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Michael Pitt Sees Something Special In The First ‘I Origins’ Trailer

Written and directed by Mike Cahill, the film tells the story of a scientist (Michael Pitt of Boardwalk Empire) bent on discovering the evolutionary origin of the eye. Over the course of several years, his research progresses and eventually his lab partner (Brit Marling of Another Earth) discovers someone in India with an iris pattern identical to that of Pitt's character's deceased lover.

Sci-Fi Drama I Origins And Rom Com Obvious Child Among Early Sundance Acquisitions

Two of the more recent acquirements involve a highly anticipated follow-up and a directorial debut. Fox Searchlight Pictures has picked up Another Earth director Mike Cahill’s sci-fi drama I Origins, while A24 has snatched up the rights to the offbeat romantic comedy Obvious Child from director Gillian Robespierre. Hooray for indies!

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Brit Marling Reteams With Another Earth Director For Sci-Fi Drama I Origins

The film, written by Cahill, has an intriguing synopsis. A molecular biologist (Michael Pitt) works with his brilliant lab partner (Marling) to make a discovery that could have historical damaging ramifications. They travel to meet with an Indian girl who is the only person available to prove or disprove their theories.

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Another Earth Director's Next Film Looks To Emphasize Science And Heart

There are certainly plenty of examples of great works of science fiction that use extraordinary circumstances as a means of exploring human drama. Mike Cahill's Another Earth did that in its own way, telling the story of two people who form an unlikely friendship in a reality where another earth is discovered and within traveling distance. By mainstream standards, Cahill's film is probably more of a drama than it was sci-fi...

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