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How Much Fake Blood Horror Movies Have Gone Through Over The Years, According To A Researcher

There are a few staples of the horror movie genre that are essentially requirements today. You'll need characters to kill, some sort of unstoppable force to kill them, and gallons of fake blood to cover the bodies.

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There Could Be A Horror Movie Fighting Game Coming In The Future, According To Mortal Kombat Developer

Mortal Kombat has already made it possible to fight as famed horror icons, Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th and the Predator, but what if NetherRealm Studios took that small DLC idea and turned it into an entire game? Well, NetherRealm director Ed Boon had something to say about that.

13 Underrated Horror Movies From The Past 13 Years

As there are only a couple of days left until Halloween, it’s possible you might have already blown through all of your favorite horror movies while raiding the Internet for decoration ideas or while painstakingly stitching together your costumes. You might want something a little different from the stalk-and-slash antics of Jason Voorhies and Michael Meyers, or the endless line of zombie and vampire movies out there, and that’s what we’re trying to give you.

Watching Horror Movies Can Burn Away Halloween Candy Calories: It's Science!

A new study has discovered that all that heart pounding, pulse racing, gasping and screaming that we experience while watching horror movies kicks up the calories we burn by about a third. The University of Westminster says this means viewers of scary movies can burn nearly 200 calories over the course of a film, which is about the value of a chocolate bar.

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