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Tia Carrere Will Guest Star On In Plain Sight

Remember the insanely hot rocker chick who inexplicably found Mike Myers attractive in Wayne’s World? That would be the lovely Tia Carrere, and she’s taking on the latest in a strong of TV guest appearances with a role on an upcoming episode of In Plain Sight, which is getting ready to air its final season on USA.

USA Renews White Collar For Season 4

The verdict is in for another USA show. White Collar fans will be pleased to know that the series will be back for a fourth season. This news follows word that the new series Suits would be back for a second season, and that In Plain Sight received a renewal order for a final season.

USA's In Plain Sight To Wrap Up With Season 5

While one USA series moves forward, another one is wrapping up. It was good news for USA’s freshman series Suits, which is set to be brought back for a second season. The bad news is, In Plain Sight is coming to an end with an eight-episode season next year.

New Mexico Hosting Open Casting Calls For Avengers And Breaking Bad

Santa Fe has organized a massive casting call for anyone interested in working on The Avengers, Breaking Bad or In Plain Sight. This includes, but is not limited to, actors, stuntmen, costume designers, hair and make-up professionals and assistants. Those involved will offer acting classes, tutorials, meet and greets and free professional headshot photo

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Interview: Donnie Wahlberg Talks In Plain Sight

This Wednesday night, USA is set to bring back their original drama series In Plain Sight. Donnie Wahlberg, who has a guest-starring role in the season premiere, was kind enough to talk to the press on a conference call last week to discuss his role in the show.

In Plain Sight Preview: Season 3 Premiere

This week, USA is bringing back their original drama series In Plain Sight. We have some clips from the season premiere, including one that features guest star Donnie Wahlberg!

TV Top Ten - Cable TV In Plain Sight

Television remained sleepy and predictable last week with American Idol drawing 24 million pairs of glazed eyes both nights. Dancing With The Stars continues to hold fast right behind.

Giveaway: In Plain Sight Prize Pack CONTEST CLOSED

USA’s action-drama series In Plain Sight is about to return for a second season. We’re giving away a pretty great prize-pack to one lucky In Plain Sight fan. It includes the first season on DVD as well as a $100 American Airlines Gift Card.

TV Recap: In Plain Sight - A Fine Meth

Okay, the writers must have been taking some of the meth Brandi was going to sell when they wrote the season finale of In Plain Sight. And no, that isn’t a good thing. The finale starts with mom and Brandi both pissed at Mary, who just got home from being kidnapped, nearly raped, and forced to kill somebody. Oh, but how could you not help your baby sister?

TV Recap: In Plain Sight - Stan By Me

Okay, how pissed would you be if you were kidnapped because your younger sister is a drug mule for her degenerate boyfriend? Oh yeah, and on top of that, she and your mother know why you might be kidnapped but keep their mouths shut so poor little loser sister doesn’t get in trouble? Uh huh, me too.<

TV Recap: In Plain Sight - To Serge With Love

So two Russian witnesses meet and start dating in Albuquerque. No, seriously. Marshall and Mary’s witnesses seem to fall in love via a dating service but they haven’t broken any rules. What t do? Apparently if you’re on In Plain Sight, secretly download everything from one of their computers to an USB drive and see what they know.

TV Recap: In Plain Sight - Good Cop, Dead Cop

So 13 months ago, a cop from Chicago, Eps, was placed in WITSEC and under Mary’s care. He’s cute in that been around a bit way and kind of a jerk so it’s natural that he and Mary get together. Skip to today and he’s arrested for the murder of an Albuquerque cop who’s from Chicago. You know what, I’d still rather have Mary with the kind of jerk one night stand than with Raph, who is a complete jerk and always seems to get off way too easy.

TV Recap: In Plain Sight - Don of the Dead

Raise your hand if you’re starting to now hate Brandi. Me, too. And I just started to like her last week. The only thing that saves Raphael from my wrath is that he is trying to do the right thing. I’m jumping ahead, though. Last night’s episode of In Plain Sight was all about relationships and the things people do because they think it’s what they’re supposed to do.

TV Recap: In Plain Sight - Iris Doesn't Live Here Anymore

My poor beloved Wallace, or Lawrence if you’re talking about this week’s episode of In Plain Sight. He was gunned down by one of the country’s most notorious gangs in the first few minutes of the show prompting his girlfriend, Iris’, family to be shipped off by Marshall and Mary to sunny and exciting Albuquerque.

Summer TV Has More To Offer Than Reruns

People say there’s nothing good on TV in the summertime. I say that’s a load of hogwash (yes, I said “hogwash.”) Ok, sure, many of the must-watch series are on hiatus right now. Even Battlestar Galactica, which premiered in April is on break, leaving geeks like me to count down the days to the unknown date when it’ll return with the second half of the final season.

TV Review: In Plain Sight

Whether you watch the episodes as they air or DVR them and watch them later, they’re entertaining shows that don’t require the viewer to tune in every week in order to enjoy each individual episode. In that sense, In Plain Sight is a perfect addition to USA’s summer line-up. What’s more, I have a feeling that I’m going to look forward to watching new episodes of this series as they air each week.

Giveaway: Goodie Bag For USA's In Plain Sight CONTEST CLOSED

In case you haven’t heard, USA has a new series called In Plain Sight set to premiere this June. We’re hosting a giveaway for some In Plain Sight goodie-bags filled with some very useful In Plain Sight-themed items!

Photos: Dancing With The Stars De La Fuente From In Plain Sight

Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of Dancing With the Stars but as it turns out, one of this season’s contestants has an upcoming role in the new, yet to premiere USA series, In Plain Sight. If you’re a fan of Cristian de la Fuente or if, like me, you’re looking forward to the premiere of In Plain Sight, you’ll probably appreciate these pictures.

2008 Summer TV Preview: In Plain Sight

From the promos it looks like she and her family are interesting enough to keep the series fun and relatively light. USA seems to thrive off series that are both funny and occasionally series without being too heavy. In that respect, In Plain Sight looks like it’ll fit right in on the network.

2008 Summer TV Premiere Schedule

The summer season is quickly approaching and the premiere dates for the series set to start back up with new episodes in the upcoming months are slowly but surely popping up on the network websites. In an effort to help you (and ourselves) keep track of everything, here’s a list of the premiere dates for this summer's TV season. Since not all of the premiere dates are available just yet, this schedule is a work-in-progress.

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