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A Huge Metro 2033 Rumor Just Got Shot Down

Rumors concerning the Metro game series started circulating this week that have promptly been shot down by the publisher. So we know that more Metro goodness is on the way but, unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to keep waiting to find out what, exactly, that is.

4A Has Begun Teasing Their Next Project, Here's What We Know

The team over at 4A Games, the creators of the Metro series, is teasing its next project. Unfortunately, there's very little to go on here, which has led to a whole bunch of speculation as to what exactly players will be doing in their next offering.

Metro Redux Launches For Xbox One, PS4, PC

Both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light have been remade and redone for the eighth generation of home consoles and are now available both digitally and physically for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC.

Metro Redux Coming Soon, Will Be 1080p On PS4, Only 900p On Xbox One

Goodness, even cash-in remakes from the seventh generation can't hit 1080p on the Xbox One. I guess, to be fair, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are easily two of the best looking games in recent years. Running them on the highest settings on PC is next-gen.

Metro: Last Light, Outlast Scare Up Some Fun On PS Plus This Week

Things that go bump in the night will be the flavor of the week for PlayStation Plus as the Instant Game Collection gets a heaping helping of scare-tastic goodness with Metro: Last Light for the PlayStation 3 and Outlast on the PlayStation 4. There will also be a couple of discounts subscribers might want to take advantage of.

PS Plus Delivers Street Fighter X Tekken, Metro: Last Light, PayDay 2 In February

If you thought the January PlayStation Plus lineup was pretty outstanding (which it certainly was), then you may want to brace yourself for another dousing in awesome sauce as Sony announces upcoming titles for February, including a spot on the Instant Game Collection for games like Metro: Last Light, Outlast and Street Fighter X Tekken.

Metro: Last Light Developer Pack DLC Gives You A Flamethrower Next Week

Metro: Last Light's third downloadable content pack will be arriving next week. The Developer Pack provides four new activities for players of this post-apocalyptic shooter.

Next Metro 2033 Game Will Be Made More Accessible For Broader Appeal

One of the big things to happen in the AAA space is that if you manage to get a niche success that turns a moderate profit, the next step is to branch out that IP so that it hits more than just the market of gamers who love the property. In the case of the Metro franchise, the next game will be designed to hit more demographics due to being more accessible.

Metro: Last Light Faction Pack DLC Adds Three Missions

Metro: Last Light's first DLC, the Faction Pack, will debut next week. The Faction DLC will provide three new single-player missions to test your mettle.

Metro: Last Light DLC Season Pass Now On Sale

Today Metro: Last Light publisher Deep Silver announced their downloadable content plans for the post-apocalyptic shooter. The first DLC pack will be arriving in June.

Metro: Last Light Launch Trailer Heralds Artyom's Return

Today the post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Last Light arrived in stores throughout North America. Deep Silver is celebrating the series' return with a new launch trailer.

Metro: Last Light DLC Controversy Prompts Gamers To Buy Used Copies

Instead of buying a new copy of 4A Games' new FPS, Metro: Last Light, gamers who actually value their money and maintaining some integrity for the hobby of interactive entertainment, have decided to pledge their allegiance to used copies, discounted copies and pirated copies over the game's DLC controversy.

Metro: Last Light Headlines This Week's PSN Update

Following last week's decidedly light lineup of new content on the PlayStation Network, this week's roster features a pretty hefty selection of titles from a wide variety of genres, including retail game Metro: Last Light, the official launch of Dust 514, a few PSN titles and the PlayStation 2 Classic, Manhunt.

Metro: Last Light Hard Difficulty Is Premium DLC, Gamers Rightfully Rage

“But, but, but...publishers have to make money”....”But, but, but...difficulty settings are optional”...”But, but, games are a business, not a charity”, so says all the pandering pro-corporate white knights. Well, at least gamers have become fed up enough to make some noise about the recent bull crap surrounding the extra costs required to play Ranger Mode in Metro: Last Light.

Metro: Last Light Trailer Promises Redemption

We're now a week closer to Metro: Last Light's release so 4A Games has decided to send out another trailer. This new video is called "Redemption" but it's less touchy-feely than the title suggests.

Metro: Last Light Weapons Trailer Is Full Of Action

The latest video in Metro: Last Light's "Ranger Survival Guide" series focuses on weapons and equipment. As a result, we get to see many of the game's weapons in action.

Metro: Last Light System Requirements Announced, Game Is Free With NVIDIA Cards

4A Games has announced the PC system requirements for their post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Last Light. If you want to run the game at its highest settings, you'll need a very powerful rig.

Metro: Last Light Trailer Discusses Enemies

4A Games has sent out the second video of the "Ranger Survival Guide" for Metro: Last Light. This video gives a run-down on the various enemies that players will find in the tunnels below Moscow.

Metro: Last Light Trailer Offers Players Survival Tips

Ukraine-based 4A Games and Deep Silver released a new survival walkthrough guide for Metro Last Light, offering players useful tips while also showcasing some striking new gameplay for the upcoming title. As usual, the graphics look like they were ripped right out of a concept art book full of 3D renders.

Metro: Last Light Salvation Trailer Searches For Hope

The upcoming first-person shooter from Deep Silver and 4A Games is nearing release, with an early May window set in the sights for Metro: Last Light. The latest promotional trailer for the game is called “Salvation” and it shows a diverse comparison between two groups of survivors going about dealing with the apocalypse in very different ways.

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