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7 Most WTF Moments In Lovecraft Country's Series Premiere On HBO

HBO's Lovecraft Country kicked off its first season with a big monster of a premiere episode.

Watch A Teaser For An H.P. Lovecraft Tale Being Brought To Life In New Game

H.P. Lovecraft’s horror stories are beautifully intricate and complex with colorful characters and dark and twisted storylines. His story, At The Mountains Of Madness, is being adapted into a first-person adventure by a two-man Spanish developer, Team Clockwork.

Max Landis Is Pushing The Harry Houdini Biopic In A Crazy, Lovecraftian Direction

This project has been in development for quite a while, with The Wolverine screenwriter Scott Frank attached to write a script for Francis Lawrence to direct, but that ended when Lawrence went off to helm The Hunger Games.

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John August To Script The Strange Adventures Of H.P. Lovecraft

In college I once took an entire class on H.P. Lovecraft. It was called The Weird Tale, a fitting name considering not only the subject matter he wrote but also his personal life. The author's father went insane from syphilis, his mother was committed to a mental institution and for the majority of his life, he lived like a hermit. Perhaps because of this, he turned into one of the greatest letter writers in history.

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Harry Houdini And Arthur Conan Doyle Solve Crime

I love Houdini. I generally endorse his involvement in nearly everything, but it seems to me like there’s a great story without perverting the historical account. In fact, the truth actually involves

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Tom Cruise And James McAvoy Rumored For Mountains Of Madness

Now that he’s off The Hobbit Guillermo del Toro has turned his attention to HP Lovecraft. He’s making At the Mountains of Madness, based on a Lovecraft story

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Silly New Poster And Trailer For The Last Lovecraft

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival starts tomorrow night, ready to showcase 8 nights of solid horror and mayhem the likes of which you’ll find nowhere else. This is where you’ll first get to encounter The Last

Morrowind, Oblivion, Call Of Cthulhu Are 20% Off On Steam

Today Bethesda brought three more of their games to Steam. As they often do, Steam is celebrating the releases with a discount.

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