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Sightseers Trailer Shows A Holiday From Hell

Produced by Edgar Wright, Sightseers centers on a pair of lovers taking their first holiday together. Alice Lowe and Steve Oram penned the screenplay and star as Tina and Chris. Traveling together in an RV, things are looking lovely for the couple, until a rude local spurs Chris to violent revenge.

Operation Kino Podcast #46: Haywire Reviewed And Kill List Discussed

This week on Operation Kino, it's finally time for women to take over the world. No, Katey isn't killing off the rest of her podcast crew, but we are reviewing Haywire, the new Steven Soderbergh thriller starring ass-kicking MMA fighter Gina Carano

Watch The First Trailer For Kill List At Your Own Risk

Though as somebody who writes about upcoming films everyday the idea kind of hurts my job, the truth is that there are some movies out there that are best to walk into without having seen a single second of footage. Some of you may remember a situation like this when the first trailer for Sundance darling Catfish came online last year.

SXSW Review: Kill List Is Full Of Scares And Jaw-Dropping Surprises

British director Ben Wheatley (Down Terrace) unearths true fear in his latest, Kill List, a film that could be classified as "horror" but looks and feels nothing like its contemporaries. The movie puts jump scares or silly, over-the-top violence aside in favor of an engrossing mystery that sucks you in.

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