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Cobra Kai Season 3: 6 Questions We Hope The Netflix Series Will Answer

Here are the questions that need to be answered in Cobra Kai Season 3.

Cobra Kai Could Include ‘Pretty Much Every Person’ From The Karate Kid Movies, According To The Co-Creator

It sounds like the question of "where is _ Karate Kid character now?" may be answered on Cobra Kai.

Full-Length Cobra Kai Trailer Makes Daniel Look Like The Villain

The latest trailer for Cobra Kai shows the iconic Karate Kid rivalry between Daniel and Johnny from a very different point of view. Check it out!

Red Dawn Villains Changed To North Korean, Because There's Too Much Money To Be Made In China

MGM claims they didn't get any criticism from the Chinese government or hear from them at all, but in trying to interest other distributors to take on the movie, none of the other studios were willing to distribute it for fear of alienating the very lucrative Chinese market

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Watch Jackie Chan Teach Jaden Smith Kung Fu In A DVD Called The Karate Kid This October

Seriously, Jackie Chan says "kung fu" like three times in the trailer.

Watch As Ralph Macchio Tries To Drink His Way Back To Fame

With the new Karate Kid opening this weekend a lot of you are probably wondering whatever happened to the old Karate Kid. Ralph Macchio had a string of huge hits as a child star in the 80s

This Rotten Week: Predicting Karate Kid And A-Team Reviews

Has anyone else noticed the 80's creeping slowly back into our lives? I've seen more and more girls rocking spandex under their skirts, kids wearing puffier socks and crappy bands

International Karate Kid Poster

Today we got our hands on an international poster for the film and despite the wholly bored look on Chan's face, it's not so bad. The poster comes from Jackie Chan's twitter account, unlikely as that sounds

International Karate Kid Trailer

For a movie like this, it's hard not to wonder just what it is about the American trailer that can't be shown to the international public, or what we're missing by being here in the states. Mostly both trailers are just shots of kicking and Jaden Smith

Karate Kid Remake Set Pics: Jackie Chan Mustache Confirmed

Someone has been lurking around the set of Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan’s Karate Kid remake, Kung-Fu Kid. In the process they snagged the first ever set pics from the film and have confirmed Jackie Chan’s mustache.

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Karate Kid Remake Details: Daniel Renamed Dre

Word is that while the story’s mostly the same, a kid moves to a new city and suffers the beatings of Bullies, the setting is different. They’ve moved the location to China which gives the whole thing a different tone. This time the main character isn’t Daniel, but Dre

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