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Sons Of Anarchy's Spinoff Mayans MC Is Probably Getting Great News From FX Soon

We've been patiently waiting for more Sons of Anarchy madness, and it sounds like there may be good news on the horizon for the long-gestating spinoff.

Sons Of Anarchy's Mayans MC Spinoff Is Already Making Big Changes Behind The Scenes

We just want the Sons of Anarchy spinoff to come to our TVs, but it looks like we'll be waiting quite a bit longer for it to materialize.

How Kurt Sutter's Angry Emails Probably Saved Sons Of Anarchy From Being Terrible

If it wasn't for Kurt Sutter's knack for ranting and raving, Sons of Anarchy would have been a completely different TV show.

Sons Of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter Shares First Look At The Spinoff's New Clubhouse

We've been waiting a while to see something from the Sons of Anarchy spinoff, and Kurt Sutter finally offered up an awesome first look at a key location.

Why Marvel Rejected Kurt Sutter’s Punisher 2 Script, According To Kurt Sutter

Way back in the day, a direct sequel to 2004's The Punisher was in the works, but Marvel had to reject writer Kurt Stutter's screenplay. Hit the jump to learn what Stutter's script was like and why it didn't go further.

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The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Moving Forward, Here's What We Know

Everybody, get ready to hear the most non-Charming story of 2016, as the highly anticipated next epic saga in the Sons of Anarchy universe just got some amazing news.

Why The Sons Of Anarchy Prequel Might Not Happen Anymore

Kurt Sutter fans know the origin story for the Sons of Anarchy's central M.C. would more than likely be coming via the previously announced prequel project. But that might have changed.

Sons Of Anarchy Will Tell More Of Its Story In New Comics, Get The Details

Beyond the potential TV projects that have already been announced, we’re also going to get a new Sons of Anarchy comic book series that will center on a very interesting period in SAMCRO's history.

The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Officially Moving Forward, Here's What We Know

Following Kurt Sutter’s short-lived tenure heading up the FX series The Bastard Executioner, the Sons of Anarchy creator has started work on an SOA spinoff in earnest. Here's what we know.

The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Got Some Good News

No matter how many times I turn my TV to FX on Tuesday nights these days, it isn’t ever a new episode of Sons of Anarchy. But this totally logical cycle might be changing, as the Sons of Anarchy spinoff is in active development.

Sons Of Anarchy's Creator Kurt Sutter's New Comic Series Sounds Violent, Awesome And Perfect For TV

After leaving the world of modern crime for a historical saga, TV vet Kurt Sutter is once again heading in a completely different direction for his next project: a comic book. But it sounds so good that it needs to become a TV show immediately.

Why CCH Pounder Was Given The Gig On Sons Of Anarchy

In Season 6, Sons of Anarchy brought District Attorney Tyne Patterson into the fold, and Kurt Sutter cast the always great CCH Pounder to rain down some legal obstacles on SAMCRO.

The Next Sons Of Anarchy Show Is Happening Sooner Than We Thought

Earlier today, the world got the terrible news that Kurt Sutter’s latest series The Bastard Executioner will not return for Season 2 in 2016. But the silver lining here is that Sutter is now able to shift his focus back to the Sons of Anarchy universe.

Why The Bastard Executioner's Ratings Were A Disappointment

On Tuesday night, FX debuted the violence-heavy new series The Bastard Executioner from violence-heavy creator Kurt Sutter, and while it seemed to me like the show should have brought in mass audiences from all over the map, the initial ratings totals don’t seem to reflect that.

The Bastard Executioner Review: FX's New Drama Is All Blood, Swords And Violence

In Sons of Anarchy and The Shield before it, audiences got somewhat accustomed to seeing Kurt Sutter’s writing take characters to dismally dark places, but those worlds were guided by the loose laws and looser morals of the modern world. In The Bastard Executioner, the main law of the land is kill or be killed, and Sutter screams it from the treetops.

What Are The Chances The Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Features Characters From The Original Show?

Kurt Sutter's already laying the groundwork for a future Sons of Anarchy spinoff about the Mayans. So will we get to see any characters crossing over between shows?

What The Sons Of Anarchy Prequel Will Actually Be About

We can one day live in the world of the Sons of Anarchy mythology again, whenever creator Kurt Sutter gets around to making the previously announced prequel series. Thankfully, he’s got a good idea for what it’ll be about and how he’ll tackle it.

Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is Happening, Get The Details

When the mighty have fallen, everyone else gets to rise up and take the throne. That’s what’s happening over at FX now, as Sons of Anarchy’s ashes are being swept away and replaced by the development of a brand new spinoff series. And SAMCRO isn't at the helm, either.

Why Kurt Sutter Was More Scared To Make The Bastard Executioner Than Sons Of Anarchy

Kurt Sutter recently shared that putting together his upcoming series The Bastard Executioner was scary in a way that Sons of Anarchy couldn’t quite compare to.

Sons Of Anarchy Creator's New Show The Bastard Executioner Is Headed To Series

Given the massive success of Sons of Anarchy over its seven-season run, it seems like a no-brainer that creator Kurt Sutter would be able to take his creative vision in any direction he wanted. And FX is sticking with him for The Bastard Executioner.

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