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The Upside Has Made A Surprising Amount Of Money

Did you see this being only the second film of 2019 to pass $100 million?

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Mira Sorvino Claims She Was Gagged With A Condom During An Audition When She Was 16

While Mira Sorvino was one of the first women to come out about Harvey Weinstein, that's not the only time she's faced harassment.

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Harvey Weinstein Could Face Life In Prison

The latest development in the continuing Harvey Weinstein saga could see the producer being imprisoned for life.

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Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Was Pitching A Documentary About Himself

Harvey Weinstein's very public fall from grace is the sort of thing you might expect to see in the movies. It seems Harvey Weinstein himself may have thought so anyway.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Says Brad Pitt Threatened Harvey Weinstein After Hotel Room Incident

Many women, from a-list actors to smaller players in the industry, have spoken out about their experiences with Harvey Weinstein, but new stories are still coming out.

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Harvey Weinstein Threatened To Replace Peter Jackson On Lord Of The Rings With Quentin Tarantino

Yes, we could have lived in a world where Quentin Tarantino was in charge of Middle-Earth rather than Peter Jackson.

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A Movie Is Coming Together About The Me Too Movement And Harvey Weinstein Scandal

In recent months, Hollywood has been making headlines for what's been going on behind the scenes. Now, it appears that the story of Harvey Weinstein is going to move in front of the camera as well.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda's In The Heights Has Gotten Away From The Weinstein Company

It's been quite some time since we first heard Lin-Manuel Miranda was on board for a movie version of his first Tony-winning musical In The Heights.

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Project Runway's Next Season Is In Jeopardy

The future of Project Runway is not a sure thing at this point. Here's the latest.

The Weinstein Company Has Cancelled All Nondisclosure Agreements About Harvey Weinstein

Over the last couple of months, The Weinstein Company worked to find a buyer and thus avoid bankruptcy. It didn't take.

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The Weinstein Company Has Revealed It Is Filing For Bankruptcy
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Harvey Weinstein's Ex-Assistant Is Suing Him For Dictating Letters While Naked And More

Harvey Weinstein has been dealing with a slew of lawsuits since news first broke about his alleged treatment of various women he worked with in the movie business.

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Check Out The First Look At Law & Order: SVU's Harvey Weinstein Episode

Here's a sneak peek at Law & Order: SVU's take on the Harvey Weinstein controversy.

Harvey Weinstein Was Physically Attacked At A Restaurant

Harvey Weinstein has been universally admonished for the allegations of sexual misconduct, but now it also turns out that things have gotten physical.

The 5 Funniest Moments From The 2018 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes didn't have the same tone this year as it has in the past, but there were still some big laughs.

Seth Meyers Dropped A Vicious Harvey Weinstein Death Joke During The Golden Globes

During the 75th Golden Globes monologue, host Seth Myers dropped a particularly vicious joke about former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

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The Weinstein Company Looks To Be Close To Selling

Following several months of bad publicity, it looks like The Weinstein Company could be close to selling. Here's what we know.

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The Most Mispronounced Words Of The Year Include Two Celebrity Names

Out of all the figures talked about in Hollywood, two provided more pronunciation problems than most.

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Apparently, Harvey Weinstein Tried To Get $25 Million From Netflix Right Before His Scandal Broke

Before the numerous sexual harassment scandals against him were made public, producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly tried to obtain $25 million from Netflix.

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Jason Priestley Says He Punched Harvey Weinstein In The Face

The Golden Globes in particular are notable because they provide a forum for those in the TV and movie business to rub elbows together, and a lot of times this happens at after parties for the awards ceremony.

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