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FlixWorthy: The Wire On Amazon, Death Valley On Hulu, And More

Amazon has The Wire and Life on Mars, Hulu unearths MTV's underrated Death Valley, and Netflix crosses swords with Highlander: The Series. Find out what's new in the world of streaming TV in this week's installment of FlixWorthy!

Do The Hustle And Fight Crime With Life On Mars Series 2 On DVD

What’s the worst part about falling in love with a British television series? You’ve got to wait way too long for the show to hit DVD in the US. Thanks to Acorn Media, you can own Life on Mars, Series 2 on DVD November 24th

ABC Shows Strong In Saturn Award Nominations

Fine, you guys at the Academy want to all but ignore The Dark Knight? Those Emmy dudes just can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact Michael Hogan deserves at least a nomination for his role as Col Tigh on Battlestar Galactica? It’s OK because the Saturn Awards are here to rectify the situation.

ABC Cancels Life On Mars

I knew I shouldn’t have grown attached to Life On Mars. It was too full of mystery, interesting characters, and just plain old fun TV to last. ABC has reportedly pulled the plug on the show, possibly leaving Sam back in the 70’s.

Fringe Moving Production To Vancouver

It looks like New York City is losing its recent luster and lure for production companies as Warner Bros. Television has announced when Fox’s Fringe is picked up for a second season the show will move to Vancouver, Canada.

2008 Fall TV Shows We're Loving Or Leaving

Enough time has passed since the fall season started for us have a pretty good idea of which shows we love and which ones we’re just not into. We at Blend Television put together a list of some of the new fall shows that have left an impression on us one way or another. There are also a few series that some of us haven’t made up our minds on just yet.

Video: The Life On Mars Pilot Episode

There have been varying opinions on a number of new series that have premiered this fall but so far, I’ve heard nothing but good things from people when it comes to ABC’s new drama, Life on Mars. If you missed the pilot episode, which aired last Thursday, you’re in luck! We’ve got the episode posted here for you to view.

TV Review: Life On Mars Series Premiere

I love the whole idea of a modern-day detective learning to adjust to life and work in an timeframe set decades before his day. It has that whole Journeyman feel to it that I think could make for a great story. I just have to wonder how long Sam (and the viewers) are going to have to wait to find out how he got there.

2008 Fall TV Premiere Schedule

Fall’s not that far away and as the summer shows are beginning to wrap up, I’ve been finding myself wondering when to expect some of my favorite shows to return from the summer hiatus. So I figure now’s as good a time as any to get started on the big premiere schedule. We’ll be posting previews for all of the new and returning shows this season and as always, the schedule is a work in progress.

ABC Fall 2008 TV Schedule posted their fall 2008 schedule on their website this week. The line-up includes their new series, Life on Mars as well as the new game show, Opportunity Knocks. For the most part though, the line-up looks pretty familiar with a few changes and some absences (farewell October Road!). Eli Stone moved to Tuesdays giving Mars the post-Grey’s timeslot.

New ABC Series: Life On Mars - Fall 2008

It’s Network Upfront week and ABC recently posted their their new fall schedule. Among the new series added to the line-up is the U.S. remake of the British series, Life on Mars and based on the premise, I’m officially adding this series to the list of shows I’ll be looking forward to this fall.

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