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Is Katy Perry Appearing In Taylor Swift’s New Video?

Many music fans want Katy Perry and Taylor Swift to move on from their feud. Do Perry and Swift now want to move on, too?

Katy Perry Just Won A Massive Lawsuit Alongside The Catholic Church

Katy Perry is back on the Catholic Church's good graces. Find out why.

Watch Katy Perry Almost Destroy A Camera With A Perfect Kick

Did Katy Perry have her "eye" on one concertgoer's camera during this show? See for yourself.

How American Idol’s Judges Will Be Different This Time, According To Luke Bryan And Katy Perry

It seems like the trio of newcomers will be approaching the job different than past judges

Why Pink Regrets Taking A Side In The Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Feud

Pink is no stranger to feuds, but when it comes to the Katy Perry and Taylor Swift argument, she wishes she had stayed silent. Here's why.

How Russell Brand Has Learned To Have Healthy Relationships

Today, Russell Brand is happily married, but the road to a successful relationship was tough. See what he says.

Orlando Bloom Also Wanted Katy Perry To Get Naked During Paddleboarding Incident

Here is the real reason Katy Perry decided not to strip down on the paddleboard with Orlando Bloom.

What John Mayer Thinks Of Katy Perry Ranking Him Her Top Lover

Katy Perry says John Mayer was her "best lover," but what does he have to say about it?

Katy Perry Wants To Bury The Hatchet With Taylor Swift

Katy Perry is finished with the "Bad Blood" between her and Taylor Swift.

How American Idol Adding Katy Perry Affects The Rest Of The Show

The new American Idol reboot at ABC shelled out a big chunk of change to sign superstar Katy Perry as a host. Now, we have an idea of how that deal will impact the rest of the show.

The Crazy Amount Of Money Katy Perry Will Be Making For American Idol

ABC's American Idol signed music superstar Katy Perry as its first judge. Now we have an idea of how much she'll be making, and it's a pretty crazy amount.

Katy Perry Just Went Off About Her Feud With Taylor Swift

Katy Perry is no longer holding back about the "Bad Blood" between her and Taylor Swift.

American Idol Just Landed A Huge Star For Its First Judge

News has been breaking over the past couple of weeks about the new ABC reboot of American Idol. Now we know the name of one of the new judges, and it's definitely an A-lister.

Katy Perry Went Full Kardashian In A Stunning New Photo

Does Katy Perry want to be a Kardashian? Apparently yes, if this recent photo of the "Chained to the Rhythm" singer is any indication.

Orlando Bloom Just Opened Up About His Break-up With Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry burned hot and fast last year, but they managed to end on a good note. Check out what Bloom says about moving forward as friends with Perry.

John Mayer Reveals He Still Isn't Over One Famous Girlfriend In New Single

On John Mayer's new single, the soulful breakup song "Still Feel Like Your Man," the singer-songwriter finds it difficult to move on from a past relationship. Can you guess which of Mayer's famous ex-girlfriends inspired the song?

Britney Fans Fire Back At Katy Perry's Head-Shaving Comment

Many Britney Spears fans think that Katy Perry shaded the pop star with multiple head-shaving comments on the Grammys red carpet, and they aren't happy about it.

11 Times A Celebrity May Have Quietly Thrown Shade At Another Celeb On Social Media

When you're in the public eye, it's not a good look to go off on another famous person in front of the world on social media. Instead, celebrities have found much more subtle ways to quietly diss one another on social media.

Celebrity Halloween Costume Roundup: 2016 Edition

Your favorite celebrities went ALL OUT with their Halloween costumes this year. Get a look at everything that the stars dressed as this year.

Taylor Swift, John Mayer And Katy Perry Were All At The Same Party, But It's Ok Guys

The stage was set for some major drama this past Sunday at Drake's birthday bash, as the perfect storm of exes and rivalries that is Taylor Swift, John Mayer, and Katy Perry were all in attendance. However, Swift avoided any confrontation at the event.

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