompromising young man who came from nothing and turned that nothing into something—in Hancock’s case, eight years of medical school.

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