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Jersey Shore's Revival Series Has Picked Its New Location

The long-awaited revival of Jersey Shore is on the way, and big news has broken about where the action will go down.

How Jersey Shore Fans Can Help Make The Reunion Series Even More Awesome

The fans will have an impact on the Jersey Shore reunion.

Why Sammi Sweetheart Isn't Joining The Jersey Shore Reunion, According To Snooki

Here's why the O.G. cast member is probably skipping out.

Jersey Shore Is Coming Back With Original Cast For New MTV Series

This is not a drill. Jersey Shore is coming back to MTV.

Floribama Shore Review: MTV's Wild Reality Spinoff Is An Improved Jersey Shore For A New Generation

It won't take long for anyone who loved Jersey Shore to get attached to this southern cast.

Jersey Shore Is Finally Getting A Spinoff At MTV For Some Reason

Jersey Shore is jumping ship from Jersey and heading to another familiar shore.

That Jersey Shore Reunion Is Happening On A Completely Different Channel Than MTV

Put the fist bumping on pause because the Jersey Shore cast just flipped the script.

This Jersey Shore Burger King Reunion Video Is So Weird But We Can't Look Away

Dodge the grenades and get ready for some GTL because the Jersey Shore Crew is back for a reunion video that all goes down in a Burger King of all places.

A Jersey Shore Reunion Is Coming To MTV, So Pump Those Fists

Fist pump! Fist pump! Fist pump! The Jersey Shore gang is coming back for a reunion, so who's hitting the hot tub first?

How Long Jersey Shore's Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Has Been Sober

Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has put his party days behind him for a happy, healthy sober life. Here's his story.

The One Quote Jersey Shore Fans Keep Yelling At Ronnie

It's been years since Jersey Shore's central crew were causing primetime mayhem on a weekly basis, and the unforgettable Ronnie shared with CinemaBlend the quote that fans are still yelling at him.

What Snooki Misses The Most About Jersey Shore

Those six seasons of Jersey Shore's tanning and debauchery were obviously life-changing for everyone involved, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has shared what it is that she misses about the reality hit.

Pauly D’s Baby Mama Allegedly Took Money For An Abortion Then Changed Her Mind

Just when you thought Pauly D’s litigious, mean-spirited and outlandish baby mama drama couldn’t get any worse, more details have emerged that further clarify just how bizarre and uncomfortable this mess is. Apparently, Amanda Markert is now trying to sell text messages the former Jersey Shore sent her in which he tells her he would rather she abort the baby and he will pay for it if she does.

Seaside Heights Ravaged By Fire During Superstorm Sandy Cleanup Efforts

Seaside Heights, New Jersey just can’t seem to catch a break. The famed seaside town, known for its fun boardwalk, small amusement park stretching out over the water, and of course, the cast of Jersey Shore, was hit pretty hard last year when Superstorm Sandy hit. Then on Thursday, a small blaze turned into a large fire and took the boardwalk down, once more.

Ronnie From Jersey Shore Has Kidney Stones

Former Jersey Shore cast member Ronnie Ortiz-Magro might be used to one-punching any foes that cross his path, but unfortunately, the latest problem to come his way can’t be dealt with using fists. The reality star’s publicist announced this weekend that his client has been hospitalized for the always dreaded kidney stones.

Jersey Shore Spinoff Snooki And JWoww Renewed, MTV Picks Up 3 Unscripted Series

Jersey Shore may be over, but MTV has kept the GTL spirit alive with various spinoff series. The Show With Vinny will premiere soon enough, and this week MTV announced that Snooki and JWoww's series has been renewed for a third season. Word of the series' renewal came along with the announcement of three new series being added to MTV's line-up.

Before Kendra: 5 Other Reality TV Quitters That Made A Splash

Kendra Wilkinson made a splash this week when she opted not to take the plunge during the most recent episode of the celebrity diving series Splash. Her fear of heights prevented her from following through with the 23 foot drop head first into the water and she was subsequently eliminated from the competition. Whether or not Wilkinson's decision to quit the competition goes down in reality TV history as one of the most memorable early-exits a contestant has made remains to be seen.

Buckwild Brings In Solid Numbers In Jersey Shore's Old Slot

Jersey Shore and the loveable or not so loveable meatballs and GTL obsessives in its cast may be gone forever from MTV—sans reruns, of course—but that doesn’t mean the formerly music-oriented television network wants fans to stop laughing uproariously or cynically at young people living within certain cultural niches in the United States. Last night, MTV premiered Buckwild, and thus far, the show is proving it can fill the Jersey Shore Thursday night slot with pizzaz.

JWoww Shows Butt To Prove She Didn't Show Butt On New Year's Eve

JWoww may have had a great time hosting MTV’s New Year’s Eve special alongside her BFF Snooki, but she wasn’t quite so pleased the next day when pictures of a supposed wardrobe malfunction started making the rounds. Clad in a blue dress, the reality star bent over to talk to producers at one point during the evening and an enterprising photographer caught the weird angle at the right moment to allegedly capture her upper upper thighs and lower butt.

The Biggest TV Moments Of 2012 Include Twists, Shocks, Laughs And Losses

TV offered plenty of amazing and memorable moments in 2012. Whether they were sad, funny, violent or just plain shocking, we had no trouble piling up a list of some of our favorite moments in television this year. And because we came up with so many, we've broken them down by category, staring with the demises of numerous notable characters and then moving into the other big TV moments from 2012.

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